Hunger-strikers Anas Shadid(20) and Ahmad Abu Farah(29) have rejected Israeli occupation’s ‘offer’ that they would be kept imprisoned without charge until June 2017.
This would have taken the form of added four months of extra administrative detention imprisonment after the end of their current six month period of imprisonment without charge or trial.
Both reiterated their demand that they accept only immediate release from administrative detention by the occupation. According them their intention in the hunger-strike is to gain their freedom, not to extend their imprisonment.
The two have been on hunger-strike from September 23rd and 24th respectively, Shadid for 71 and Abu Farah 72 days.
Shadid was kidnapped from his home village of Dura in Hebron district on the occupied West Bank on August 1st and Abu Farah from his home village of Surif, also in the Hebron district, on August 2nd by the Israeli occupation.
Third hunger-striker Ammar Ibrahim Hmour(27), was kidnapped by the Israeli occupation on February 16th and has been imprisoned without charge or trial ever since.
Hmour has stopped taking his athma and blood pressure medication, which has caused a sharp decline in his health.
He is from the village of Jaba in the Jenin district.
Download a one page information newsletter by Samidoun about the hunger-strikers Abu Farah and Shadid here:…/wp…/uploads/2016/11/2strikers.pdf
Hunger Strikers Reject Israeli Proposal for June 2017 Release
Palestinian hunger strikers reject deal offered by Israeli prosecution
Shadid, Abu Fara on 70th day of hunger strike; reject Israeli proposal to extend detention and release them in June 2017
الأسير المريض “حمّور” يواصل إضرابه لليوم الـ14.. وعائلته تناشد

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