IPNOT QUOTE OF THE DAY December 4th 2016: Austria’s Freedom Party, long led by former SS officers, ‘one of the most pro-Israel parties in Europe’

Attendees gathered this month inside Vienna’s opulent Grand Hotel for an extraordinary event billed as the “New Anti-Semitism Conference.” The Israeli superspy who hunted down war criminal Adolf Eichmann flew in for the occasion, timed to commemorate the 1938 night when the Nazis stormed synagogues and Jewish businesses.
What made the event truly remarkable, however, was its sponsor: Austria’s Freedom Party — a movement of anti-immigrant, right-wing nationalists founded in part by former Nazis and now on the cusp of capturing this nation’s presidency.
“They are one of the most pro-Israel parties in Europe,” insisted Michael Kleiner, a conference panelist and former member of the Israeli parliament.
Israel’s hopes on this front were in vain, as Greens’ Alexander Van der Bellen beat Freedom Party’s Norbert Hofer and was announced a victor of Austria’s presidential elections on Sunday.
Van der Bellen had already beaten Hofer in the autumn, but the elections were ordered to be re-held on a technicality. It was widely expected that Hofer would win now, but Van der Bellen actually increased his share of the vote, winning approximately 53.5 % – 46.5 %.
Israel lost another ally also on Sunday, as Italy’s prime minister Matteo Renzi – who recently declared his country’s support for Judaization of occupied East Jerusalem and that he would act to pressurize other European Union member countries’ governments to do likewise – resigned after losing a referendum on changes to government.
Renzi, like Hillary Clinton in the United States and indeed also Norbert Hofer, had thought that supporting Israeli occupation and opposing UNESCO’s condemnation would somehow be a popular move, supposedly bringing him votes in the referendum that ended being a referendum of his domestic politics instead of the planned changes in governance.
Israel already has had a long, warm relationship with Mussolini’s neo-fascist political descendants in Italy.
Now Israel and ‘Friends of Israel’ are doing the same with Austria’s own band of neo-fascists, led from 1956 to 1978 by former Waffen-SS major general Anton Reinthaller(1895-1958) and Waffen-SS 1st lieutenant Friedrich Peter(1921-2005), the latter serving in areas where the Waffen-SS killed hundreds of thousands of Jews.
As our second picture shows, the legacy of Waffen-SS major general Reinthaller is still alive in the Freedom Party, as his photograph looks on at a party event for Norbert Hofer.

Author: @IAmTheAntidote

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