IPNOT QUOTE OF THE DAY December 7th 2016: Germany: Best Action to Oppose Israel’s Illegal Colonies is Non-Action

Germany’s Foreign Ministry have again given a classic example of ‘Western’ double-talk on occupied Palestine.
‘Western’ governments claim they oppose Israel’s illegal colonies, but then continue and claim their much stronger opposition to the use of any available avenue to oppose them.
According to a ministry spokesman, the best way to oppose Israel’s illegal colony building and illegal outpost ‘legalization’ is to announce ‘extreme concern’ and then oppose all actual action to end these.
The ‘Western’ politicians’ with their ‘concern’, ‘deep concern’ and now ‘extreme concern’ are all followers of Laozi when it comes to occupied Palestine: Best political action is non-action.
No diplomatic sanctions, no economic sanctions, no sanctions on arms deals.
This ‘interesting’ ‘Western’ philosophical view on foreign and human rights policy has led to illegal Israeli colonies popping up like mushrooms after rain in occupied East Jerusalem and the West Bank.
Elsewhere Germany has recently believed in more traditional ways to affect situations, like the Kunduz massacre of 2009 in which over 100 Afghan civilians burned alive after a German commander gave order to bomb oil trucks captured by the Taliban.
It was then better to kill up to 179 people than to allow the Taliban and local villagers to empty the two oil-trucks.
But when it comes to Palestine, the best policy according to Germany and the whole ‘West’ is to do nothing and watch illegal Israeli colonies fill the occupied land.
A German Foreign Ministry spokesman told a regular government news conference: “We’re extremely concerned about this development and have noted with consternation statements made by Israeli government officials during this debate”.
“Such a bill violates international law,” he said, adding that Israel would undermine its commitment to finding a “two-state solution” if the bill is passed.
Asked whether Germany and the European Union should punish Israel with economic or diplomatic sanctions, the spokesman said: “We don’t think that sanctions would be the right path in this case to make headway in the Middle East peace process.”
FEATURED PHOTO: BBC photograph showing the site of NATO air-strike, carried by USA fighter-planes on orders of a German officer in charge, in Kunduz Afghanistan on September 4th 2009.

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Author: @IAmTheAntidote

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