IPNOT QUOTE OF THE DAY December 13th 2016: Israel’s Plan to Annex 60 % of the Occupied West Bank

Israel might resort to the implementation of the Cypriot model in the West Bank based on three premises: the use of the absentees’ properties law, claiming the settlers of all Israeli settlements to be local residents and compensation for absentee owners.

Israeli military radio, which is affiliated with the Israeli army, reported Nov. 20 that Israel is willing, by emulating the Cypriot model, to pay compensation to Palestinian owners for their lands in Area C of the West Bank, which Israel is seeking to annex, as an alternative to the two-state solution. Area C consists of 60% of the West Bank’s total area of 5,860 square kilometers (2,262 square miles).

In the same context, Israel might also, in anticipation of any international response, form an arbitration jury in the West Bank to settle issues of ownership of lands that are intended to be annexed to Israeli territories and to determine the size of compensation to Palestinian owners, according to Israeli military radio.

Former Palestinian Planning Minister Ghassan Khatib told Al-Monitor, “By seeking to implement the Cypriot model, Israel wants to impose a fait accompli on Palestinians and is also resorting to such international models that are in line with its goals… However, Israel is likely to take advantage of the fact that the international community is not very focused on the Palestinian cause to try to impose the Cypriot model without any fuss.

Adnan Abu Amer: Will Israel impose Cypriot model in West Bank?


The idea that Israel at some point would decide that it had gotten ‘big enough’ chunk of the occupied West Bank and would withdraw from the rest is as old as the occupation itself.

In here 60 % of the West Bank would supposedly be ‘enough’; Clinton and Obama administration pro-occupation operator Dennis Ross has been going around for decades claiming that Israel would supposedly annex 8 % of West Bank and withdraw from the rest.

Ariel Sharon spoke of 57 % of West Bank being ‘enough’ for Israel, Shimon Peres 49 %, Ehud Barak 33 % at one point, Avigdor Lieberman is speaking of 45-55 %.

In reality, nothing is ever ‘enough’ for Israel. That’s why all these ideas – in reality supported by the so-called ‘West’, whose ‘leaders’ hope that the whole ‘Palestinian question’ could be solved without them having to give up their favoured policy of inaction when it comes to occupied Palestine – are dead in the war.

The more Israel’s elite thinks they can get away with, the more they want. If they think they really can get away with by annexing 60 % of the West Bank, they will also think “Why not 65 % then?” And so on. There’s no end for Israeli elite’s and illegal Israeli settlers ‘hunger’ for more Palestinian land.

Israel will never withdraw from any part of the occupied West Bank even if it could get away with annexing the rest. Anyone who thinks otherwise has not followed the conflict closely and observed the mentality of Israeli elite, illegal Israeli settlers and the extent of their control of the narrative in Israeli politics enough.

Israel annexing 60 % of the West Bank would also change nothing in reality, like Israel’s declaration of annexation of East Jerusalem has changed nothing. Occupation would continue as it is.

Even complete ethnic cleansing of ‘Area C’ would leave it surrounded by a dispossessed and brutalized population which would have no illusions of having even a minor hope of freedom as Israel still intends to control – as it has always intended through the farce of the ‘peace talks’ – also the remnants of the West Bank it would ‘leave’ to Palestinians.

The result would be intensification of violence on levels unseen so far from the occupied Palestinian population and we all know the occupiers’ extreme responses. Israel’s Grand Theft would just mean more deaths even on its own side, as the one state bi-national solution would be the only one left and the inevitable reality not just on the ground but also on all other levels.


Author: @IAmTheAntidote

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