Israel’s occupation forces have shot a young Palestinian man in occupied East Jerusalem’s Old City, claiming that he would have supposedly ‘stabbed’ Israeli occupiers with a screwdriver.
The shot man’s identity is still unknown, but he’s said to be 21 years of age and from Hebron. Israel occupation forces fired over ten bullets at his direction according to eye-witnesses.
In a photograph the screwdriver has no sign that it would have been sharpened or would have any blood in it.
Yet, according to different claims by Israeli media based on the occupation’s accounts, 2-3 occupation forces’ police officers, possibly one illegal Israeli settler and 12 y/o boy would have been injured but that the total number of Israeli injured would not be higher than three.
There was blood on the pavement, but considering the apparent lack of preserving that site for study by the occupiers afterwards, we can be sure that the blood belongs to the Palestinian.
The shot young man was left to bleed for an extended period without medical aid while illegal Israeli settlers’ ambulance crew tended for the lightly ‘injured’ occupiers.
An occupier with band-aid over a brow was taken to an ambulance with a wheelchair while the shot man continued to bleed in the background, face down on the stone pavement.
Israeli occupation forces tried to force away a doctor trying to reach the wounded youth and at first attacked him before eventually allowing him through a blockade.
Eventually the wounded youth was taken to a hospital in West Jerusalem. There are different claims about his condition, from serious to critical to him having died.
In the aftermath of the incident, Israel’s occupation forces closed gates hampering movement and attacked with pepper-spray Palestinians trying to reach their homes.
VIDEOS: Israeli occupation trying to stop a doctor from reaching the wounded youth (two different videos of the same incident):
ALSO: @PalinfoAr, @ShehabAgency and @qudsn on Twitter.

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Author: @IAmTheAntidote

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