Israel on Thursday December 22nd killed a Palestinian teenager during an invasion to destroy an occupied East Jerusalem family home of a man it killed earlier this year.
The victim, Ahmad Kharoubi, is at least the 270th Palestinian killed by Israel’s occupation forces and illegal Israeli settlers since Oct 1st 2015.
Israel’s occupation forces invaded early on Thursday the East Jerusalem neighbourhood of Kafr Aqab to destroy the internal walls in the family home of killed Misbah Abu Sneih, whose body is still being held by the occupation.
As usual, the invasion was large-scale and showed the emptiness of Israel’s claim of a ‘unified’ Jerusalem; Israel needed a convoy of armoured vehicles and large number of troops to achieve such a thing as making a single home unlivable.
Facing resistance in the form of rocks and one Molotov cocktail thrown towards Israel’s occupation forces’ armoured vehicles, the occupation forces’ opened fire with live ammunition, wounding three people.
Most seriously wounded was Ahmad Nashat Kharoubi(19), who was shot in neck by a sniper and critically wounded.
Kharoubi, whose name is also given as Ahmad Nashat Othman al-Kharroubi, was taken to a nearby hospital, where he died of his wounds soon after arrival.
Thousands of people followed Kharoubi on Thursday afternoon on his final voyage from Ramallah to his home town of al-Bireh.
Israeli occupation spokesperson tried to claim that Kharoubi would have been the one who threw the Molotov cocktail which did not cause any injuries or damage.
According to the Israeli occupation spokesperson, “suspects” had thrown the Molotov Cocktail, a “suspect” was killed and as Kharoubi was killed, his death was thus justified.
There seems to be no evidence of Kharoubi throwing the Molotov cocktail (or even rocks), so it was only an automatic attempt to blame the victim’s death on himself.
To Israel’s regime, to be a ‘suspect’ is to deserve death and a victim is guilty of her or his own death the moment they are killed by Israel’s occupation forces or illegal Israeli settlers.
According to Israel when Israel’s occupation forces inside a concrete tower shoot a Palestinian child eight in the back, killing him, the proper sentence is community service as happened in the killing of Samir Awad(16).
According to Israel when a Palestinian throws rocks or a Molotov cocktail towards Israel’s occupation forces without injuring anyone, the proper sentence is death – like it has been in literally thousands of cases, yesterday seeing this sentence of capital punishment for rock throwing given to 19 y/o Ahmad Nashat Kharoubi.
According to the rhetoric and ‘logic’ of the so-called ‘West’, Israel – that “Beacon of Tolerance”, “Thriving Democracy” according to the British Prime Minister Theresa May – of course “was just defending itself” in both cases.
And according to the ‘Western’ media, nothing happened at all.

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Author: @IAmTheAntidote

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