In the aftermath of the United Nations’ Security Council passing a resolution condemning Israel’s illegal colonies in the occupied Palestinian territories, the ‘Western’ media could have used the opportunity to do what they have failed to do until now – inform their audiences objectively of the facts about illegal Israeli colonies.
Instead of doing so, the ‘Western’ media has acted as a megaphone for Israel’s regime, repeating it’s hysteric reaction to their audiences like they would be Israeli state media organs and paid for by it instead of ‘Western’ taxpayers or companies.
For example look at these headlines:
Benjamin Netanyahu says Israel will re-assess UN ties after vote demanding send to settlements (ITV)
Israel ends aid programs, orders ambassadors home after UN Security Council condemnation of settlements (ABC)
Israel lashes out over UN settlements vote by withdrawing ambassadors and halting aid (The Independent)
Israel rejects ‘shameful’ UN resolution amid criticism of Netanyahu (The Guardian)
Israel’s ambassador to UN rejects ‘shameful’ resolution to halt Israeli settlements – video (The Guardian)
Israel hits back after UN resolution condemns settlements (Sky News)
Israel settlements: Netanyahu orders UN ties review (BBC)
Israel’s Netanyahu Calls White House Action on U.N. Resolution ‘Shameful’ (Wall Street Journal)
Israel to re-assess U.N. ties after settlement resolution, says Netanyahu (Reuters)
Netanyahu blasts U.N., Obama over West Bank settlements resolution (The Washington Post)
The Latest: Israeli envoy condemns UN vote on settlements (AP)
UN settlements vote ‘biased and shameful’: Netanyahu (AFP)
Vote on West Bank settlements could cause trouble for the U.N. (AP)
The media in the so-called ‘West’ has been Israel’s most trustworthy servant and one of it’s most important assets in securing the occupation of what remains of Palestinians’ lands from decade to decade.
One can say that an ‘unbreakable bond’ exists not between the United States – where the Republicans now demand an end to the funding to the United Nations because Security Council dared, once again, to condemn Israel’s illegal colonies – and Israel, but Israel and the ‘Western’ media.
Israel for itself, and the Western media for Israel. These media musketeers are not valiant fighters for justice, but it’s most dangerous enemies.

Author: @IAmTheAntidote

We are a group of grassroots activists from all over the world. Palestine Unites Us. News about Palestine and supporters worldwide. FB

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