Mohammad Ahmad al-Hassi, aged 30 or 33, has been found dead after going missing about 22:30 on Wednesday January 4th when Israel’s navy attacked Palestinian fishing boats from the besieged Gaza Strip four nautical miles off Beit Lahiya.
The boat he was in was swamped with a water cannon, which caused it to capsize and sink. According to survivors, there was no chance that the sinking was accidental.
Three men in the same boat were rescued to other fishing boats, which were shot at with flares and live ammunition, which stopped them from reaching him and forced them to move to the shore.
Mohammad al-Hassi had been briefly seen on the water after the sinking, but no trace of him was found by Palestinian rescuers after they were able to start a search.
But on the evening of Thursday January 5th fishermen found his body floating on the sea after they returned to fish on the same area.
(PHOTO by JEHAD SEFTAWI/INSTITUTE FOR MIDDLE EAST UNDERSTANDING is for illustrative purposes only. The only photograph we could find that was said to represent the victim was thumbnail size and we couldn’t verify a photograph said to show mourning relatives.)

Author: @IAmTheAntidote

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