Rudeina Abu Khoreis is 4-year-old and lives in the besieged Gaza Strip. She has congenital heart problems, a hole in heart heart and an atrophy in it’s right ventricle.
Before the 2014 Israeli attack on Gaza, Palestinian Authority paid for two operations for her in Israeli hospitals that partly dealt with this issues, but the second operation to close the hole partly failed and she was left in need of an another operation.
Then came the 51 day war.
After the war, her family asked for a permit to travel again to the Tel Hashomer hospital in Israel where the third operation was planned to be done before the war.
Rudeina’s grandmother Mohamed Attia Abu Khoreis had escorted her during her earlier travels to treatment, but the family’s permit application for him was turned down for ‘security reasons’ and Rudeina’s appointment as well.
The same has happened with applications for her grandmother and mother. When an excuse is given, it has been for ‘security reasons’ – for a total of 16 times so far.
As this has been going on, Rudeina’s condition has continued to worsen.
Like many other children with congenital heart problems, she suffers from issues connected to her condition, which in her case as severe. She is unable to walk and can only crawl, suffers from involuntary urination and has problems with eating.
According to her grandfather, she starts to cry if she sees anything to be do with medicine or hospitals, and only her mother is now able to handle Rudeina then as a result of her weakened condition.
But Israel refuses to allow Rudeina’s mother to be her escort. She asks “People of conscience, human rights organizations, President Mahmoud Abbas, and anyone who can to intervene for them in order to ensure a quick exit for her daughter to receive treatment.”

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Author: @IAmTheAntidote

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