During the evening of Wednesday January 25th Israel’s occupation forces in Palestine West Bank killed one young man and wounded another one in two separate incidents in central West Bank.
One of the young men was a cousin of a teenager killed exactly year earlier by Israel’s occupation forces.
At 19:00 pm on Palestine time Israel’s occupation forces shot and wounded Hussein Salem Abu Ghush(24) after his car had hit a cement pole at a bus station near an illegal Israeli colony southeast of Ramallah in the central part of occupied West Bank.
Different sources identify different illegal colonies being closest to the site of the incident – either Kochav Yaakov, built on the land of the village of Kafr Aqab or Adam, the latter build on the land of the village of Jaba’.
Wounded Abu Ghush was stripped naked and left to bleed to death without medical aid as Israel’s occupation forces and armed illegal Israeli settlers swarmed around his car and the bus stop.
After he had died, his body was put in a body bag – colour-coded, as under Israel’s Apartheid rule Palestinians and occupiers are not allowed to be put in same kind of body bags; the segregation reaches beyond death.
Afterwards Israeli occupation made the standard claim of ‘car-ramming attack’, a look at the damage to Abu Ghush’s car casts doubt at this, as the vehicle’s relatively minor damage shows it was traveling as a low speed when it hit the cement pole. A car traveling at faster speed would have suffered more damage than a lost front bumper.
Yet exactly a year earlier Israel’s occupation forces killed his cousin Hussein Mohamed Abu Ghush(17) along with Ibrahim Osama Yousef ‘Allan(23) in the illegal Horon colony. The two were shot and left to bleed to death after mortally wounding an illegal Israeli settler Shlomit Krigman(24).
According to an unconfirmed claim, Hussein Salem Abu Ghosh would have been a member of Hamas.
Although there are proven cases where chance, not intention, has created connections of this nature, we consider it likely but not proven that this could have been an attempt at revenge against the occupation, although the car’s damage is perhaps an indication of attempt to abort it.
No Israeli occupation soldiers, supposed targets of the claimed ‘car ramming attack’, suffered injuries in today’s incident.
In another incident, reported after ten pm Palestine time, young man named Omar Nazar Barghouti was seriously wounded near the village of Abud in central West Bank, northwest of Ramallah, as Israel’s occupation forces shot at his car, claiming that shots would have supposedly fired from it towards occupation forces’ checkpoint.
Israeli occupation claimed that a self-made gun would have supposedly been found from the car, which beyond the gun fire had not suffered any damage when it had stopped. Low speed naturally doesn’t close off the possibility of an attempted drive-by attack, nor the fact that no occupation soldiers were injured, but again the only person who was injured in a supposed attack by a Palestinian was a Palestinian.
The self-made gun was only photographed placed on the top of a car boot, not inside where it would have supposedly found. It’s also a type of which Israeli occupation often tends to claim found at alleged attack sides but very rarely seen elsewhere.
To make the situation more complex, there seems to be two separate cars with gun damage in photographs said to be from the site, although no source indicates that more than one vehicle would have suffered damage from gunfire.
An unconfirmed claim is that Barghouti would have been resuscicated on the site after being shot.

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Author: @IAmTheAntidote

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