IPNOT PICTURE OF THE DAY February 28th 2017: Back Home In Ni’lin

Muhammad Srour from the West Bank village of Ni’lin was released after 2 1/2 years imprisonment by occupier Israel and met his mother on February 28th, from which encounter this daily picture of ours is.
There are several persons with the name of Muhammad Srour who have featured in Ni’lin’s long struggle and its weekly Friday demonstrations and one possibility is Muhammad Hamdan Srour, but he was taken from his home by Israel’s occupation forces on October 8th 2015 when he was 19. Apparent age would fit, but not the length of imprisonment.
Another person whose age would fit is Muhammad Srour born in 1987 or 1988, wounded at least once if not twice; he was shot in neck from the behind and wounded by Israel’s occupation forces on September 29th 2008..
Most high profile is that Muhammad Srour, born in 1971. He is clearly too old to be the now released political prisoner.
On December 28th 2008 this latter Muhammad Srour, a member of Popular Committee Against the Wall in the occupied West Bank village of Ni’lin witnessed with Israeli peace activist Jonathan Pollack the shooting of Arafat al-Khawajah(21) and Muhammad al-Khawajah(19) in Ni’lin by Israel’s occupation forces. Both shot youths died.
Both Pollack and Srour testified about the killings before UN Fact Finding Mission in Geneva the next summer. Srour predicted that he would be arrested by Israeli occupation while returning to the occupied West Bank and this happened.
In 1980 Ni’lin had a population of 12 500. By 2015 Israel had confiscated 5000 hectares of the 5800 hectares belonging to the village and destroyed olive trees, forcing the closing of two olive oil processing factories. The population had fallen to 5500.
PHOTO & INFO: Shehab News Agency

Author: @IAmTheAntidote

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