On Saturday March 11th 15 y/o Muhammad Munif Yousif Qazzaz possibly avoided death at the hands of Israel’s occupation forces in Hebron, thanks to a Zeidan al-Sharabati – member of local group Human Rights Defenders – being present.
After Muhammad Qazzaz was detained at the checkpoint to Shuhada Street, al-Sharabati started to record the events on video.
As Qazzaz was still on the other side of the checkpoint, inside the metal-wire cage, an occupation soldier on the other side walks towards him with a knife loosely held between his fingers.
According to al-Sharabti, the knife had earlier been thrown to a ground near Qazzaz by another soldier as Qazzaz was laying on the ground, with a soldier holding his boot on his neck and pointing a gun at him.
Human Rights Defenders Badi al-Dweik believes that what the group recorded was intended planting of the knife. It has also been said that the incident being recorded possibly saved the teen’s life – a Palestinian eyewitness who understands Hebrew said he heard one soldier saying to another that he should shoot Qazzaz; the eyewitness had shouted then “I understand Hebrew! Don’t kill him!”
Afterwards Israeli occupation claimed that the teenager would have had the knife with him, was ‘a terrorist’ and ‘planned to carry out a terror attack’, and that claiming otherwise was ‘a distortion the truth’ as the teenage boy had supposedly ‘confessed’ during interrogation – without the presence of lawyer or parent as standard, we assume.
Physical and mental violence, threats of sexual violence towards the children themselves and their families, threat of demolition of family home are ‘normal’ methods for Israel to gain ‘confessions’ – with interrogated children who don’t understand Hebrew forced to sign ‘confessions’ written in Hebrew.
75-80 % of Palestinian children detained by Israeli occupation encounter physical violence and 40 % sexual violence during their imprisonment. In the last few years the number of children detained per year has been well over a thousand.
Without the recording by al-Sharabati, the 15-year-old could well be dead, killed on the checkpoint and the usual ‘stabbing attack’ claim made by Israeli occupation and amplified by the so-called ‘Western’ media.
Now Qazzaz faces another kind of ‘death’ – joining the ranks of Palestinian children buried alive inside Israel’s prison system with sentences sometimes longer than their lives have lasted so far.
Zeidan al-Sharabati himself was detained on Monday March 13th by Israel’s occupation forces, as seen in this video.
On Tuesday March 14th Israel’s occupation forces ‘brutally beat’ and arrested another 15 y/o boy, Yazin Amer, also in Hebron.

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Author: @IAmTheAntidote

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