On Monday March 20th, 70-year-old farmer Hilweh Abu Ras was hit by an illegal Israeli settlers’ vehicle in the village of Sawiya, south of Nablus.
The illegal Israeli settler did not stop, but drove away to the Israel’s occupation forces’ Za’atara checkpoint. The driver has not been arrested by Israeli authorities. Israel’s occupation forces say its not under their jurisdiction, but Israel’s police, to act based on the incident.
Abu Ras was walking back from her agricultural fields and was on the side of the road when she was hit.
She has been a prominent local defender of the village’s lands and it is possible that she was intentionally targeted not just for being a Palestinian, but for her personal identity.
Her condition is described to be ‘moderate-to-severe, but stable’.
At first it was reported that she was hit by an Israel’s occupation forces’ jeep – this was wrong information.

Author: @IAmTheAntidote

We are a group of grassroots activists from all over the world. Palestine Unites Us. News about Palestine and supporters worldwide. FB

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