Israel’s occupation forces killed Ayed Khamis Jumaa, aged 20 or 35 according to different sources, and wounded at least five and up to fifteen people when they attacked demonstrations in the besieged Gaza Strip on Friday.

Israeli occupation soldiers fired at protesters east of the refugees camps of al-Bureij and Jabalia and the neighbourhood of al-Shuja’iya in three separate incidents, using live bullets.

The occupation forces was using snipers positioned in military towers and the higher ground near the border fence.

Ayed Khamis Jumaa was shot in head, when he was participating in a demonstration east of Jabalia.

The protesters, said to number in the hundreds, were waving flags of Palestine, carrying banners denouncing the siege and some of them are said to have been throwing stones and burning tires.

Israeli occupation claims that it attacked the protesters with deadly force to ‘prevent damage’ to the fence between the besieged Gaza and the ethnically cleansed Palestine 1948.

Jumaa is at the minimum the 30th Palestinian killed this year by Israel.


IOF shooting kills Palestinian man, wounds 9 others in Gaza


Israeli forces shoot, kill Palestinian in Gaza Strip, injure 8 others

برصاصة في الرأس.. شهيد في مواجهات مع الاحتلال بقطاع غزة

استشهاد شاب برصاص الاحتلال في غزة

بالفيديو: شهيد وعشرات الإصابات في مواجهات مع الاحتلال شرق غزة

شهيد و8 إصابات برصاص الاحتلال شرقي جباليا والبريج

شهيد برصاص الاحتلال شمال قطاع غزة

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