IPNOT PICTURE OF THE DAY June 14th 2017: Solidarity With Blockaded Qatar In The Besieged Gaza Strip

On the afternoon of Wednesday June 14th the Islamic Women’s Movement organized a solidarity event with the blockaded Gulf state of Qatar in the besieged Gaza Strip.
Symbolically the event was held in the Sheikh Hamad residential area in Gaza’s southern Khan Younis.
The area of Sheikh Hamad is named after the former emir Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani (b. 1952, ruled 1995-2013) of Qatar, which has funded the building of so far 2264 residential housing units in the area as part of the reconstruction of Gaza after Israel’s 2014 attack.
PHOTO & INFO: شبكة خانيونس الإعلامية ا@khnmedia

Author: @IAmTheAntidote

We are a group of grassroots activists from all over the world. Palestine Unites Us. News about Palestine and supporters worldwide. FB https://t.co/FJDvx2kF9I

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