Three Palestinian teenagers and one Israel’s occupation forces member were killed on the Sultan Suleiman Street near the Damascus Gate in occupied East Jerusalem on Friday evening.
The three killed teenagers, all from the village of Deir Abu Mashal on the occupied West Bank west of Ramalah, are Adel Hasan Ankoush(18), Osama Ahmad Ata / Atta(19) and Bara’ Ibrahim Saleh, also named as Baraa Ibrahim Atta(18).
The dead Israeli occupation forces’ member is police officer Hadas Malka(23).
Two Palestinian bystanders were also shot and wounded by Israel’s occupation forces; their wounds are described as ‘moderate’. One of them has been named as Amer Badawi(31) from occupied Hebron; Israeli occupation at first claimed that he would have been a participant in the ‘attack’.
5-6 Israelis are said to have been injured, one of them an occupation forces’ member. There is no indication of how the non- occupation forces members suffered their injuries.
It seems none of the killed youths were given any medical aid after they were shot and wounded by the Israeli occupation forces.
The incident, claimed to be an ‘attack’ made with knives (or, in one source, ‘tools’) and self-made gun by the Israeli occupation, has been claimed to have been made by their members by the hard-left PFLP and its political opposite Hamas.
The ‘attack’ is said to have been in response to ‘Israel’s crimes’ and it’s actions against ‘Islamic states’; nothing in these messages indicates that the factions would have been aware of the youths’ plan beforehand or would directly claim them, although this has been declared by the media.
Instead they offer support and praise for it, while clearly avoiding to claim that it would have been organized by them. The ‘weapons’ used supports this.
Adel Hasan Ankoush is said to have been a member of Hamas and Osama Ahmad Atta and Baraa Ibrahim (Saleh) Atta are both said to have been members of the PFLP.
The so-called Islamic State and Israel have both tried to claim that the IS would have been behind the incident.
There seems to be little doubt in face of the evidence that this was a real anti-occupation action, although one done by three inexperienced youths based on the available evidence.
As a collective punishment Israel’s occupation forces have besieged the dead youths’ home village and is not allowing anyone to exit or enter it, and shops at the vicinity of the incident have been forcefully closed.
The siege has led to clashes, in which three locals have been wounded after having been shot with live fire.
Israeli occupation is spreading leaflets in the village threatening the villagers for ‘harsh punishments’ and demolition of the family homes of the three killed youths.
Permits for Palestinians from the occupied West Bank to enter occupied East Jerusalem and Palestine 1948 have also been partially rescinded.

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