President Among The People

Abbas posing in a typical “candidate baby pic when running for elections”. The Irony…


Palestinian president (yawn) Mahmoud Abbas (82), made a relatively rare public appearance on a Ramallah market on the evening of Monday 20th – which included the standard ‘holding a baby’ photo event that all politicians seek.

This public appearance probably needs to be seen as part of the rapidly changing political situation between Abbas, his internal critics in Fatah, Hamas and their foregn political sponsors.

In the quickly changing political scene of the Middle East, president Abbas suffered a setback as his ousted and disgraced competitor, Mohammed Dahlan(55) and Hamas have allied, for now, with Egypt which has stepped in to help besieged Gaza Strip’s power generation after for years upholding the siege set up by Israel.

Abbas had asked Israel to cut supplies to Gaza, in an apparent attempt to please the new United States administration. Some kind of geopolitical geography involving Gaza and rest of occupied Palestinian territories have clearly been part of the Qatar crisis and overall the shifting political tectonic plates in the Middle East.

That Egypt, otherwise allied or even subservient to Saudi Arabia during al-Sisi’s reign, would move to support Hamas’ rule in Gaza and that Dahlan (who for years grew and tool great care of his ties to Saudi-Arabia and the Gulf monarchies allied to it) would be the middleman in this, must have come as somewhat a surprise to Abbas, although rumours about a deal between Hamas and Dahlan – who lost the Gaza Strip to Hamas after an allegedly largely corrupt rule as its governor – have been growing for some time.

PHOTO: Al-Rimawi Photography

Direct link to the photograph on the photographer’s own wall:


Egypt sends fuel to power-starved Gaza, undercuts Abbas (Yeah we use stupid ABC now)…/egypt-sends-fuel-power-starved-gaza…

Gaza crisis: Israel slashes electricity supplies for 3rd day as Egypt provides fuel


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