IPNOT QUOTE OF THE DAY from June 29th 2017: Death Is In The Air

“It is worse than harsh places I had seen in Africa. From the moment you enter [Gaza], your senses are hit with a terrible stench of sewage. Death is in the air,” he says.
Yehia, who ordinarily works as a pediatrician in Israel’s Meuchedet HMO, could barely face the mothers of children and infants who begged him to take them to Israel for treatment.
“They think that we can take them out,” he says, adding, “There are parents who are so desperate that they told us, ‘Better that our children die — we can’t do anything for them anymore.’”
Yehia says that when he wrote prescriptions for sick children, there were parents who told him not to bother because they have no money to buy the medications. “They don’t even have money to buy milk,” he noted.
The patients who broke his heart more than anything else were those children with cancer. “They are not being treated; they are not diagnosed. All are sick with all kinds of complications,” he says. “The depressing thing is that the parents themselves have given up; they have lost all hope to save their children. It’s terrible.”
PHOTO: Yusuf al-Agha died on Wednesday June 28th of kidney failure in the besieged Gaza Strip, 17 days after he was referred for treatment abroad the tiny coastal enclave. (Source: Palestinow.com)

Author: @IAmTheAntidote

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