The homes of the illegal Israeli settlers who kidnapped, beat and burned Mohammed Abu Khdeir(16) alive in 2014 won’t be destroyed according to Israeli Supreme Court because ‘too much time’ had allegedly gone between the crime and the petition.

According to the Abu Khdeir family, they were not allowed to file the petition until those
accused had been convicted and sentenced. The ring leader Yosef Ben David was sentenced to life plus twenty years.

The Israeli Supreme Court also went on to declare that theoretically homes of Israeli Jews could be destroyed under Israeli law as punishment, but implied that long prison sentences suffice when it comes to Israeli Jews but not to Palestinians living under occupation because Jewish terrorists were, according to judge Neal Hendel ‘the minority of a minority of a minority’ and there was then no reason to destroy their homes as ‘deterrent’.

No time limits exist on the destruction of Palestinian homes; Israeli Supreme Court allows their destruction months or even years before an accused Palestinian is convicted in one of Israel’s show trials, where Palestinians have 00.26 percent change to be found ‘not guilty’.

Current example is the planned destruction of the home of Malik Ahmad Moussa Hamid(23), who is accused by Israel of driving over and killing Israel’s occupation forces soldier in April, but who hasn’t been convicted yet and whose trial has not even started; yet his family home is set to be destroyed by Israeli court order on tomorrow.

Lower Israeli court has on this week also convicted Mohammad Abu Alia from al Mughair to seven years in prison for alleged ‘revenge’ attack on the burning alive of the Dawasheb family by illegal Israeli settlers almost two years ago.

No illegal Israeli settlers accused of the crime that cost three lives and led to permanent injury to the sole survivor Ahmed Dawasheb, then 4, have so far been convicted, as their court case is still ongoing. Only the name of one of the two accused, Amiram Ben Uliel, has been released by Israel.

In another case showing the nature of Israeli ‘justice’, Muhammed Badwan for Azzun was sentenced to 18 years in prison for alleged participation in a Molotov attack against illegal Israeli settlers’ car near the illegal Israeli colony of Maale Shomeron in the occupied West Bank.

Badwan had been imprisoned since December 2014. Hypocritically Israel’s regime was vocal about the incident, because one of the two injured illegal Israeli settlers was an 11 y/o girl used as a human shield in the occupied territories by Israel.

In yet another conviction by Israeli occupation for alleged anti-occupation activies this week, we note the sentencing of Abdullatif Atif from Qabalan for five years.


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