Israel’s occupation forces shot and killed Mohammad Ibrahim Jibreel near the small town of Tekou, in the southern part of the occupied West Bank’s Bethlehem district, on Monday July 10th.

Jibreel, who was aged 23, 24 or 25 according to different sources, lived in Tekou.

Israeli occupation claimed that Mohammad Jibreel would have tried to commit a ‘car ramming attack’ against occupation soldiers near military watchtover close to the illegal Israeli colony of Maale Amos.

According to Israeli occupation after his car had come to a stop against the roadside railing, Jibreel would have come out of the vehicle, supposedly holding a knife, and would have ‘tried to stab a soldier’. He would have then been shot by another occupation soldier.

In the photographs from the site, Jibreel is seen laying on the other side of the railing from his car. There is no sign of a knife, but the photographs are taken from some distance away.

Questions are raised by the fact that Israeli occupation claims that he would have tried to stab the same soldier he supposedly would have hit with his car – but his body is well on the other side of the railing in the photographs and we can assume that the occupation soldier would have been on the other side of the railing.

If the occupation soldier would have been thrown over by the railing, one would expect him to have suffered more than ‘light’ or ‘moderate’ injuries, as claimed by Israeli occupation. The damage to the car implies it hit the railing at some speed, which again should have implications on injuries to any person that would have been hit by it.

Based on the evidence, we propose that it’s possible that Jibreel simply tried to get away from the scene. This, naturally, is little more than speculation.

Israel’s occupation forces didn’t allow Palestinian medics to reach Jibreel and while he was left to bleed, illegally operation ambulances driven by illegal Israeli settlers transported three Israeli occupation soldiers away – although Israeli occupation claims that only one occupation soldier would have supposedly been ‘injured’ when hit by the car driven by Jibreel.

Israeli occupation claimed, at different occasions, that the single allegedly injured occupation soldier was either ‘lightly’ or ‘moderately’ injured. A Palestinian witness said that two occupation soldiers would have been injured.

Eventually Israel’s occupation forces tried to give Jibreel first aid. By that time it was too late.


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