Israel’s occupation forces killed 34-year-old man identified as Amer Ahmad Khalil Tirawi, father of one in the occupied West Bank village of Nabi Saleh early on Sunday.
At least some of the occupation forces were apparently wearing civilian clothes during Amer Tirawi’s killing; direct military operations carried out by regular military forces pretending to be civilians is a war crime.
Tirawi was, according to different sources, either a resident of Nabi Saleh or Kafr Ein; possibly he was originally from Kafr Ein.
Israeli occupation claims that Tirawi would have fired towards Israel’s occupation forces in the area on Saturday. No occupation forces’ soldiers were injured.
Israeli occupation forces claim that Tirawi would have allegedly also carried on Saturday out a shooting towards a car with Israeli plates near the illegal Israeli colony of Ateret, ‘lightly’ injuring one person in the vehicle who would have been (based on contradicting sources) either an illegal Israeli settler or a Palestinian.
The gun Tirawi is claimed to have used according to the Israeli occupation was ‘self-made’. There is a problem with this: There is a photograph were a man said to be Tirawi holds a gun – but it’s not the gun Israeli occupation claims he had and whose picture it has spread.
In the photograph Tirawi is holding an actual factory-made assault rifle. Self-made guns often seem to indicate a plant by Israel’s occupation forces and they actually form a very small part of guns Israeli occupation forces actually find in their raids – most found guns are hunting rifles and handguns and there have been years since Israeli occupation claimed that a hunting rifle would have been used in a resistance attack.
In a further complication, one source claims that Amer Tirawi’s shooting and killing would not have happened quickly after the attack started, but would have involved him being besieged in a house.
In the aftermath, it has been Reuters’ turn to spread fake news on Israel’s behalf by counting only two out of three Palestinians killed by Israeli occupation and rolling out the “Occupier Defends Itself, The Occupied Attack” claim to be spread in the global news outlets.

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Author: @IAmTheAntidote

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