Israel moved imprisoned human rights lawyer Shireen Issawi(39) to solitary confinement on July 22nd after attack against female political prisoners in the Damon prison, during which the prisoners were tear-gassed, beaten with batons and handcuffed with their hands behind their back.
If she won’t be released from solitary confinement, where she is under constant camera surveillance while the sole window is covered with plastic, she will start a hunger-strike.
Three others sent to solitary confinement at the same time have been released. They have been named as Dalal Abu al-Hawa, Ataiya Abu Eisha abd Sabah Faroun.
They were put to solitary confinement for allegedly ‘confronting’ Israeli prison guards along with Issawi.
Shireen Issawi, sister of legendary hunger-striker Samir Issawi(40), was arrested with her brother Medhat(43) by the Israeli occupation and convicted by Israeli occupation court in 2014 to four years in prison. She has since fought a hunger-strike to win release from a previous case of solitary confinement – both of her imprisoned brothers fought solidarity hunger-strikers to support her.
She also fought a solidarity hunger-strike to support fellow lawyer Muhammed Allan – who just won another 34 day long hunger-strike, but who will, as we know, eventually be betrayed by the Israeli occupation.
The treatment of the Issawi family can be seen partially as Israel’s ‘revenge’ for Samer’s victory in his 277 day hunger-strike.
Shireen and Medhat along six other lawyers were accused of the ‘crime’ of helping their clients’ families deliver extra money to them inside prisons so that the clients could buy more food from prison cantine. (Making prisoners pay for food is part of Israel’s efforts to make the occupation pay for itself.)
One of the other six, Amjad Safadi(1975-2014) was tortured and was found hanged in his home five days after his release. Israeli occupation had been moving him between prisons, so human rights organizations trying to reach him couldn’t contact him while he was imprisoned and being tortured.
Medhat Issawi was sentenced to 8 years by Israeli occupation, which has imprisoned him now for half of his life-time. Samer Issawi’s deal with Israeli occupation after his hunger-strike was betrayed by Israel and so was his release as part of prisoner exchange; Israel now intends to keep him imprisoned until the late 2030s.
Their brother Fadi was killed by Israel’s occupation forces in the clashes after the American doctor turned illegal Israeli settler Baruch Goldstein killed 29 in the Ibrahimi mosque massacre in Hebron in 1994. He was 16.
Several of their other siblings, a nephew and their mother have all been imprisoned by Israel at different times. A house of one of their brother’s was destroyed by Israel during Samer’s hunger-strike.

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