On Friday July 14th six people, four Palestinians and two Israel’s occupation forces’ members, died as a result of the Israeli occupation in two separate incidents in Bethlehem on the occupied West Bank and in occupied East Jerusalem.
On the morning of Friday July 14th, Israel’s occupation forces shot teenager Baraa Ismael Hamamda in upper chest during attack against the al-Duheisha refugee camp in Bethlehem on the occupied West Bank.
Hamamda died soon after in hospital in Beit Jala of his wounds, while two others were wounded and two were kidnapped by Israeli occupation forces from al-Duheisha.
Israel’s occupation forces’ excuse for killing the teen was that its occupation forces had been resisted by local youths using stones and Molotov cocktails during the invasion of the refugee camp. No occupation forces soldiers suffered any injuries.
White rose petals were thrown over the funeral procession that lasted for two hours, taking the teenager on his last journey from the Beit Jala to the Martyrs’ Ceremony in the al-Duheisha refugee camp. Although Hamamda was affiliated with the left-wing Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, supporters of the centrist Fatah took part in the funeral procession as a show of unity.
Three Israel’s occupation forces’ police officers were shot at the Lions’ Gate in occupied East Jerusalem on 07:00 at Palestine time on Friday. Two of them later died in hospitals, one was ‘lightly injured’. The dead occupation forces’ members were both Druze: Kamil Shakib Shinan(22) and Hail Stawi(30).
The shooters, all Palestinian citizens of Israel from Palestine 1948’s Umm al-Fahm, were Muhammad Ahmad Muhammad Jabarin(29), Muhammad Ahmad Mufdal Jabarin(19) and Muhammad Hamid Abd al-Latif Jabarin(19).
At this point they were moving on motorcycles. The shooting is said to have been carried out ‘at close range’.
Pursued by occupation forces, the three headed in to the al-Aqsa mosque compound through the Gate of Remissions. There the three men were attacked and shot by Israel’s occupation forces. One of them, after apparently already wounded, was shot again after rising and he was fired at even after falling on the ground again.
Israel’s occupation forces left the three on the ground bleeding while medics were not allowed to reach them, which resulted in their deaths.
Afterwards Israel sent hundreds of its insecurity forces in Umm al-Fahm, raiding the homes of the three killed men, destroying mourning tents set up by their families and forcing people to stay indoors.
Israel has used the attack as an excuse to close up the al-Aqsa mosque compound, declare it ‘a closed military zone’ and blocking all access with occupation forces at all points of access and declaring that it will decide on Sunday whether it will continue the occupation of the third holiest site in Islam further.
The last time this happened was in 1969, in the aftermath of an arson attack by Australian Denis Rohan(1941-1995). Israel’s occupation forces have also sealed access to the whole Old City of East Jerusalem.
The highest Sunni Muslim cleric in Jerusalem, Grand Mufti Mohammed Ahmad Hussein, was detained and interrogated for hours by Israel’s occupation forces after leading prayers on Friday outside the closed al-Aqsa mosque compound and allegedly calling for the world’s Muslims to come to occupied East Jerusalem and ‘intensified’ prayer events at access points to the al-Aqsa compound.
He was later released and fined for 10 000 shekels, but according to his son doesn’t face further charges from the part of the Israeli occupation. Dozens of al-Aqsa mosque compound workers have been said to have been detained also by the occupier Israel, which has confiscated mobile phones from them.
There are also reports of ‘vandalism’ by Israel’s occupation forces in the aftermath of the incident, with claim of doors and toilets being ‘smashed’.
Jordan and Qatar have condemned the closure and called for the immediate opening of al-Aqsa mosque compound, as has Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas, who along with Jordan has called Israel not to try to attempt the ‘status quo’ at the al-Aqsa mosque compound amid calls in Israel to ‘review’ current arrangements.

Author: @IAmTheAntidote

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