Israel’s occupation forces killed 29-year-old father-of-two Rafaat Nathmi Shukri Hirbawi, a food supplies distributor on the West Bank on Monday afternoon.
Hirbawi was shot and died inside his car after it hit a stone wall near the village of Beit Einun in occupied West Bank’s Hebron district. Based on reports, Israeli occupation forces opened fire at the car before it the wall. Most of the windows were broken in the gunfire.
Palestinian medics were not allowed to reach Hirbawi after he was shot, but two ‘lightly injured’ Israeli occupation forces soldiers with ‘wounds in their faces’ were allegedly ‘evacuated’ to a hospital in Israel according to illegal Israeli settlers’ ambulance service, although the West Jerusalem hospital in question denies they are being treated there.
Hirbawi, apparently originally from Ramallah, was living in Hebron City, where his home was invaded by Israel’s occupation soldier after he was killed. Israel’s occupation forces deleted photos and videos taken by journalists during the invasion and interrogated members of the media.
Rafaat Hirbawi’s brother and father was detained for hours by the occupation forces, which demand that his brother Mohammed must come to be interrogated in the occupation forces’ military base.
Israeli media claims that ‘two pedestrians in their sixties’ would have also been ‘injured’ in the incident. Considering the source of the claim, it can probably be assumed these would be illegal Israeli settlers from the nearby colony of Kiryat Arba.

Author: @IAmTheAntidote

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