This is a selection of news from Wednesday, August 2nd and collects five incidents from the occupied East Jerusalem, West Bank and Palestine 1948.
19-year-old Ibrahim Ismail Abu Aram from Yatta on the occupied West Bank was arrested after a 42-year-old man was stabbed and injured at the town of Yavne in central part of Palestine 1948.
The incident happened at a supermarket, where the injured man was apparently working.
Israel claims the incident was ‘a nationalistic attack’. As there is video evidence of part of the incident, there is no doubt that the incident happened.
The injured man was said to be in ‘a critical’ or ‘serious and unstable’ condition afterwards.
Israeli occupation has provided two conflicting versions of the aftermath of the stabbing; in one Abu Aram was held by civilians until police arrived, in another police ‘tracked’ and captured him themselves.
Israel’s occupation forces have raided the arrested teenager’s home in Yatta and interrogated his family.
In 1948 the Zionist terrorist group Haganah killed 24 Palestinians in Yavne.
Israeli occupation claims that a young female from Beit Fajjar would have tried to commit ‘a stabbing attack’ at the illegal Gush Etzion colony bloc junction in the Hebron district on the occupied West Bank.
Even based on the Israeli occupation account, there was no ‘attack’ – the occupation claims that the girl would have ‘thrown’ a knife to the ground after stopped by Israel’s occupation forces soldiers.
She was detained and taken for interrogation by the occupation forces.
Israeli occupation has made conflicting claims about an incident at occupation forces’ ‘flying checkpoint’ near the Qalandiya crossing between occupied East Jerusalem and the West Bank.
Early claims were at three young men in a car would have tried to commit ‘a ramming attack’ against occupation forces and after abandoning their car and running away, would have been arrested by occupation forces.
Later it was announced that Israeli occupation accepts that there was no attempt to run over occupation forces and that the young men would have just been afraid that they would be arrested.
Israeli occupation police officer is claimed to have suffered ‘mild injuries’ after youths allegedly threw stones at him in Bab al-Amoud area of occupied East Jerusalem on the Wednesday evening.
Israel’s occupation forces have been going through the area in the aftermath trying to catch the youths who supposedly were throwing stones.
Muhammad Harouf from Nablus on the occupied West Bank has been charged in Israeli court for killing his Jewish-Israeli girlfriend Michal Halimi(29), who was five months pregnant.
Both Harouf and the dead woman’s estranged husband claim that the killing was political and that Harouf and Halimi had no relationship, but those who knew the couple claim that they had known each other for ten years.
Halimi was reported missing on May 23rd and was found dead at sea shore in Holon, Palestine 1948, on July 24th. According to Israeli police, she had been willingly living with Harouf the time between in Nablus on the occupied West Bank.
Harouf doesn’t deny that he killed her, but claims political reasons for the act of violence. Israeli police claims that he killed her because she wanted to leave him and return to her husband.
The homicide is being politicized in Israel.

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