The world – and especially that part of it which calls itself ‘the West’ – has gone to great lengths to forget that its not the ‘duty’ of Palestinians, the victims, to act in a manner deemed acceptable to their oppressor so that they would then deserve to be free.
In Palestine, the world allows the so-called ‘peace process’ to be about the ‘safety’ of the occupier, not the liberty of the occupied (as John Kerry openly admitted) – and lets the occupier Israel to also set the terms under which the occupied Palestinians could (theoretically) gain their freedom.
In Palestine the burden to end the occupation has been moved away from the occupier Israel to the occupied Palestinians, with the latter having to fulfill endlessly multiplying number of demands which the occupier devises together with foreign powers (‘the Middle East Quartet’) which supposedly support the ending of the occupation – in theory.
In practice, these foreign powers keep up the occupation as much as the occupier, while feigning weakness and impotence; never has the United States be presented as feeble by its usual chest-thumping representatives as when it comes to influencing Israel and ending the occupation.
Yet at the same time these foreign powers led by the United States claim to hold the map to Palestinians’ supposed freedom – a map showing a path through fullfilling those demands, hoops through which Palestinians must jump, while curiously the occupier is under no compulsion to do anything.
This means that Palestinians ‘must earn’ their freedom in a way which their occupier accepts. Freedom, an end to brutal military occupation is not a human right anymore; occupation is made into the ‘normal’ state of things and it can go on and on as long as the occupier doesn’t decide that the occupied now ‘deserve’ their freedom by having performed essentially as trained pets of the occupiers.
The occupier is thus basically removed from the whole setting and keeping up of the occupation, which is made to look like something which the occupied ‘chooses’ by not jumping through all the hoops; the occupation, its then claimed, is the fault of the occupied; if only they would do everything that’s demanded of them, then the occupation would end.
But until then its the ‘sad but necessary duty’ for Israel to keep up the occupation and United States to support it with a choir of lesser adherents to the cause of Greater Israel, while coming up with more demands that are not intended to be possible to be fulfilled – but if they are, then more hoops will be placed before the Palestinians.
This all is done to hide the fact that what is needed to end the occupation is that Israel ends it by withdrawing its occupation forces. Nothing else.
It sounds simple, because it’s simple. There is nothing that stops Israel from ending the occupation any day it wishes -except its own refusal to do so. As much as the ‘West’ wants to claim otherwise, the occupied can’t end the occupation – occupiers can.
What is simple is made to look ‘too complex to solve’ so that it wouldn’t be solved – and people who know better go along, because they don’t have the courage to oppose it. The long existence of the occupation is used by these people as an excuse not to do anything now – when its long length should instead be a rallying call to stand against it.
It’s not the duty of the occupied to fulfill some magic criteria dreamed up by the occupier and its friends – its the duty of the world to help the occupied to gain their freedom. An occupier is not entitled to any gains in exchange of ending an occupation – except losing a pariah status, that should be its as long as an occupation goes on.
There are difficult issues that are hard to solve in international politics – ending the occupation of what is the end a small area of land by a third-rate state when it comes to economical and military power of Israel, isn’t among them.
The occupation goes on because it’s allowed to go on.

Author: @IAmTheAntidote

We are a group of grassroots activists from all over the world. Palestine Unites Us. News about Palestine and supporters worldwide. FB https://t.co/FJDvx2kF9I

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