IPNOT QUOTE OF THE DAY from July 31st 2017: The Exploitation Of Shaath Family In Besieged Gaza Strip By Marjan Teeuwen

I am totally aware that you have used the destruction – not usually a happy moment for architects – of the Shaath building in Khan Younis, the Gaza Strip as an opportunity for making your rubble house installation….
I am questioning your social responsibility as an artist towards this family… I think this is another kind of experimenting things on the Palestinians without taking into consideration the ethics and moral values towards the poor people. Because of your work, that space can no longer hold its function as a house for people to live in as inhabitants. Instead, you turned it into a museum but for whom?
…The stacks of heavy cement blocks and tiles could turn down at any moment. You did not use cement as you stated many times while talking about your work. What if a nearby explosion happened at any time? Who is responsibility it is going to be?
Instead of utilising that amount of fund in rehabilitating the house and having the Shaath family back to their home, money is wasted again by someone who tried to have some fun in Gaza.
(The article was brought to our attention via Omar Ghraieb.)
PHOTO: Marjan Teeuwen inside the Shaath family house in besieged Gaza on December 14th 2016 by Said Khatib for Getty Images.

Author: @IAmTheAntidote

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