Israel has been sentencing Palestinian children in their teens to long prison sentences in increasing numbers in recent years; many of these children have been in their early teens, as young as 12.
In many cases, the sentences to children nearly equal their age when detained for the supposed crime the Israeli occupation has charged them with.
Unlike Israeli adults, Palestinian children are not automatically released by Israel after serving two-thirds of their prison sentence.
This has been met with a wall of silence from the so-called ‘West’, both from politicians, media and largely also from human rights organizations.
The Bermuda Triangle of human rights that is historic Palestine under Israel’s Apartheid rule sucks in victims that then vanish from sight, while ‘Western’ politicians compete in praising (and keeping up the) the frayed Potemkin’s Facades that Israel demands the world to treat as the ‘reality’ in historic Palestine.
Now Israel’s Supreme Court – there is no judiciary independent of political control, as was seen earlier this year when there was partial rotation of judges, and politicians over-ruled judges in a joint committee selecting new Supreme Court justices – has given one more seal of approval for what is sacrifice of children’s childhood on the altar of Israeli Apartheid and occupation.
Ahmed Manasra’s prison sentence was cut by 2.5 years from 12 to 9.5 years for a non-lethal attack he supposedly committed with his cousin Hassan in occupied East Jerusalem on October 12th 2015 against an illegal Israeli settler aged 21 and a son of illegal Israeli settlers, a minor aged 13.
Although the sentence was reduced, it confirms the Israeli practice of sentencing young Palestinian children to long prison sentences for alleged non-lethal ‘attacks’, while an adult Israeli man like Elor Azaria is sentenced for 1.5 years – of which he has to serve only a year – for a lethal crime.
When the alleged attack happened, Ahmed was 13 years of age and his cousin Hassan was 15.
The only one killed was Hassan, shot, partly stripped and left to die. The illegal Israeli settlers were supposedly ‘critically injured’, but the younger one of them had made a full recovery three weeks later, when presented in public a new bicycle by Israel’s occupation police’s representatives before illegal Israeli settlers.
Perhaps there was a wound breaching an artery or some similar instance; but Israel has a habit of intentionally misleading in its descriptions of supposed injuries from ‘attacks’ done by Palestinians.
In a notorious case Israel claimed that Bayan Abdul-Wahab al-‘Oseyli(16), shot killed in occupied Hebron just days after Hassan’s death and Ahmed’s serious injury, had ‘mildly injured’ Israel’s occupation forces’ soldier – and presented as evidence a photograph showing a small tear in the fabric of the soldier’s shirt.
She too was left to bleed to death without medical aid.
No ‘Western’ politician, journalist or human rights organization representative have commented on the photos of Hassan, partly undressed, his pants pulled down and left to bleed on a street while Israel’s occupation forces and illegal Israeli settlers mill around.
Instead, ‘Western’ media was keen to use to Israel’s benefit the initial mix-up in the identities of Ahmed and Hassan, when it was believed that Ahmed – who was seen on a video insulted while on the ground, hit and seriously injured by illegal Israeli settler driver – had been the one to die.
What should have been about the killing of 15-year-old and a serious injuries to two 13-year-olds, caused by the Israeli occupation, was instead harnessed to benefit Israel, by repeatedly bringing up that the Palestinian Authority had been wrong in its initial assumption that Ahmed had died.
Hassan was forgotten by the ‘Western’ media, politicians and human organizations, which left him bleeding to death, stripped on that street in occupied East Jerusalem.
In many ways he is still there, like so many Palestinian children killed by Israel, their suffering and death vanishing in that Bermuda’s Triangle of human rights Israel has created with ‘Western’ connivance.

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Author: @IAmTheAntidote

We are a group of grassroots activists from all over the world. Palestine Unites Us. News about Palestine and supporters worldwide. FB https://t.co/FJDvx2kF9I


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