On the 70th anniversary of Nakba, the ethnic cleansing of 800 000 Palestinians from their homes by Israel, Israel killed 3 people while 2 others, wounded on Monday, died of their wounds.

Among the dead are two teenagers, one of them a minor. 417 people were injured in Israeli attacks in besieged Gaza, while in East Jerusalem and West Bank the number of injured was also counted in the hundreds, with most suffering effects of tear gas inhalation.

Throughout the day funerals of those killed on Monday, rising to 62 with deaths among the wounded, were carried out in the besieged coastal enclave of Gaza Strip.


One of those who died perished as a result of tear gas inhalation. 58-year-old local politician Idris Shaker Jabareen, with no known perious health issues, died as a result of Israeli use of tear gas against a non-violent protest in the town of Sa’ir in the Hebron district of the occupied West Bank.

His death follows that of 8-month-old Leila Anwar al-Ghandour on the occupied West Bank, who died after Israeli occupation targeted the Great Return March camp she was in with tear gas.


On the besieged Gaza Strip the bloodbath of Monday was not repeated, but two more victims wounded on Monday died and two people were shot on Tuesday evening while taking part on demonstration.

18-year-old Bilal Bodeir al-Ashram and 51-year-old Nasser Ahmad Mahmoud Ghorab, both from the Nuseirat refugee camp, were fatally shot east of al-Bureij refugee camp. Both of them were shot in chest.

Two people wounded on Monday died of their wounds, and one of them was a child. 16-year-old Talal Adel Ibrahim Matar had been shot east of Gaza City and remained in critical condition until his death. 30-year-old Omar Abu Fol had also been shot east of Gaza City and they both died on the morning; Abu Fol’s death was announced several hours earlier than that of Talal Matar.

It appears Abu Fol was a father of at least three children.


Army Kills Two Palestinians In Gaza

Child Dies From Serious Wounds Suffered Monday

Israeli army snipers shoot dead Palestinian in central Gaza Strip

Palestinian Dies From Wounds Suffered Monday

IOF shoots, kills two Palestinians in central Gaza

Israeli armed forces kill Palestinian, death toll rises to 62

Israeli Soldiers Kill A Palestinian Man In Hebron

Laila al-Ghandour the youngest fatality of Gaza massacre

LIVE: Gaza death toll rises to 61, 8-month-old baby girl dies from tear-gas suffocation

شهيدان و مئات الاصابات على حدود قطاع غزة

استشهاد الشاب عمر أبو فول متأثراً بإصابته

شهيدان شرق قطاع غزة


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