The destruction of Palestine by Israel and the destruction of the world’s environment by humanity through human-made climate change, the dramatic increase of plastic in the oceans and the food chain, loss of forests etc are not connected even in the minds of most activists, not to speak of the public.

Yet they are. Governments and politicians who support Israeli occupation and Apartheid are not limiting the destruction they are causing just to Palestine; most of the time they are also standing against legislation protecting the environment and support climate change denial or claim that the price for protecting the environment and stopping the ongoing sixth mass extinction would be ‘too high’ for business – the same excuse that they wield against the call to boycott the Israeli occupation.

We find this among the worst – like the coming Bolsonaro regime in Brazil, as keen to destroy the Amazon rainforest as it’s helping Israel to destroy Palestine and the Trump administration in the United States, among the first to praise Bolsonaro’s victory (Israel and Bolsonaro exchanged mutual declarations of love first) – and the supposedly better, like the Trudeau government in Canada.

To the Canadian Liberals the obsession to build new oil pipes through indigenous lands with their fragile ecosystems is as strong as their desire to hug Israel – just in the last week Canada’s Liberal government declared that it’s support for Netanyahu’s regime is ‘ironclad’ and that it wants to be ‘an asset to Israel’ in the United Nations. This is part of their competition with the Canadian Conservatives, now Trump clones, which of them can be the most destructive towards the environment of Canada and the most supportive towards the Israeli occupation and Apartheid.

On the other hand if a party, politician or a government seems honestly trying to work against the threat of climate change and other horrors unleashed on the environment by the humanity, then they tend to be more critical of Israeli occupation and more ready to show at least some support towards the liberation of the Palestinian people – like the Labour Party in the Great Britain, smeared with ‘antisemitism’ claims by supporters and apologists of Israel’s regime.

Is this just a case that people who hold decent opinions when it comes to one political issue tend to do that overall, because they are good people – as much as the good character straits of any person can survive for long in politics?

Partly yes. We can quote George W. Bush, with some liberty taken, and say that people who support Israeli occupation and Apartheid and oppose action to protect the environment of planet Earth do so because ‘they are bad people who support bad things because they are bad’. But behind them tend to be the same corporations and the same billionaires, who see Israeli occupation, fascist rule in Brazil, the destruction of Amazon rainforest and fishes giving way to plastic in our oceans as ‘business opportunities’.

This is the era of free market capitalism without morals or remembrance of where its roots lie, in the soil of the planet Earth and the teeming human billions of the planet. The success of global capitalism has been to raise its leaders to the status of gods in theology, ‘beyond good and evil’ – a situation where, always, evil ends up ruling. Because billionaires and corporations in their Olympian heights are driven by the endless quest for ‘business opportunities’. A village destroyed and an illegal colony built are just part of the endless quest for profits to drive up the stock prices, but on the ground it’s real people suffering, a real nation enslaved and its oppressing state being devoured by the gangrene of Apartheid.

We have to understand the Israeli occupation and its illegal colonial project in the occupied territories is tied to the overall problems facing humanity; one of the local long-term symptoms of the same affliction in the global body politic and social. The terrible war and famine in Yemen, fed by tens of billions of sales of arms to Saudi-Arabia and the United Arab Emirates by the same ‘Western” governments who make their regular oaths of supportbfor Israel, is a more recent symptom – one in a long line of attempts to support ‘Western’ economies through warfare in the Middle East.

The problem, simply, is greed – the neo-liberal axiom that greed is good, and that supposedly eventually the greed of those at the top will also benefit those below – or at least those of them, who are not ground to make the profit for the masters of modern Olympos. The spread of neo-liberalist policies in the world and the spread of illegal Israeli colonies in the occupied territories correlates, and the reason is not a co-incidence.

The illegal Israeli colonies are connected to the overall current world system and to oppose them is to oppose the whole corrupt system of ‘greed is good’ which threatens the entire planet’s biosphere and whole of humanity with it.


PHOTO: Illegal Israeli colony’s sewage water being diverted to the threatened Jahalin Bedouin village of Khan al-Ahmar in early October via Stop The Wall.

Author: @IAmTheAntidote

We are a group of grassroots activists from all over the world. Palestine Unites Us. News about Palestine and supporters worldwide. FB


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