Israel’s occupation forces killed one young man and wounded six other people when they attacked youths’ ‘Night Confusion Units’ along besieged Gaza’s border with ethnically cleansed Palestine 1948 during the night of Saturday March 23rd – Sunday March 24th.

24-year-old Habib Masri was shot in chest with live ammunition east of Beit Hanoun late on Saturday and was critically wounded. He was first taken to a hospital in Jabalia and then moved to hospital in Gaza City because of his medical condition.

Efforts to save Masri failed and he died of his wounds at dawn on Sunday March 24th.

Habib Masri’s funeral took place on the Sunday afternoon in Beit Hanouin.

Israeli occupation forces wounded 3 people in drone strikes on Saturday. Further drone strikes on Sunday are not reported to have caused further injuries.


Funeral processions for killed Palestinian set off in Gaza

Gazan young man shot at night protest dies of injury

Palestinian Dies From Serious Wounds He Suffered In Gaza

Palestinian dies of his wounds in Gaza

Palestinian succumbs to wounds in northern Gaza

Three protesters injured in Gaza night protests

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