On Saturday March 30th, on the first anniversary of the beginning of the Great Return March in occupied Palestine’s besieged Gaza Strip and the 43rd Land Day, Israel’s occupation forces killed 5 people and injured up to 364 others in Gaza.


3 of the victims killed on Saturday were children, all aged 17 according to most articles; the fifth victim who died on Sunday was aged 14 or 16. Minors form also a large percentage of those who were injured, as up 86 of the injured individuals are underage. Among the injured are also up to 29 women, 6-7 journalists and 3-6 medics.

14 people suffered life-threatening wounds, with 5 injured critically and 9 seriously; 121 people suffered moderate wounds and 184 mild injuries.

The only victim who was killed outside the anniversary demonstration itself was shot by Israeli occupation soldiers in the morning before the start of the 52nd Great Return March demonstration itself – and he was an adult, aged 20.

64 people were directly shot with live bullets, 16 were shot with rubber-coated steel bullets and 13 were wounded with shrapnel from either type of bullets while 94 people were hit by shrapnel from tear gas grenades. 64 of those injured were hit in head or neck.

Counting all demonstrations held since March 30th 2018, not just the weekly (mainly Friday except in few occasions) main Great Return March demonstrations, Israeli occupation forces have killed up to 278 people and injured over 31 000 protestors, of which over 500 continue to suffer from life-threatening injuries.

The day was also the 43rd Land Day, held annually to mark the massacre of Palestinians protesting against land confiscation in Palestine 1948’s Galilee in 1976.


16-year-old Mujahid Abu Amsha died of his injuries on Sunday. His death is said to have occurred as a result of ill effects resulting from inhaling Israeli occupaion tear-gas on Saturday.
Abu Amsha was from Beit Hanoun. Early report of his death gave his age as 14.
Tear-gas can be fatal in confined spaces, for people with pre-existing conditions like asthma, and for the elderly and the very young.


17-year-old Tamer Hashem Abu al-Kheir died in the evening at 19:00 pm from wounds he has suffered when he was shot in chest with a live bullet east of Khan Younis in the southern part of the small coastal enclave. He had been taken to hospital at 15:55 pm.

According to two sources Abu al-Kheir would have been aged 18, although most articles give his age as 17.


17-year-old Adham Nidal ‘Amara was killed dead east of Gaza City at approximately 15:15 pm. He was hit in face by a high-velocity tear-gas grenade launched by Israeli occupation forces.

Photographs shot that the front part of his mouth and lower jaw were torn apart and part of the grenade appeared to have been stuck in the back of his mouth.


17-year Bilal Mahmoud Najjar Abu Jamous died late on Saturday from wounds he had suffered when he was shot east of Khan Younis.

Najjar was a resident of Bani Soheila near Khan Younis.


20-year-old Mohammad Jihad Sa’ad was the oldest of the four people Israeli occupation troops killed on Saturday and he was the first to die.

Sa’ad, who had been wounded several times during the Great Return March by Israeli occupation forces, died after he was hit in chest either by a bullet or shrapnel as occupation soldiers targeted a group of people taking part part in a protest east of Gaza City in 07:00 am on the morning before the main demonstration began.

He was a resident of Sheja’eyya, where Isreali occupation forces killed over 120 people during a single day during the 2014 attack on Gaza.


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