23-year-old Mohammad Ali Dar Adwan was killed by Israel’s occupation forces near Qalandiya refugee camp, northeast of occupied East Jerusalem on the West Bank early on Tuesday April 2nd.
Adwan was shot from close range at al-Matar Street next to Qalandiya refugee camp during Israeli occupation forces’ raid in the early hours of the day. According to Palestinian sources he was shot ten times and dragged along the street while possibly still alive by occupation soldiers, who then took him away.
Most sources claim that he was driving, sitting or getting into a car while he was shot, but the most indepth article says that he was running towards his nearby home when the raid started and was shot by occupation soldiers outside it.
Three videos capture part of the events, but Adwan is not seen in them directly; gunshots are heard and Israel’s occupation forces moving on the streets, but the victim is outside the view of the recordings. Fourth shows the trail of blood formed when Adwan was dragged along the street.
His death was announced by the Israeli occupation two hours after he had been takem away by the occupation soldiers.
Israel’s occupation forces handed Adwan’s body over to a Palestinian ambulance crew which delivered it to hospital in Ramallah. A source gives cause death as blood loss, but this appears to be an assumption, not a medical verdict. One source claims that he would have died ‘immediately’, another two that he was still alive while taken away by the occupation troops which denied first aid to him.
Mohammad Darwan’s burial took place in the afternoon and the number of participants in it range from hundreds to thousands in the news reports. According to his father Ali, Mohammad was executed by the occupation soldiers for whom he posed no threat.
Two youths were wounded by Israeli occupation troops in ensuing clashes which broke out after the news of his death came. Three youths had also been wounded during the raid that led to Adwan’s death.
Three bothers were kidnapped by Israeli occupation soldiers during the raid: Ibrahim, No’man and Yousef Rajab.

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