Young man who self-immolated after he had been denied medical treatment abroad, after being wounded by Israel’s occupation forces, has died in the besieged Gaza Strip.

Bilal Mohammad Masoud, aged 24 or 29, was shot by Israeli occupation forces’ soldiers east of Jabalia refugee camp in the small coastal enclave on April 16th 2018, when he was taking part in a Great Return March demonstration.

Masoud suffered wounds in his arms and legs, and went through several surgeries in Gaza hospitals, but his condition didn’t improve. His family appealed to Palestinian authorities, both to president Abbas of Palestinian Authority and Hamas movement in Gaza, for him to be transferred to treatment outside Gaza. The family’s attempt to get him moved for treatment in a hospital in Egypt was denied by Egypt’s regime.

He continued to take part in at least some Great Return March demonstrations in a wheelchair; one photograph showing him doing so was claimed in the social media to be the final taken of him before he self-immolated. Although no source says it directly, he seems to have been unable to walk after suffering his wounds.

Bilal Masoud died in the intensive care unit of the Shifa hospital on Tuesday April 30th of his injuries he suffered from his self-immolation which is claimed to have taken place “two weeks earlier”; the earliest report of his self-immolation which we could find is from April 22nd.

According to comments in social media, beyond his health issues, ‘psychological and economical problems’ could have influenced Masoud’s desperate act. His family kept calling for him to be transferred abroad for treatment after he self-immolated, but in vain.

His funeral took place in the Jabalia refugee camp, whose resident he had been, on May 1st. @paltimes2015 described participation in his funeral as ‘massive’ and photographs and a video show at least several hundred people following him in his final journey.


Wounded Palestinian, Who Burnt Him Self Demanding Medical Care, Dies In Gaza

بلال مسعود فلسطيني يحرق نفسه من أجل العلاج وما زال يناشد لعلاجه #بلال_لازم_يتعالج

#GazaReturnMarch #GreatReturnMarch

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