On Friday December 6th the Great Return March demonstrations on the border between the besieged Gaza Strip and ethnically cleansed Palestine 1948 continued after three week pause for security reasons.Thousands of people are reported to having taken part.


This was the 83rd Friday Great Return March protest, and like the 82 earlier ones, it was attacked by Israeli occupation troops.

Israel’s occupation forces wounded at least 46 people in their attacks on the participants according to the most detailed report on casualties from the Palestine Center for Human Rights (PHCR). Early reports immediately on Friday had reported 37 demonstrators being wounded.

ELG7a9JXkAEVjmsAccording to PHCR, the wounded include 19 minors, 3 female protestors and 2 paramedics, one of them a woman.

Of the wounded, 5-6 were shot with live bullets, 22-23 were shot with rubber-coated steel bullets and 17 were directly hit by tear-gas grenades.

Both wounded paramedics, Dalia Bassam Ahmed Abu Reidah(21) and Mohammed Ziyad Zoghbor(35) were shot with rubber-coated steel bullets east of Khan Younis.

A female protestor, 23-year-old Mai Suleiman Abu Ruwaida, lost her right eye after she was shot in head with a rubber-coated steel bullet.ELMXhAFXUAICG0O

Several dozen people also suffered from the ill effects of tear-gas inhalation.


On Saturday Israeli occupation forces arrested two unarmed persons after they crossed the border fence between southern Gaza Strip and ethnically cleansed Palestine 1948.

Early on Sunday two people were wounded in Israeli occupation forces air-strikes in northern part of Gaza, targeting resistance sites, following an alleged launch of three rockets that caused no damage.


83rd GMR: IOF Shot and Injured 46 Palestinian Civilians, Including 19 Children, a Paramedic and 4 Women; one of them was a Paramedic

Great Return March: 37 Palestinians Injured By Israeli Forces

IOF injures 37 Palestinians in renewed Return March protests

PCHR: 83rd Great March of Return, 64 Palestinians Injured, Including 19 Children

Two Gazans kidnaped by IOF in border area

Two Palestinians injured in Israeli airstrikes on Gaza

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