A high-ranking Israeli security officer was killed in occupied East Jerusalem and Israel’s regime has declared a ban on reporting the exact details of the incident. Even the name of the officer killed was reported by the Israeli press only after being approved for release by the regime.

96812280992466640360no50-year-old Amos Sa’ar, commander of Israeli occupation’s Jerusalem District Court Guard, was stabbed in the staircase of the building he lived in or near the illegal Israeli colony of Har Homa in the occupied East Jerusalem on Wednesday December 25th.

According to his wife, Orly Sa’ar, a neighbour had knocked on their door, saying after she opened it that her husband had collapsed in the staircase and that he had perhaps hit his head. She had then called an ambulance. 3951918917This person had not noticed that he had been stabbed.

Sa’ar was taken to hospital in critical condition and after going through surgery, died of his injuries on the same day. He had been working for the Israeli occupation Jerusalem court since 1995, first as a liaison officer.

Israeli occupation is treating his killing as a criminal case after possible political motives were put forward in the immediate aftermath. Israeli media reported that at the time of his killing his apartment was being ‘renovated by Arabs’ and Iranian press source claimed that a man arrested for his killing was a Palestinian.

Two men have been arrested, the main suspect is a 30-year-old man who is accused of latauskilling him with a knife and another man is accused of aiding him after the stabbing. The main suspect is reportedly suspected of a premeditated murder but will be sent to a psychiatric examination.

Israeli media describes the main accused as ‘a neighbour’ who would have harassed Sa’ar and his wife for an extended period, making him report the suspect to a police a year ago when he would have also given up his dog because the suspect was complaining about it ‘whining’. Israeli occupation police had closed that case without taking action against the suspect.

According to Amos Sa’ar’s widow, the suspect would have also threatened to kill Sa’ar just 3021da43448e690552fa91f18f774484three days before doing so. He is reported to have made a Facebook post before the killing in which he would have written that he had approached the couple several times ‘but they did not change their behaviour’.

Both Israeli officials and the widow have described the main suspect as ‘mentally ill’ and it’s reported that he would have been arrested a month before the killing for ‘indecent acts with a minor’. That case is described as being still open.

The second arrested man is described as ‘elderly’ and being ‘without a criminal record’. His defense attorney Mustafa Yahya claims that he has no connection to the killing.ocl09o0s__w400h300q80 A deliberately pixielated photograph of him shows a man perhaps in his late fifties or in his sixties.


Israeli forces arrest Palestinian man over alleged stabbing attack

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