Two minors in their late teens were killed and at least two and possibly four other youths were wounded in Israel’s occupation forces’ attack on a group of youth in the besieged Gaza Strip on the night between Saturday February 18th and Sunday February 19th.
Two teenagers were killed and at least two others were wounded, one of them possibly critically, in the besieged Gaza Strip as Israel’s occupation forces’ tanks shelled a group of six youths. Israeli occupation claimed that the youths would have tried to cross the border fence between the coastal enclave and Palestine 1948.
The incident happened near Rafah in the southernmost part of besieged Gaza. Palestinian sources attribute the deaths and injuries to air-strike at an empty area in the city of Rafah itself, from whose neighbourhood of al-Salam at least the two dead teenagers among the youths are said to be from.
The timing of the incident is unclear beyond that it happened during the night and that the bodies were retrieved after dawn in the Sunday morning.
There are some differences in how the victims’ names are reported and some confusion about the age of one of them. Most sources give variants of names Salim Sabah and Abdullah Abu Sheyha, and gives both of their ages as 17, yet one source names the boys as Mohammed Sabah Abu Ghaith and Abdullah Ayman Abu Sheikha and another as Salem Mohammed Soliman Sabbah, 17, and ‘Abdullah Ayman Salim Irmeilat, aged 15.
At least two, but according to some claims all four other youths were wounded and Abu Ghaith and Abu Shekha were left missing until rescuers finally found them dead according to most sources, although one claims that they would have been still alive and received medical care which didn’t save their lives.
They certainly were dead by the time their bodies were brought out of an ambulance.
The dead minors were buried on Sunday.
In the ‘Western’ media their deaths have received far less attention than the wounding of the four adult, armed Israeli occupation soldiers the day before.
Israeli occupation attacked Gaza Strip throughout the evening and the night with air-strikes, artillery and tanks Gaza following the wounding of four Israel’s occupation forces soldiers, who had crossed into besieged Gaza on Saturday to remove a flag of Palestine set up near the border during a Friday demonstration.
Most sources imply they were on foot and trying to remove the flag as the explosion happened, although one reports the occupation soldiers were driving a military vehicle, a jeep. Two occupation soldiers were seriously injured and two suffered moderate injuries.
Speculation attributed to Israeli sources alleges the bomb was set by the military wing of the Popular Resistance Committees, a group of mainly former Fatah members, but of the 18 to 20 attacks Israeli occupation claims it did, those targeting resistance sites hit only sites belonging to Hamas’ armed wing, the al-Qassam Brigades, with one exception and that site belongs to the al-Quds Brigades, the military wing of the Islamic Jihad.
One rocket is claimed to have launched both on the Saturday and Sunday evenings from the besieged Gaza Strip to Palestine 1948, causing no injuries nor damage. The rocket on Saturday landed near the town of Sderot, built on the site of an ethnically cleansed Palestinian village.

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BREAKING: Israel Kills Two Minors In The Besieged Gaza Strip

17-year-old teenagers Salem Mohammed Sabah Abu Ghaith and Abdullah Ayman Abu Shekha have been killed in besieged Gaza Strip this night by Israeli occupation forces.
Israeli occupation forces’ artillery barrage hit them and two other youths in Rafah in the southern part of the besieged coastal enclave.
The two other youths were wounded and Abu Ghaith and Abu Shekha were left missing until rescuers finally found them dead.
Israeli occupation has been bombing Gaza Strip throughout the night after air-strikes and artillery attacks last evening hit Gaza following the wounding of 4 Israel’s occupation forces soldiers, who had crossed into besieged Gaza to remove a flag of Palestine set up near the border during a Friday demonstration.
A bomb set near the flag exploded as the occupation soldiers were removing the flag. Two occupation soldiers were seriously injured and two suffered moderate injuries.
SOURCES: International Middle East Media Center, Palestine Information Center & WAFA News Agency.

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On Thursday February 15th Israel’s occupation forces closed all but the main entrance to the town of Beita, south of the city of Nablus on the occupied West Bank, as a collective punishment, claiming that local youths had been throwing stones at occupation forces’ vehicles and at vehicles of illegal Israeli settlers.
Israel is in the process of stealing more land from the town of Beita and the neighbouring villages of Qabalan and Yitma for a new illegal colony outpost. Illegal Israeli settlers have moved to pre-fabricated barracks at a site on the Sbeih Mountain.
It’s a war crime in progress, one in a process of illegal colonization under the protection of the Christian Zionist government of the United States, with rest of the supposed ‘world powers’ pretending to be politically impotent.
As people from Beita moved to the land under threat of ‘confiscation’ – meaning theft – from Israeli occupation later on Thursday with representatives of non-governmental organizations and political factions to plant saplings of olive trees as a protest, Israel’s occupation forces attacked them using tear gas.
On Friday a new protest march was met by Israeli occupation forces with more tear gas and rubber-coated steel bullets.
13-year-old Mohammad Hamada Jaghoub was hit in head by a tear gas canister and a youth named Hatem Bodeir was shot in chest with a rubber-coated steel bullet.
Peaceful protest in the form of planting trees is as punishable under the Israeli occupation as throwing stones at armed occupiers’ vehicles. No resistance is allowed and if you resist, you lose your land and suffer collective punishment – and if you don’t resist, then you also lose your land. That’s the situation under Israel’s rule in the occupied territories.

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After 19-year-old Hamza Zama’ra was buried on Saturday February 17th in his home town of Halhoul, north of Hebron on the occupied West Bank, clashes broke out between local youths and Israel’s occupation forces.
During these clashes, an Israeli occupation forces’ soldier fell into a garbage bin, an incident which was captured by at least three different photographers.
Zama’ra was slain on February 7th by a ‘security guard’ at entrance to an illegal Israeli colony. He was shot and left to bleed to death after allegedly ‘slightly injuring’ another ‘security guard’.
PHOTOS via Palestine Information Center, Quds News Network, Safa News Agency & Shehab News Agency.

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On Friday February 16th Israeli occupation returned the bodies of two people killed by the occupiers:
Hamza Yousef No’man Zama’ra(19), who was killed on February 7th by a ‘security guard’ at the entrance to an illegal Israeli colony and Nimr al-Jamal(37) who was killed on September 26th in gunfight at the entrance to an illegal Israeli colony of Har Adar, both on the occupied West Bank.
Nimr al-Jamal was accused of killing a ‘security guard’ and a member of Israeli occupation forces’ paramilitary Border Guards, while Hamza Zama’ra is claimed to have ‘slightly injured’ an illegal Israeli settler ‘security guard’.
They were both buried on Saturday February 17th, Hamza Zama’ra in Halhoul and Nimr al-Jamal at Beit Sourik on the occupied West Bank.


The Palestinian community in Chile – which is largest in the world outside Arab countries – on Friday February 16th launched a new campaign called “Freedom for Ahed Tamimi”, demanding that the rights of the 17-year-old political prisoner Ahed Tamimi, a captive of Israel, are respected and that she is freed.
Palestinians in Chile also call for the Chilean government to join international activity to free Ahed Tamimi and end the Israeli occupation that has gone on since 1967 ‘with total impunity’, as Nadia Garib said on behalf of the Federacion Palestina de Chile, whose president she is.
Ahed Tamimi was arrested by Israel’s occupation forces on December 19th; she turned 17 at the end of January. Her mother Nariman and three cousins are also imprisoned, and a fourth cousin has been also charged by Israel’s occupation forces, all for taking part in demonstrations and standing up to Israeli occupation forces soldiers.
Ahed faces up to 12 years in Israeli occupation prison if convicted – which is a certainty, as the show trials in Israeli occupation military courts have a conviction rate of 99.74 %.
PHOTO: Federación Palestina de Chile
We thank Nancy Lolas Silva for bringing this to our attention.


A camouflaged spy camera assumed to have been installed by Israel’s occupation forces was discovered in the besieged Gaza Strip on Friday February 16th.

The discovery was made in agricultural land in Abu Samra, north of the town of Beit Lahia, in the northern part of the besieged coastal enclave of two million people.


الأمن يضبط كاميرا تجسس إسرائيلية مموهة ببيت لاهيا

PHOTOS: Safa News Agency


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