Israel’s occupation forces killed a teenager in the town of Beit Awwa on the occupied West Bank late on the evening of Saturday November 30th.

18-year-old Badawi Khaled al-Masalma was shot several times by Israel’s occupation soldiers, who did not allow Palestinian medical personnel to reach him.EKpUTI5XYAArE5s

He is said to have bled to death ‘in minutes’. The incident took place at the entrance to Beit Awwa, near the city of Hebron.

Israeli occupation source claimed afterwards that al-Masalma might have been throwing Molotov cocktails when occupation soldiers opened fire at him and two other persons, who did not suffer injuries. A video shows at least a dozen people present at the time of the shooting, with the voices in the video sounding very young – no Molotov cocktails can be seen thrown.

Two different, but not necessarily contradictory, claims about the killing and the Molotov cocktails have been attributed to the Israeli occupation: The first one that the soldiers who killed al-Masalma claim that that they saw the youths throwing petrol bombs (but, it is implied, not at the shooters themselves) and opened fire at them and the second that the youths were throwing the petrol bombs towards Israeli occupation forces’ military vehicles when they were shot at.EKpwU6AW4AE_l-u

This, throwing of Molotov cocktails if we accept the Israeli occupation claim, would have then in the eyes of the occupation, justify the occupation soldiers turning into judge, jury and executioner, taking another young life by killing Badawi al-Masalma who lived his entire life under the Israeli occupation.

The two others who were with Badawi al-Masalma when he was shot have been identified as Odai Ismael Aqel al-Masalma and Mohammad Osama al-Masalma, and they were kidnapped by the occupation troops who shot him.


IOF kills Palestinian youth in al-Khalil

Israeli Forces Shoot and Kill Palestinain Teen in Hebron

Israeli occupation murders Palestinian in West Bank

Palestinian Teen Shot Dead By Israeli Army Near Hebron

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Israel’s occupation forces killed an underage boy in the besieged Gaza Strip on Friday November 29th.

16-year-old Fahd Mohammed Walid al-Astal was killed and five other people were wounded as Israel’s occupation forces’ soldiers fired at a group of people near a Great Return March camp east of Khan Younis in the occupied West Bank.ca5f3dcc60b2c183ffe6c1aa83f2f3bd

Fahd was shot in his abdomen and was announced dead on arrival to hospital. According to one report he was killed ‘instantly’, but because of the nature of the injury this sounds unlikely; another source’s claim that he died ‘shortly after’ having been shot seems more believable.

The incident took place not in the context of a regular Friday Great Return March demonstration, but as an impromptu protest by its participants.

The official Great Return March demonstrations were cancelled for a third consecutive week, because organizers suspected that Israeli occupation would even more keenly than usual seek to kill Palestinians, as a result of the domestic political situation in Israel, where more shedding of blood could benefit Benyamin Netanyahu’s efforts to stay in power.


IOF kills Palestinian teen in southern Gaza

Israeli forces kill one Palestinian at Gaza border

Israeli Forces Kill Palestinian In Gaza, Wound 4

Israeli Forces Kill Palestinian Teen in Southern Gaza Strip

Israeli occupation forces shot dead Palestinian boy in Gaza


Palestinian Killed on Gaza Border

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A middle-aged man was killed and his son was injured early on the morning of Thursday November 28th when Israel’s occupation forces’ armoured bulldozer, part of an occupation forces’ convoy returning to a military base after committing a war crime, hit their car on the occupied West Bank.

56-year-old Mohammad Nassar Nawajaa and his son Thaer, residents of the town of Yatta, were on their way to work in ethnically cleansed West Jerusalem as the armoured bulldozer collided with their car at Farsh al-Hawa, near the Tarqumiyah checkpoint of the occupation forces, in the southwestern part of the occupied West Bank.EKcJuYDWwAAbCZe

Mohammad Nawajaa was killed, dying apparently on the scene of the incident, and his son suffered moderate-to-serious injuries. According to one report, Thaer is being treated in an intensive care unit.

The Israeli occupation troops in the convoy had committed a war crime earlier on Thursday, destroying four homes in Beit Kahel, near the city of Hebron, as a collective punishment. The houses belonged to the relatives of three men who have been imprisoned, but not convicted or even put on trial yet, for the killing of Israel’s occupation forces’ soldier in August.


Israeli Armored Bulldozer Crashes Palestinian Car, Killing Father & Injuring Son

Israeli military bulldozer crashes into vehicle in Hebron, killing Palestinian

Israeli military bulldozer crashes into vehicle in Hebron, killing Palestinian

Palestinian killed, other wounded in collision with army bulldozer

Palestinian man killed, son injured after hit by Israeli bulldozer

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A young man wounded by Israel’s occupation forces two weeks ago died of his wounds on Friday November 29th in the besieged Gaza Strip.EKiB_mZXkAAVhCP

30-year-old Raed Rafiq al-Sirsawi died on the Friday afternoon of injuries he sustained when Israel’s occupation forces’ missile exploded near his motorcycle as he was driving in Gaza City on Wednesday November 13th.

The funeral of al-Sirsawi took place only hours after his death on late afternoon.

According to Islamic Jihad, Raed al-Sirsawi was member of its armed wing, the al-Quds Brigades.

Friday also saw the death of Thaer al-Abd Hamed(aged 28 or 29), who was reported injured in ‘an accidental explosion’ which took place in a house in Gaza’s Beit Lahia on Thursday.132046897 (1)

An unreliable pro- Israeli occupation source claimed that he would have been a member of Fatah.


Gazan injured in recent Israeli attack dies of serious wounds

Palestinian succumbs to injuries in Gaza

Two Palestinians die of wounds

Un martyr suite à une explosion accidentelle au nord de Gaza

Un Palestinien succombe à ses blessures subies pendant la récente agression israélienne contre Gaza

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Wounded father who lost his wife and two of his children and six other relatives in Israel’s occupation forces attack earlier this month has himself died of his injuries.

Mohammad Salama Sawarka(40) died of his wounds on the afternoon on Friday November 22th, eight days after Israel’s occupation forces’ missile strike on Thursday November 14th hit his and his brother’s family homes in besieged Gaza Strip’s Deir al-Balah soon after midnight. 8 members of the family were killed and 13 wounded, including Mohammad.EJ-1bxvXsAAjwaG

The attack completely destroyed both houses and led to the death of Mohammad Sawarka’s wife Yosra(39) and their sons Moath(7) and Waseem(13). Their surviving children suffered all injuries except one daughter who had run to her grandmother’s nearby house just moments before, scared during the Israeli occupation bombing, and returned to find a crater on the site of her home.

Mohammad’s older brother Rasmi(45), his wife Mariam(45) and three of their four children – Firas(2), Salem(3) and Mohannad(12) – were also killed in the Israeli attack, which Israel’s occupation forces tried to excuse by using contradictory excuses.

Mohammad himself was left in a critical condition in an intensive care unit until his death. His funeral took place only a few hours after his death on Friday.


Man succumbs to wounds sustained by Israeli airstrike in Gaza

Man succumbs to wounds sustained in Israeli airstrike in Gaza

Palestinian Dies From Serious Wounds He suffered When The Army Killed Eight Members Of His Family

Sawarka massacre victim succumbs to his wounds

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EKIuKktXsAILi0gPolitical prisoner Sami Abu Diak died on the morning of Tuesday November 26th in Israeli occupation captivity. He is the 222nd Palestinian prisoner to die as prisoner of Israel since 1967.

Abu Diak, aged 36 or 37 according to different reports, had been imprisoned by Israeli occupation since July 17th 2002 and sentenced to three life sentences and thirty years in the typically bombastic manner of Israeli occupation military courts. He was a resident of the Silat al-Daher village in the Jenin district of the occupied West Bank.

Sami Abu Diak had been suffering from bowel cancer, which was diagnosed in August or September 2015, and both kidney and lung failure. At one point in his long illness he had been in coma for a month.EKRo-saWkAERhNf

In recent years he had gone through several medical operations, in one of which 83 centimeters of his intestines were removed in the Soroka Medical Center in ethnically cleansed city of Beersheba. It is alleged that a medical error occurring during this operation would have further impacted his health negatively.

In his last weeks of life Israeli occupation was moving Sami Abu Diak between the notorious Ramla prison clinic and the civilian Assaf Harofeh medical center in Be’er Yaakov near Tel Aviv in ethnically cleansed Palestine 1948, even when he was terminally ill and his death imminent. The dying man was on occasion moved between them on successive days.

Unable to walk because of his condition, Abu Diak was kept chained to a bed when not in wheelchair.

Sami Abu Diak’s wish was to spend his last days with his mother and to die in her arms but this wish – as were earlier petitions to release him for specialized medical care in Palestine or abroad – was ignored by the Israeli occupation.

His last message from captivity:

To those with a living conscious…

I am living my final hours and days, there is nothing I would like more than spending them near my mother; between my loved ones, I would love to utter my last breath in my mother’s arms; I do not wish to die cuffed and shackled,EKVgLb1XYAEadNS

I do not want to die in front of a jailor who loves death, and feeds on our pain and suffering,

Will my words even reach the ears and minds of leaders?!

I am telling, if I die far away from my mother, I will never forgive you…

Detainee Sami Abu Diak

Palestinian political prisoners imprisoned by Israeli occupation have announced a three day long hunger-strike in memory of Abu Diak.


After Being Denied Specialized Medical Care, Detainee Dies At An Israeli Hospital

Angry Protests In Jenin Village Following Death Of Prisoner

Cancer-Stricken Palestinian Prisoner Dies In Israeli Jails

Dozens injured in IOF quelling of West Bank protests

Israeli jailers announce death of cancer-stricken prisoner Abu Diyak

Israeli Prisons on High Alert After Death of Prisoner


Palestinian detainee dies in Israeli prison

Palestinian prisoner battling cancer dies in Israeli custody


Sick Palestinian prisoner in Israeli jails dies


Young man who was killed by the Israeli occupation during the weekend south of occupied East Jerusalem, in circumstances of which the Israeli occupation lied about, has been buried.

EJltn12XkAA_P4nThe funeral of Fares Bassam Abu Nab, who was aged 23 or 24, took place late on Tuesday November 19th at Ras al-Amoud in occupied East Jerusalem’s Silwan, two days after he had been shot by Israeli occuption forces’ police officer. He was buried to a cemetery adjacent to the eastern wall of the al-Aqsa mosque compound under heavy Israeli occupation forces’ presence.

Abu Nab was shot and killed at dawn on Sunday November 17th near an Israeli occupation checkpoint. Security camera footage capturing his killing shows that the Israeli occupation story to the press about his killing was an utter and total fabrication.

Israeli occupation claimed that three young men would have stolen cars and that during an overnight pursuit of the car thieves the occupation police would have fired at a car driven by Anu Nab to ‘neutralize a threat’, which he supposedly would have posed to other drivers and occupation police officers.

The truth was shown to be quite different. (The video is widely available in social media and can be viewed in our own Twitter timeline also.)

The security camera footage shows Anu Nab in a parked car on a street with the driver’s door open. An Israeli occupation police officer runs to the driver’s side of the car, shoots Abu Nab twice and then runs away.

He was allegedly left to bleed to death without medical aid been given after he had been shot. As Palestinian Authority’s governor of Jerusalem Adnan Ghaith said, “Fares Abu Nab was assassinated in cold blood.”

The car he was driving was not stolen, nor ‘illegal’ as Israeli occupation has also claimed, and three different young men were arrested, beaten leaving bruises and imprisoned by Israeli occupation for the alleged car thefts.EJwngmyXkAA8Ypi

The Israeli occupation police officer who killed Fares Sbu Nab has not been arrested or charged, but has instead been put on leave with the press banned from revealing his name.

Intial claim about Fares Abu Nab being a resident of Anata in occupied East Jerusalem was wrong. Instead he was a resident of Silwan, where Israeli occupation forces have harassed his family and those who came to say their condolences. The occupation forces also clashed with local youths after an illegal Israeli settler had allegedly attempted a drive-by shooting near the family home.

Fares Abu Nab’s younger brother Saleh was killed by an illegal Israeli settler driver, who hit the motorcycle he was driving at Silwan on October 26th 2016. Saleh  was aged 18.


القدس: جماهير غفيرة تشيع جثمان الشاب فارس ابو ناب بعد مقتله برصاص الشرطة

القدس: تشييع جثمان الشهيد فراس أبو ناب وسط إجراءات أمنية

تحقيقات أولية: الشرطة أعدمت فارس أبو ناب بدم بارد

بعد 3 أعوام.. الشهيد “فارس” يلتحق بشقيقه في المكان ذاته!

رغم مضايقات الاحتلال- تشيع جثمان الشهيد فارس أبو ناب

رغم مضايقات الاحتلال- تشيع جثمان الشهيد فارس أبو ناب

القدس تشيع شهيدها فارس أبو ناب

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Young man taking part in a demonstration against Israeli occupation forces bombing of besieged Gaza Strip was seriously wounded on Saturday November 16th at al-Bireh on the occupied West Bank by Israeli occupation soldiers.

EJfhtO9XYAANMZEYoung people, many students of the Birzeit University, were demonstrating at the entrance to the town of al-Bireh west of Ramallah, near the illegal Israeli colony of Beit-El, when they were attacked by Israeli occupation troops.

One youth was shot in foot with a live bullet, while another was shot in his forehead with a rubber-coated steel bullet which cracked open his skull, showing his brain.

Israeli occupation soldiers didn’t at first allow Palestinian paramedics to reach the 8_44_16_16_11_2019wounded, still unnamed young man and physically stopped them from reaching him. There were claims that the viftim would have been arrested, but later photographs show him being helped away by paramedics. There are no further news of his condition.

After this Israeli occupation soldiers fired tear-gas at the demonstrators, causing breathing problems for dozens of them.


UPDATE: Two shot and injured, dozens suffocate in clashes at Ramallah’s northern border

UPDATE: Two Shot while Dozens Suffocate at Ramallah Border

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On Friday November 15th Israel’s occupation forces seriously wounded a photojouralist as he was covering a demonstration against confiscation of land for illegal colony building near the the town of Surif on the occupied West Bank.

EJb1telX0AE8zGyMoath Amarneh was shot in his face with a rubber-coated steel bullet, which damaged his eye. Attempt to save his sight at hospital in Hebron failed because of the severity of his injury. Shrapnels from the bullet had ‘shattered’ his eye and lodged in his head behind the eye socket.

He was wearing a blue helmet and a bullet-proof vest with the text PRESS on it while he was shot, and it has been claimed that he was deliberately targeted by Israeli occupation forces because he is a journalist.

Amarneh was previously injured by Israel’s occupation forces while covering a demonstration in Ramallah on July 11th 2014.

Amarneh is one of three photojournalists who captured on videos the killing by Israeli occupation forces of unarmed Omar Haytham Badawi(22) at al-Arroub refugee camp on Monday November 11th. Badawi was shot and left to bleed without medical aid for half an hour when he tried to put out a small fire outside his home during Israeli occupation forces attack on a march commemorating the late Yasser Arafat.

EJaToj8X0AAAuPsThe International Federation of Journalists(IFJ) has condemned the shooting of Moath Amarneh and Palestinian journalists have started a social media campaign in solidarity, posting photos of themselves with eye-patch or hand over one eye.

IFJ General Secretary Anthony Bellanger commented the shooting: “Once again, the IFJ deplores the attacks on Palestinian journalists by the Israeli military. The IFJ recalls that international law applies everywhere and that no government is above it. It is now time for the United Nations General Assembly to adopt the Convention for the Protection and Safety of Journalists so that the impunity enjoyed by predators of press freedom and democracy can end in Israel as elsewhere.”


IFJ and PJS condemn Israeli shooting of photojournalist in the eye

IOF Injures Palestinian Citizens In West Bank Protests

Palestinian reporter blinded in one eye by Israeli bullet in West Bank

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Israeli occupation has made contradictory claims in an effort to try to excuse the massacre of the Sawarka family at Deir al-Balah in besieged Gaza Strip on Thursday November 14th.

Missiles fired from US-made F-16 jet fighters left only craters on the places of the houses and killed 8 members of the families and wounded 13. Among the dead are 5 children and two women, while 11 children are among the wounded.EJWKZfEW4AA8WFd

The brothers Rasmi and Muhammed Sawarka Abu Malhous lived from sheep-herding and their houses built from metal sheets had no electricity or running water, and they had not been able to send all their older children to schools.

Different representatives of Israeli occupation forces have claimed both that they bombed the houses made from tin sheets believing that they ‘were empty” and that they targeted “infrastructure”, not people, while claiming also that claimed that the target of the bombing was an Islamic Jihad commander Rasmi Abu Malhous, who is a namesake of one of the brothers who lived in the houses with their families.

Neighbours of the family said that the photograph of the Islamic Jihad commander spread on Twitter by Israeli occupation showed a different man and said that it was absurd to think that the leader of a rocket unit of Islamic Jihad’s armed wing would live in a shanty made of tin sheets while earning his living from herding sheep.

70-year-old Silmiyyah Sawarkah, matriarch of the family, is now looking after some of his surviving grand-children and is desperate how to survibe with them:EJbcP3SXkAEacf7

“The children will live with me, my sons, both martyred and the wounded one, suffered from financial difficulties, they lived in plastic houses, and could not send all their children to school. I don’t know how to provide food and the basic needs for them. This is too much for me!”

Meanwhile both the United Nations and the European Union have asked Israel’s regime to investigate itself for the massacre.


“I Did Not Find Our House, There Was Only a Huge Hole.” Sawarkah Children Speak About a Massacre They Survived

Israeli Army Admits to Killing Eight Gaza Family Members: We Thought the House Was Empty

Israeli Claims Bombing of Family Home a “Mistake”

Mladenov calls for Israeli probe into mass killing of Gaza family

UN, EU urge Israel to probe Sawarkah family massacre in Gaza