ERXr3auX0AAZV0FIsrael’s occupation forces shot and killed a young man near one of the gates of the the al-Aqsa mosque compound in occupied East Jerusalem late on the morning of Saturday February 22nd.

The victim has been identified as 33-year-old Maher Yusef Zaatara from the al-Salaa neighbourhood of Jabal al-Mukaber in the occupied East Jerusalem. He leaves behind three children aged 3, 4 and 6.

Palestinian eye-witnesses have denied the standard Israeli occupation forces’ claim that he would have ‘tried to stab’ Israel’s occupation forces’ members.

ERXs7SAWoAAYUQhIsraeli occupation claimed that Zaatara would have approached Israeli occupation forces’ members “rapidly” and “raised a knife to stab”. According to contradictory eye-witness claims, he was jogging beside a wall when shot or walking, his hands up, towards the occupation troops after having been commanded by them to do so.

Videos capture only the immediate aftermath of his shooting, with Israeli occupation police officer closest to him with a hand-gun in his hands, and Israeli occupation paramilitary border guards approaching from another direction.

ERYIazZWsAAtVlRNo effort to check on the Maher Zaatara and give him first aid is shown in the videos and photographs that show him slumped on the ground beside a wall after he was shot.

Later photographs show his body being removed from the scene of the incident. Israeli occupation has so far published no photographs of the alleged knife.

ERYH8FjX0AMOWQVMaher Zaatara’s home in Jabal al-Mukaber was raided by Israeli occupation forces after he was killed. At least one person was seen as being kidnapped by Israel occupation troops.

A female illegal Israeli settler is said to have been slightly wounded from the shrapnel of bullets that Israeli occupation troops shot at Zaatara.


محدث استشهاد مقدسي جراء إطلاق النار عليه من قبل قوات الاحتلال

استشهاد ماهر زعاترة من بلدة جبل المكبر جنوب القدس برصاص الاحتلال

الاحتلال يعدم شابًا بالقدس بزعم محاولته تنفيذ عملية طعن

بالفيديو: شهيد برصاص الاحتلال بالقدس بدعوى محاولته تنفيذ عملية طعن

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A small boy was shot and critically wounded by Israel’s occupation forces in the occupied East Jerusalem on the afternoon of Saturday February 15th.

EQ0qaJOW4AAnAogMalik Issa – aged 7, 8 or 9 according to different reports – was shot with a rubber-coated steel bullet when he exited a store in the Issawiyah neighbourhood, which has been under heavy Israeli occupation aggression since late last summer.

The boy had went to the store with his sisters after they had returned from a school. The situation in Issawiyah has been described as calm when they came off a bus, but the time they left the store Israeli occupation forces had just started a raid during which they abducted one person and fired rubber-coated steel bullets.

EQ0qaKGW4AAMfiBAccording to some sources, Malik Issa’s wounds indicate that he would have been shot from a relatively short range. The bullet hit him in between the eyes.

Malik was transported eventually to a hospital in West Jerusalem where he was diagnosed as suffering from a skull fracture and a brain hemorrhage. It is expected that he will lose his left eye if he survives.


IOF injures child, arrests citizens in Jerusalem and West Bank

Israeli Forces Shoot, Injure Palestinian Child in East Jerusalem

Israeli forces shot Jerusalem boy in the eye


Wounded Jerusalem Child In Critical Condition After Suffering Hemorrhaging in The Brain

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A major positive development for the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) campaign took place on Wednesday February 12th:BDS_Logo
The long-awaited list of companies profiteering from illegal Israeli colonies in Palestine’s occupied East Jerusalem, Gaza Strip, West Bank and Syria’s Golan Heights was finally published by the United Nations Human Rights Office.
We publish the names of all the 112 companies at the end of this article. The list includes 94 Israeli, 6 US, 4 Dutch, 3 British, 3 French, 1 Luxemburgian and 1 Thai companies.
israel-settlementPublication of the list, created based on the Human Rights Council resolution 31/36 which was adopted on 24 March 2016, had been pushed pack several times under pressure from the United States and Israel.
Behind the publication now is likely the January release of the “Deal of the Century” plan by the US president Donald Trump and his son-in-law Jared Kushner, which calls for the Israeli annexation of all the illegal colonies and creating of a Palestinian bantustan consisting of an archipelago of disconnected pieces of land under Israeli control.
The release was still done with little publicity and appears to be incomplete, as it lists only 112 companies. The list under current High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet’s predecessor Zeid Ra’ad Al-Hussein had 321 companies, with 206 others then said to be under consideration for inclusion in 2018.
Former Chilean president Bachelet herself made a weak comment that the report “does not provide a legal characterization of the activities in question, or of business enterprises’ involvement in them.”
Palestine’s prime minister Muhammad Shtayyeh welcomed the release of the list, declaring that the State of Palestine would
“…pursue the companies listed in the report legally through international legal institutions and through the courts in their countries for their role in violating human rights, and we will demand compensation for illegally using our occupied lands and for engaging in economic activity in our lands without submitting to Palestinian laws and paying taxes.”
British companies:
Greenkote P.L.C.
JC Bamford Excavators Ltd.
Opodo Ltd.
French companies:
Alstom S.A.
Egis S.A.
Egis Rail
Dutch companies:
Altice Europe N.V. B.V.
Kardan N.V.
Tahal Group International B.V.
Israeli companies:
Afikim Public Transportation Ltd.
Alon Blue Square Israel Ltd.
American Israeli Gas Corporation Ltd.
Amir Marketing and Investments in Agriculture Ltd.
Amnon Mesilot Ltd.
Amos Hadar Properties and Investments Ltd.
Angel Bakeries
Archivists Ltd.
Ariel Properties Group
Ashtrom Group Ltd.
Ashtrom Industries Ltd.
Ashtrom Properties Ltd.
Avgol Industries 1953 Ltd.
Bank Hapoalim B.M.
Bank Leumi Le-Israel B.M.
Bank of Jerusalem Ltd.
Beit Haarchiv Ltd.
Bezeq, the Israel Telecommunication
Corp Ltd.
C Mer Industries Ltd.
Café Café Israel Ltd.
Caliber 3
Cellcom Israel Ltd.
Cherriessa Ltd.
Chish Nofei Israel Ltd.
Citadis Israel Ltd.
Comasco Ltd.
Darban Investments Ltd.
Delek Group Ltd.
Delta Israel
Dor Alon Energy in Israel 1988 Ltd.
Egged, Israel Transportation Cooperative Society Ltd.
Energix Renewable Energies Ltd.
EPR Systems Ltd.
Extal Ltd.
Expedia Group Inc.
Field Produce Ltd.
Field Produce Marketing Ltd.
First International Bank of Israel Ltd.
Galshan Shvakim Ltd.
General Mills Israel Ltd.
Hadiklaim Israel Date Growers Cooperative Ltd.
Hot Mobile Ltd.
Hot Telecommunications Systems Ltd.
Industrial Buildings Corporation Ltd.
Israel Discount Bank Ltd.
Israel Railways Corporation Ltd.
Italek Ltd.
Jerusalem Economy Ltd.
Kavim Public Transportation Ltd.
Lipski Installation and Sanitation Ltd.
Matrix IT Ltd.
Mayer Davidov Garages Ltd.
Mekorot Water Company Ltd.
Mercantile Discount Bank Ltd.
Merkavim Transportation Technologies Ltd.
Mizrahi Tefahot Bank Ltd.
Modi’in Ezrachi Group Ltd.
Mordechai Aviv Taasiot Beniyah 1973 Ltd.
Motorola Solutions Israel Ltd.
Municipal Bank Ltd.
Naaman Group Ltd.
Nof Yam Security Ltd.
Ofertex Industries 1997 Ltd.
Bank Otsar Ha-Hayal Ltd.
Partner Communications Company Ltd.
Paz Oil Company Ltd.
Pelegas Ltd.
Pelephone Communications Ltd.
Proffimat S.R. Ltd.
Rami Levy Chain Stores Hashikma Marketing 2006 Ltd.
Rami Levy Hashikma Marketing Communication Ltd.
Re/Max Israel
Shalgal Food Ltd.
Shapir Engineering and Industry Ltd.
Shufersal Ltd.
Sonol Israel Ltd.
Superbus Ltd.
Supergum Industries 1969 Ltd.
Twitoplast Ltd.
Unikowsky Maoz Ltd.
Zakai Agricultural Know-how and inputs Ltd.
ZF Development and Construction
ZMH Hammermand Ltd.
Zorganika Ltd.
Zriha Hlavin Industries Ltd.
Brand Industries Ltd.
Delta Galil Industries Ltd.
Electra Ltd.
Export Investment Company Ltd.
Hadar Group
Hamat Group Ltd.
Mayer’s Cars and Trucks Co. Ltd.
Natoon Group
Villar International Ltd.
Luxemburgian company:
eDreams ODIGEO S.A.
Thai company:
Indorama Ventures P.C.L.
US companies:
Airbnb Inc.
Booking Holdings Inc.
Expedia Group Inc.
General Mills Inc.
Motorola Solutions Inc.
TripAdvisor Inc.
FEATURED PHOTO: Bernat Armangue / AP
#BDS #BoycottIsrael


Israeli occupation forces shot dead a man outside the al-Aqsa mosque compound in the Old City of occupied East Jerusalem on the afternoon of Thursday February 6th after he had opened fire at Israeli occupation troops.

Security camera footage captured Shadi al-Banna, a middle-aged flower shop owner from Haifa, as he walked near Israeli occupation police officers or paramilitary border guards at one of the gates of the al-Aqsa mosque compound and shot at one of them with a hand-gun, wounding the person lightly in hand.

EQH5-myXYAUqYNpHe is then seen running away on the video, possibly wounded, and another video shows Israeli occupation forces members themselves running around at a nearby location with gunshots being heard and then al-Banna laying on the ground, still breathing.

EQH7V6RWoAEDh0bShadi al-Banna apparently was given no medical aid, as a later photograph show Israeli occupation forces members standing beside his body without any sign that any medical aid would have been given, although Israeli medical personnel are seen on the scene on videos in Israeli media.

Shadi al-Banna was, according to different sources, either 40, 41 or 45-years-old and a recent convert to Islam from Christianity; Israeli press claims he converted two years ago. He was an Israeli citizen and owned a flower shop in Haifa and according to Jewish neighbours was a friendly man who fed the local street cats daily.

Israeli regime raided his family home and arrested two brothers of his after he was killed.


Breaking: Palestinian man critically wounded following alleged stabbing attack

Four Palestinians killed by IOF in less than 24 hours

Palestinian killed after injuring Israeli policeman in J’lem Old City

Palestinian shot by Israeli police in Jerusalem’s Old City, situation unclear

فيديو العملية: التعرف على هوية شهيد عملية باب الأسباط

خلال 24 ساعة.. 4 شهداء برصاص الاحتلال

منفذ عملية اطلاق النار في البلدة القديمة في القدس شادي بنا من حيفا – واعتقال شقيقيْه

منفذ عملية القدس شادي البنا من مدينة حيفا

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A high-ranking Israeli security officer was killed in occupied East Jerusalem and Israel’s regime has declared a ban on reporting the exact details of the incident. Even the name of the officer killed was reported by the Israeli press only after being approved for release by the regime.

96812280992466640360no50-year-old Amos Sa’ar, commander of Israeli occupation’s Jerusalem District Court Guard, was stabbed in the staircase of the building he lived in or near the illegal Israeli colony of Har Homa in the occupied East Jerusalem on Wednesday December 25th.

According to his wife, Orly Sa’ar, a neighbour had knocked on their door, saying after she opened it that her husband had collapsed in the staircase and that he had perhaps hit his head. She had then called an ambulance. 3951918917This person had not noticed that he had been stabbed.

Sa’ar was taken to hospital in critical condition and after going through surgery, died of his injuries on the same day. He had been working for the Israeli occupation Jerusalem court since 1995, first as a liaison officer.

Israeli occupation is treating his killing as a criminal case after possible political motives were put forward in the immediate aftermath. Israeli media reported that at the time of his killing his apartment was being ‘renovated by Arabs’ and Iranian press source claimed that a man arrested for his killing was a Palestinian.

Two men have been arrested, the main suspect is a 30-year-old man who is accused of latauskilling him with a knife and another man is accused of aiding him after the stabbing. The main suspect is reportedly suspected of a premeditated murder but will be sent to a psychiatric examination.

Israeli media describes the main accused as ‘a neighbour’ who would have harassed Sa’ar and his wife for an extended period, making him report the suspect to a police a year ago when he would have also given up his dog because the suspect was complaining about it ‘whining’. Israeli occupation police had closed that case without taking action against the suspect.

According to Amos Sa’ar’s widow, the suspect would have also threatened to kill Sa’ar just 3021da43448e690552fa91f18f774484three days before doing so. He is reported to have made a Facebook post before the killing in which he would have written that he had approached the couple several times ‘but they did not change their behaviour’.

Both Israeli officials and the widow have described the main suspect as ‘mentally ill’ and it’s reported that he would have been arrested a month before the killing for ‘indecent acts with a minor’. That case is described as being still open.

The second arrested man is described as ‘elderly’ and being ‘without a criminal record’. His defense attorney Mustafa Yahya claims that he has no connection to the killing.ocl09o0s__w400h300q80 A deliberately pixielated photograph of him shows a man perhaps in his late fifties or in his sixties.


Israeli forces arrest Palestinian man over alleged stabbing attack

Palestinian Arrested for Alleged Stabbing of Settler

רעייתו של עמוס סער ז”ל: “השכן אמר לעמוס שהוא ירצח אותו”

עמוס סער, קב”ט מחוז ירושלים במשמר בתי המשפט, נדקר למוות סמוך לביתו – בן 30 נעצר בחשד לרצח

מעצרו של החשוד ברצח הוארך ב-11 ימים

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The decision by the genocidal far-right president Jair Bolsonaro to move Brazil’s embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to divided Jerusalem is a further affirmation that identification with Apartheid Israel is an essential part of the current global Far-Right.

People who don’t stand on the ranks of the Fascists yet react with indifference to news like this, make a terrible mistake: Domestic and foreign policies are never separate realms but always two sides of the same coin.

Political leaders and parties which support racism, segregation and ethnic cleansing abroad will enforce similar modes of oppression back at home when an opportunity to do represents itself.

To support Israel’s oppressions of Palestinians is not just an attempt to curry favour with the United States, Christian Zionist voters and local Israeli Lobby; no, it’s to see Israel’s oppression of Palestinians as a model, a political goal in a fight against the ‘Other’ back at home.

If you don’t care about this decision – and similar decisions and plans in other countries like Australia, Guatemala, Honduras, Hungary, Romania and the United States – yet are among those groups of people targeted by the regimes in those countries, then you are to blind to how those regimes see you and to the danger they present to you.

a363e8618303871b6e9fdb42e53167f8To Jair Bolsonaro all Brazilians who are not Christian right-wingers of European descent are effectively Palestinians and he wants to treat them like Apartheid Israel treats Palestinians.

It’s the same case outside Brazil: What Israel has done and is doing to Palestinians is what Israel-loving Far-Right everywhere wants to do to you if they don’t see you as one of their own.

To support Palestinians in their fight to survive and achieve freedom is to take part in the battle for your own future: It starts with minorities and other oppressed groups, but it will always reach you if you don’t stand side by side with those targeted first.


Young man who was killed by the Israeli occupation during the weekend south of occupied East Jerusalem, in circumstances of which the Israeli occupation lied about, has been buried.

EJltn12XkAA_P4nThe funeral of Fares Bassam Abu Nab, who was aged 23 or 24, took place late on Tuesday November 19th at Ras al-Amoud in occupied East Jerusalem’s Silwan, two days after he had been shot by Israeli occuption forces’ police officer. He was buried to a cemetery adjacent to the eastern wall of the al-Aqsa mosque compound under heavy Israeli occupation forces’ presence.

Abu Nab was shot and killed at dawn on Sunday November 17th near an Israeli occupation checkpoint. Security camera footage capturing his killing shows that the Israeli occupation story to the press about his killing was an utter and total fabrication.

Israeli occupation claimed that three young men would have stolen cars and that during an overnight pursuit of the car thieves the occupation police would have fired at a car driven by Anu Nab to ‘neutralize a threat’, which he supposedly would have posed to other drivers and occupation police officers.

The truth was shown to be quite different. (The video is widely available in social media and can be viewed in our own Twitter timeline also.)

The security camera footage shows Anu Nab in a parked car on a street with the driver’s door open. An Israeli occupation police officer runs to the driver’s side of the car, shoots Abu Nab twice and then runs away.

He was allegedly left to bleed to death without medical aid been given after he had been shot. As Palestinian Authority’s governor of Jerusalem Adnan Ghaith said, “Fares Abu Nab was assassinated in cold blood.”

The car he was driving was not stolen, nor ‘illegal’ as Israeli occupation has also claimed, and three different young men were arrested, beaten leaving bruises and imprisoned by Israeli occupation for the alleged car thefts.EJwngmyXkAA8Ypi

The Israeli occupation police officer who killed Fares Sbu Nab has not been arrested or charged, but has instead been put on leave with the press banned from revealing his name.

Intial claim about Fares Abu Nab being a resident of Anata in occupied East Jerusalem was wrong. Instead he was a resident of Silwan, where Israeli occupation forces have harassed his family and those who came to say their condolences. The occupation forces also clashed with local youths after an illegal Israeli settler had allegedly attempted a drive-by shooting near the family home.

Fares Abu Nab’s younger brother Saleh was killed by an illegal Israeli settler driver, who hit the motorcycle he was driving at Silwan on October 26th 2016. Saleh  was aged 18.


القدس: جماهير غفيرة تشيع جثمان الشاب فارس ابو ناب بعد مقتله برصاص الشرطة

القدس: تشييع جثمان الشهيد فراس أبو ناب وسط إجراءات أمنية

تحقيقات أولية: الشرطة أعدمت فارس أبو ناب بدم بارد

بعد 3 أعوام.. الشهيد “فارس” يلتحق بشقيقه في المكان ذاته!

رغم مضايقات الاحتلال- تشيع جثمان الشهيد فارس أبو ناب

رغم مضايقات الاحتلال- تشيع جثمان الشهيد فارس أبو ناب

القدس تشيع شهيدها فارس أبو ناب

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Two political prisoners imprisoned without charge or trial by Israeli occupation won their hunger-strikes during the last week.

Ahmad Ghannam(42), a cancer survivor and father of two children, ended his hunger-strike on October 23rd after Israeli occupation military court agreed to release him after the end of his current stretch of administrative detention. His hunger-strike lasted for 102 days and left him hospitalized, unable to walk or stand.EHf4Ez7WoAo-yOk

Ghannam, from the town of Dura in the southern part of the occupied West Bank, was arrested by Israel’s occupation forces on June 18th and immediately announced a hunger-strike. His imprisonment without charge or trial was extended by two-and-half months on September 6th, which should now see him released in late November.

Ghannam has been imprisoned for a total of nine years by Israeli occupation, whereas Tariq Qa’adan(46) who ended his hunger-strike on October 27th, has been imprisoned for a total of eleven years since 1989. His hunger-strike, which saw him also hospitalized, lasted for 89 days.

Qa’adan, from Arraba in the northern West Bank, won an earlier 92-day-long hunger-strike in February 2013. The local Islamic Jihad leader, who was once imprisoned by Israel for 15 months for a speech he made in a university event, is said to have lost 30 kilograms from his weight during the hunger-strike which he began on July 31st.EH1wv1WWoAM47ZN (1)

Israeli occupation military court agreed not to renew Qa’adan’s imprisonment without charge or trial after the current period ends. When it does in Qa’adan’s case is unclear, but depending on the phrasing of the reports about this, it might be as late as the end of February.

After Ghannam and Qa’adan ended their hunger-strike, there are four hunger-strikers among the current 425 administrative detention detainees imprisoned by Israel. Longest EH4OI0lWsAAOGazongoing hunger-strike is by Ismail Ali(30), who is from Abu Dis in occupied East Jerusalem. Ali, who has been imprisoned for a total of 7 years by the Israeli occupation,  has been on hunger-strike for 98 days.


Four Administrative Detainees Remain On Hunger Strike, One For 97 Days

Four Administrative Detainees Still on Hunger Strike

Ghannam Ends Hunger Strike after Israel Sets Release Date

Israel Agrees to Release Palestinian Prisoner on Hunger Strike

Longest hunger striking administrative detainee ends fast after Israel sets a date for his release

Palestinian administrative detainee ends 102-day hunger strike

Palestinian detainee ends 89 days of hunger strike


There has been confusion and wrong information over the identity of the woman who was shot and killed by Israel’s occupation forces at the Qalandia checkpoint northeast of occupied East Jerusalem on Wednesday 18th September. EExIuGEX4AAY11m

Initial news that the woman killed would have been a 50- or 51-year-old, without her name being published, was contradicted by a later claim that she would have been 28-year-old Alaa Nafeth Wahdan from the Qalandia refugee camp.

We repeated this erroneous claim in our own article about the shooting incident.

Only on Sunday September 23rd did the real identity of the victim become public, as Israeli occupation finally officially informed Palestinian Authority that the victim was 50-year-old Nayfa Mohammad Ali Ka’ana.

She was a resident of the Bedouin village of al-Mo’arrajat near the city of Jerico on the occupied West Bank; her village has seen violence committed by illegal Israeli settlers in the past.

Israeli occupation claimed that she would have been shot because she would have had a WhatsApp-Image-2019-09-18-at-07.33.48-400x250knife, and spread a photograph of a small knife covered in (apparently her) blood; this has been contested by claims that an item seen on video falling from her hand and then being kicked by a member of Israeli occupation forces would have been of different colour and size, possibly a mobile phone.


Health Ministry: Qalandiya Checkpoint Slain Woman Identified

Updated 2: “Israeli Soldiers Kill A Palestinian Woman Near Qalandia Terminal”

وزارة الصحة تعلن عن هوية المواطنة التي أعدمها الاحتلال عند حاجز قلنديا


Israel’s occupation forces killed a young woman at the Qalandiya checkpoint between occupied East Jerusalem and the occupied West Bank on the morning of Wednesday September 18th, a day after an underage teenager was shot and critically wounded on West Bank.


The site of Wednesday’s incident is northeast of occupied East Jerusalem, at the main crossing between it and occupied West Bank in Qalandiya. EEvKk7bWsAAXRfI

28-year-old Alaa Nafeth Wahdan from the Qalandiya refugee camp was shot by Israel’s occupation forces and left to bleed to death after she would have allegedly refused to san order from the occupation forces to stop and would have ‘pulled a knife’. In some Israeli media sources it was also claimed that she would have ‘tried to stab’.

EExIuGEX4AAY11mIn a video capturing her shooting and its immediate aftermath she stands five to six meters away from a group of men armed with automatic rifles when she is shot. No effort to give immediate first aid is made, although she is bleeding profusely. According to Palestinian press sources, medical personnel was not allowed to reach her.

A claim that she would have been alive when taken to a hospital in West Jerusalem, where she would have later died has been contested; according to more recent reports she was immediately announced dead on arrival to a hospital.  An unconfirmed report says she was shot in leg. Considering that it was a fatal wound, it’s likely she was hit in an artery.

In similar manner in earlier reports her age was erroneously given as 50 or 51. At that point her name was yet to be announced.EEuoYATWsAIoYQV

The exact identity of the men who shot her is unclear; although claimed to be ‘Israeli police’ and ‘Israeli soldiers’ in most sources, they could be private security guards, who have killed people in Qalandiya before – Israel having outsourced parts of the occupation, with Israeli occupation forces claiming it lacks jurisdiction to prosecute the security guards in such cases.

It appears Wahdan was on a lane intended for cars, not pedestrians, as although one source claims she was on the pedestrian walkway, a video showing her shooting appears to have been filmed from inside of a car. EEu4VvbWwAMGDN_

Most people shot at Qalandiya in similar circumstances have been pedestrians who have ended up on a wrong lane, the arrangement at the checkpoint claimed to be confusing to people who don’t know it well.

Claim of a shot person having a knife has been made in most of the fatal and non-fatal shootings, but proven wrong. In this case Israeli occupation forces’ member is seen on video kicking something away from Wahdan after she has collapsed on the ground, and Israeli occupation forces’ spread a photograph of a small, bloody knife – apparently covered in her own blood.


Underage teenager Karim Nawara was shot in chest and critically wounded in the village of al-Mazra’a al-Gharbiya, north of the city of Ramallah, on the occupied West Bank on Tuesday September 17th. EEvcRvzXYAEAqjL

Different sources give his age as 13 or 16.

Karim was wounded during a joint attack against the village by Israel’s occupation soldiers and illegal Israeli settlers, and it’s unknown whether he was shot by an occupation soldier or an illegal settler, although most sources mention the former.

EEraIptXoAAZW4VIn the Tuesday evening his condition in hospital in Ramallah was described as ‘very critical’


2 Palestinian Youth Shot By Israeli Forces, One Critical

Ashrawi Condemns Israel’s “Field Executions Policies” On Roadblocks

Injuries reported in several areas of West Bank, one critical

Israeli Forces Kill Palestinian Woman At Qalandiya Checkpoint

Israeli forces kill Palestinian woman at Qalandiya checkpoint

Israeli Forces Shoot Palestinian Woman at Qalandiya Checkpoint (VIDEO)

Israeli police execute Palestinian lady in West Bank

IOF shoot, kill Palestinian woman at Qalandia checkpoint

Kid among Palestinians injured in IOF West Bank attacks

Palestinian woman killed at major checkpoint near Jerusalem ‘

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