David-Dunning-et-Justin-Kruger-600x338When we look at the behaviour of Israel’s regime and its supporters, it has some similarities to the cognitive bias what is called the Dunning-Kruger effect after professors David Dunning and Justin Kruger, who did pioneer work on it in 1999 while at the Cornell University.

The Dunning-Kruger effect describes people who perform poorly in a particular subject and are often incapable of recognizing their own limits.  Popularized, it’s often given the form “Incompetent people who think themselves competent”.

These subjects think they perform better than they do, they underestimate the capabilities and performance of others, which altogether gives them a sense of false self-confidence, which  strengthens their belief in themselves and this leads them to make more mistakes.

13370473904_c46e16d06e_bThis doesn’t mean that the people to whom the Dunning-Kruger effect refers to have low intelligence; their behaviour might be, but they themselves are not, ‘stupid’. Everyone has weaknesses they are incapable of noticing or admitting, and thus taking into account, which causes problems to them and others.

If you think you are doing better than you are, if you think others are doing worse than they are, then you will end up overestimating your own current situation and what you can achieve in future. The seeds of your future failure are sown by your inability to construct a realistic view of your current situation and your own ability to handle it.


We propose that the Dunning-Kreger effect can be applied to look at the behaviour of the leaders of Israel’s regime, which itself might be considered a kind of gestalt, and its supporters.

Netanyahu, his rival Gantz and president Rivlin

The current drive to annexation and permanent Apartheid by Israel’s regime shows many symptoms of the Dunning-Kruger effect. All words of warning are pushed aside, whether external or internal, and a vision of permanent 21st century Apartheid is seen as sustainabe and without real challenges.

As Israel has gotten away with war crimes and human rights violations for soon 72 years, all the time protected by shifting superpower backing, this has bred a belief that all the ‘successes’ in ethnic cleansing, occupation and land-theft are down to Israel’s superiority over Palestinians and its other neighbours.

israeli-kicking-reutersTo the Israeli elite and most of its majority population, Israel’s success is not down to super-power backing, 150 billion dollars in aid from the US alone and political protection in international areas by US and other allies, but instead it’s down to Israel just being better in everything because of its own, superior nature. Israel is not only more powerful, but its populace and leaders more intelligent and capable.

This is combined in the Israeli psyche with the idea that past success can only lead to more success, and that failures on the part of Israel’s oppressed victims – with the odds stacked against them – can only lead to more failures and defeat on their part. The past is a map of the future, and all the warning Cassandras can be dismissed.

This, identifying a false pattern or a pattern that can’t be sustained endlessly, is also connected to the Dunning-Kruger effect, strengthening the person’s false belief in their own competence. This mentally locks them into a behaviour which in the end can be self-destructive.

WallIsraelPal.12SEpt2016Incompetence backed by overwhelming brutality can seem like success for a long period of time, especially when the incompetent brute will be protected from consequences of (and thus finding out) their own incompetence by powerful backers. In this case, the current iteration of those backers, the Trump administration, is itself a troupe full of persons exemplifying the Dunning-Kruger effect.

Can you now see how Israel’s behaviour brings to mind the people that Dunning-Kruger effect describes? Israel overestimates the stremgth of its own current unnamedsituation and its ability to sustain the current reality of oppression and segregation, while it underestimates the Palestinians and the possibility of change in the attitudes and behavour of rest of the world.

As a Zionist society Israel has successfully convinced itself that the only thing ever needed is more of the same: Occupation, illegal colony building and segregation.


Israel is little different from a sheltered, at best a mediocre progeny of a wealthy, powerful family, whose protective relatives ease his way in the world while obstructing those who stand on his way. He will end up seeing himself as an eminently successful person, who has earned his station thanks to his superiority to those who he Wooohas pushed aside.

He will believe that before him awaits only more success, and that nothing, and no one can stand on his way. This sets him apart from the truly competent people who tend to underestimate themselves and overestimate others’ capabilities. As a human being he will look like Donald Trump or Jared Kushner, and as a political entity like Israel.

MIDEAST ISRAEL PALESTINIANSBut what happens when the protective shell around him, constructed by his powerful protectors, fails? What happens when he has to face the challenges unaided, just depending on his own real, and not exaggerated, abilities?

The Dunning-Kruger effect proposes that the more people learn about their real circumstances, the better they eventually are responding to the challenges they face. Israel has been able to avoid this collision with facts, but eventually the moment comes when the Potemkin’s Facades erected with the help of the ‘West’ will fall away.

Then the reality bites in, and the person or state has to rapidly come into terms with the reality around them and adjust to it – or face the dustbin of history. Nothing indicates that Israel is capable of the former.


How many Jewish victims of Austrian Fascism rose from the dead when the Austrian parliament on Thursday February 27th unanimously voted to condemn the BDS movement as ‘antisemitic’ and call that no support to the boycott of illegal Israeli colonies on occupied Palestinian land should be given?

Drawing by a concentration camp survivor.Source.


Just like no Jewish victims of German fascism rose from the dead when Germany’s parliament passed a similar resolution, or when the German government wrote to the Internatuonal Criminal Court that it must give Israel’s regime immunity from prosecution by declaring that Palestine, a member state of the Rome statutes since 2012, is not under its jurisdiction.

unnamed (1)Ash clouds didn’t form around the crematoriums in Auschwitz, pouring down inside them, the doors of the ovens used to burn a million people didn’t open from the inside and resurrected people, dead almost eighty years, didn’t crawl out, restored to life by the human sacrifice of Palestinians by Germany and Austria.

These resolutions bring only more death, Palestinian deaths mainly but also Israeli Jewish ones, and they don’t reduce the German and Austrian guilt one bit. If the German and Austrian politicians think it eases their consciences, then there is something very wrong with them: You don’t atone for the past atrocities committed by your country by aiding ongoing war crimes.

outsideThe Austrian and German parliaments voted to support illegal colonies on land brutally occupied for 53 years, they declared that the occupied people living under Apartheid rule are ‘antisemitic” for calling for the boycott of their oppressors, and those companies, Israeli and international, which profit from their oppression and suffering.

Hitler in 1938 with the Austrian chancellor Arthur Seyss-Inquart, executed for war crimes in 1946.

To pretend that occupied Palestinians are ‘antisemitic’ for calling for the boycott of those who profit from their suffering is as disgraceful as the myth that Austria was ‘the first victim of Nazism’. Austria, after all, became a fascist dictatorship before Germany, was allied to the Fascist dictatorship of Mussolini before he and Hitler joined forces, and the ruling Austrian Fascists allowed the Austrian Nazis to the Austrian government years before the Anschluss.

Fascist Austria was not a victim of the Nazis. Adolf Hitler was an Austrian himself. Anschluss in 1938 was not a real invasion, but a fusion of two Fascist states: There was no Austrian armed resistance at any point to the Nazi rule. Just like there is no Austrian support for Palestinian liberation now.

Palestinians are not antisemites for calling for the boycott of their occupiers and oppressors. To compare boycott of companies profiteering from war crimes to attacks on Jewish shops during the Kristallnacht is a monstrous act against the occupied Palestinians and the memory of the Jewish victims of the Nazi rule.

It’s not the role of Palestinians to be sacrifical lambs so that ER3jmUcXUAE1TIQEuropean politicians and parties – in Austria and Germany most of the latter including as founders former Nazis – can massage their bad consciences by helping to spill Palestinian blood, and denouncing them for not accepting to be oppressed slaves of an Apartheid state forever.

FEATURED PHOTO: Austria’s hard-right Conservative chancellor Sebastian Kurz, set to talk in the Israeli Lobby organization AIPAC’s meeting – boycotted by several major Democratic presidential candidates – with Israel’s prime minister Benyamin Netanyahu, charged with corruption by Israeli judicial authorities.


UNRWA-pr-May19The United States government under Donald Trump, controlled in this regard by the pro- Greater Israel billionaire Sheldon Adelson, has waged a brutal campaign against the rights and survival of Palestinian refugees since 2017, cutting US aid to both American and international organizations like UNRWA that have supported them, and trying to defund UNRWA and end the refugee status of Palestinian refugees. This is based on a kind of magical vein in Zionist thinking – that if you ignore a serious issue, it will cease to exist; even when it takes the form of millions of people.


It has been Zionist and ‘Western’ illusion since 1948 that Palestinians would just ‘disappear’ among the Arab populations of the Middle East: If you ignore them, they won’t exist.

LEBANON-BARBERThis has basis in underestimating the strength of Palestinian identity and it also oddly overestimates the eagerness of the host countries of Palestinian refugees in the Middle East to accept and assimilate them. United States’ presidents one after the another have declared how it is impossible for Israel to accept large number of returning Palestinian refugees, while taking it for granted that neighbouring countries can and are willing to assimilate large number of refugees after marginalizing them for over 70 years.

Yarmouk_0We hear it repeated still by those, like the various members of the Trump administration, who demand that UNRWA should be closed and Palestinian refugees’ refugee status removed. This, according to people who otherwise declare that people who themselves practice Judaism, or whose ancestors did, have a right to return to Palestine after 1900 years, would solve the Palestinian refugee problem.

Just wave a magic wand and all Palestinian refugees disappear!


Israel, which has treated Palestinian refugees with extreme hostility, campaigns for this, expecting other states to put aside their own demographic fears and embrace those whose homes and homeland Israel itself stole.

DTvDOCpW4AAEhPuThe other states across the Middle East have no intention to do so. Nor are those ‘Western’ states, which have been successfully courted by Israeli regime to support them in international diplomatic arenas, have any interest in receiving any Palestinian refugees themselves for settlement. The solution, according to them, is again just to forget that Palestinian refugees exist: 5 900 000 registered refugees will, apparently, just vanish into thin air if you take away their refugee status.

At best the other Middle Eastern states will continue to tolerate Palestinian refugees to differing extent, but they won’t naturalize them, and Palestinian refugee camps will continue to be marginalized enclaves of poverty and possible sources of instability to societies which host but refuse to naturalize or fully integrate their inhabitants. The Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon, whose populations have greatly increased with arrival of both Palestinians and non-Palestinian Syrians from Syria since 2011, are an example.

1432139327This is not a sustainable situation in the long term and it’s barely sustainable today, as the situation of Palestinian refugees in Syria for example show. Over 4000 have died in the war, over 300 are missing and hundreds of thousands have had to become refugees again either inside Syria or abroad. Palestinians rank among the most common refugees trying to cross the Aegean into Europe from Turkey.

IMG_0059-minNeighbouring Lebanon, which has had no census since the French rule in 1932 for domestic political reasons, will not allow Palestinians to become full Lebanese civilians with equal rights, not only because it would create a precedent for Syrian refugees but also because up to 470 000 new, largely Sunni, citizens would call into question the delicate power-sharing arrangement existing since the end of the civil war. Trump offering Lebanon $6 billion dollars for signing into his ‘Deal of the Century’ has received condemnation across the political board, from Maronite Christians to Shiite groups like Amal and Hezbollah: No major political group will accept naturalization of Palestinian refugees.

maxresdefaultThe Hashemite kingdom of Jordan’s extended leadership fears it would not long exist (or at least keep its status and privileges) if all Palestinian refugees would be given equal rights – which, of course, would have to mean a larger process of democratic reform. Few billions of dollars from the USA would be a little comfort then. The old Israeli claim, repeated daily in social media, that “Jordan is Palestine”, is too well known – even when the same anti-Palestinian Israeli politicians, who repeat it like a religious mantra, have been one of the pillars on which the clay-feet Hashemite rule has rested for the last fifty years.

imagesThe memory of the conflict of 1970, when king Hussein II humiliatingly turned to ‘Western’ and Israeli support against Palestinian resistance groups, lies heavy over the authoritarian kingdom, and its elite has heard often enough the joke that US State Department officials from generation to generation keep telling: That the United States will hand West Bank to Israel and Jordan to Palestinians. When the regimes on which you depend for your political survival demand that you accept refugees, while joking what will happen to you if you do so, what is the Jordanian autocracy to think?

burj2For the Palestinian refugee problem there is only one solution – returning the exiled Palestinians back home to their own, native land. There is no alternative to right of return. No one can claim it would be a painless process, but the longer it is delayed, the larger regional problem it becomes. For the sake of justice, the Jewish populations that have been forced, or have emigrated more or less willingly, since 1948, should of course be offered similar right. But Israel has not been keen to pursue the Jewish right of return when it would take this form.

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ER3iI1CXsAAmb2_On Friday February 28th Israel’s occupation forces injured up to 134 Palestinians in an effort to gain illegal Israeli settlers’ control of a strategic mountain and its springs.

After public calls by illegal Israeli settlers to establish an illegal colony outpost on the Jabal al-‘Arma mountain, near the village of Beita south of the city of Nablus, hundreds of villagers from Beita and the neighbouring areas gathered on the mountain late on Thursday and stayed there over the night.

ER3iJCxXYAIuVtqOn Friday Israeli occupation forces attacked the demonstrators to make way for the illegal settlers, injuring up to 134 people. The occupation troops removed a flagpole and a large flag of Palestine raised there,  and forced the demonstrators to leave the mountain.

A 16-year-old child was shot in the back with a live bullet, one person was wounded in the head by a tear-gas grenade and another in thigh, while two people were shot in head with rubber-coated steel bullets.

Altogether at least 53 people were shot with rubber-coated steel bullets and at least 76 others suffered from ill effects f1d90a9467a1f04397e08b2f9724c32789708b1427b13801c1e412a01d7bec12of inhaling tear-gas. Among those wounded by the rubber-coated steel bullets was a one photojournalist. 

One person suffered fractures and bruises when he fell while trying to avoid Israeli occupation forces’ fire. There is also a report about a person being beaten by Israeli occupation troops and suffering similar injuries, but these might refer to the same person.

Israeli occupation forces declared the mountain ‘a closed military zone’ afterwards for 24 hours so that Palestinians could not defend it from the illegal settlers, who have tried to take over the mountain and its springs before.


Israeli forces attack Palestinians defending mountain against settlers’ takeover

Israeli Soldiers Injure 70 Palestinians Near Nablus


صابة 30 فلسطينياً أثناء تصديهم لاقتحام قوات الاحتلال جبل العرمة

At least 140 Palestinians wounded in Israeli attacks in West Bank

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Israel’s prime minister Benyamin Netanyahu made an extremely provocative (and deliberate) visit to the Ibrahimi mosque in occupied West Bank’s Hebron today Tuesday February 25th.


26 years ago to the day, illegal American settler Baruch Goldstein(1956-1993), a follower of his fellow
ERlBu3xU0AEnI0GAmerican extremist Meir Kahane(1932-1990), killed 29 and wounded 150 Palestinians in the Ibrahimi mosque.

Israel’s occupation forces killed 21 other Palestinians, who protested the massacre, before the day had ended.

Goldstein himself was killed by his surviving victims when he run out of ammunition. He was buried in the illegal colony oF Kiryat Arba in Hebron, his sumptuous grave becoming a shrine for the illegal Israeli settlers.

Very different treatment from Israel’s regime than his remains would have reserved if he would have been a Palestinian, destined to be hidden in one Israel’s “Cemeteries of Numbers”.


ERnsfSPXkAE_h15Today Israel’s prime minister Benyamin Netanyahu visited the Ibrahimi mosque with his wife and illegal Israeli settler leaders, giving his personal seal of approval on the massacre on its anniversary.

It was a message on which kind of government and policies illegal Israeli settlers can expect, if he wins the Knesset elections in March, third within the year.

It was also a message what illegal Israeli settlers can do when he is in power: To follow ERnscmAWoAAMbJdthe ‘example’ of Goldstein.

Likud, Netanyahu told with his visit, is the party of Baruch Goldstein.


Israeli state gave its seal of approval immediately after the massacre, collectively punishing Palestinians in Hebron for being the victims by closing the main commercial street of the Old City, the Shuhada Street.

It remains closed to this day, a wound in the heart of the city.

This reward did little good for the then Israeli prime minister Yitzhak Rabin(1929-1995). After a public campaign against him by illegal Israeli settlers and Benyamin Netanyahu, he himself in 1995 became a victim of the same movement he had fed only a year earlier.


Ibrahimi Mosque Massacre 25 Years On


‘They have punished the victims’: Hebron struggles 25 years after Ibrahimi mosque massacre


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On Sunday February 23rd Israel’s occupation forces’ treatment of the body of a Palestinian killed by it, and those who tried to recover the remains, in besieged Gaza ERdokHKX0AECrDzbrought clearly out the brutality and sadism of the Israeli regime.


At this point there are several contradictory claims being made, with the timeline of events itself very different in them. In one version, there are hours separating the killing and the incident that followed when an attempt to recover a body was made.

According to the first version, the Israeli occupation killed at least one person on the border between besieged Gaza Strip and the ethnically cleansed Palestine 1948 during the night between Saturday February 22nd and Sunday February 23rd in what is in some reports described as ‘an artillery attack’.  Israeli occupation is claimed to have used flares, which indicates that it would have been before dawn.

ERcZ4KaWsAA_ZoqIsraeli occupation claimed that a group of people near the town of Abasan, east of Khan Younis, in the southern part of the tiny coastal enclave would have been trying to put a bomb on the side of ethnically cleansed Palestine 1948. The body of the victim seems to have been on the side of Gaza Strip based on the video of the Israeli attack on the people trying to recover it.

In the second version two people, in civilian attire, would have been shot by the Israeli occupation when they approached a fence on the border in broad daylight, in the Sunday morning. Israeli occupation claim in this version is that they would have had been carrying a bomb, which would have exploded when hit, killing one of them.

In the first version, what follows took place hours after the killing. In the second version it took place immediately after and both the civilians trying to recover the body and the Israeli occupation couldn’t have been certain that the man laying on the ground was dead. According to one claim, the whole incident would have lasted 40 minutes.

As the first version is more common in early and second in later reports, we consider the latter more likely as it could reflect increase in the amount of available information.


47505fa03a2e200dcb20f35f9cd8e267Israeli occupation forces attacked a group of civilians trying to recover the remains, at first shooting and wounding at least two and up to four of them, and then using a bulldozer, supported by a tank, which drove towards them and grabbed the body of by then deceased Mohammed Ali Hasan al-Na’em(27) in its scoop.

Although it is impossible to be absolutely certain from the video, it seems that the row of ‘teeth’ at the top of the scoop could have impaled the body – after the scoop was first brought crushingly down on the body. Clothes becoming entangled in the teeth, the Gaza-678x455driver brought up the scoop.

This left the body hanging down from the top of the scoop from its clothes, swinging in air in a display of the brutality of Israeli occupation – and its total lack of respect towards the remains of its victims.´

If al-Na’em was killed during a night, then that implies that the Israeli occupation forces left the body just laying on the ground until Palestinians tried to recover it. This could be seen as luring people to act and then attacking them in a show of strength – and brutal lack of decency; but the same can be said if he was just hit by an explosion moments ago, with the driver of the military bulldozer incapable of knowing whether he was alive or not.

One report claims that a second person, seriously wounded, would have been evacuated successfully.

ERdLN41WkAA5kflMohammed Al-Na’em was a member of the Al-Quds Brigades, the armed wing of the Islamic Jihad, as acknowledged by the organization. He left several small children, the eldest son Hamza being seen here with his paternal grandmother after the family had received the news of his death.

Although a second death has been claimed in several reports, none has been confirmed nor any possible victim named in sources available to us, and the possibility looks now unlikely that there would have been a second fatality – assuming that the most seriously wounded person survives.


Israeli Forces Kill Palestinian, Drag His Body with a Bulldozer in Gaza (VIDEO)

One Palestinian atrociously killed, four injured by IOF in Gaza

Updated 2: “Israeli Soldiers Kill One Palestinian, Injure Four, In Southern Gaza”

UPDATE | Palestinian killed, others injured by Israeli troops near Khan Younis

سرايا القدس تنعى شهيد الجريمة البشعة شرق خانيونس

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Israeli occupation forces claimed on Monday February 17th that it found the body of a man who would have wounded Israel’s occupation forces’ soldier eleven days earlier.

Israeli occupation soldier was shot and wounded near the village of Ras Karkar and the illegal Israeli colony of Dolev on Thursday February 6th. The occupation soldier was air-EQHZHzEXsAYOcV7lifted by a military helicopter to a hospital in the ethnically cleansed Palestine 1948.

Early Israeli occupation claim was that the occupation soldier would have been shot at from a passing car.

Now Israeli occupation says that body of a man would have been found just one kilometer away from the site of the shooting. US-made M-16 assault rifle and a hand-gun would EQ_Y3q9WsAABoYFhave supposedly been near his body.

The man is said to have been dead at least for several days and Israeli occupation claims now that he was wounded in the incident and made his way to the location in which he was found, perishing there of his injuries.

The dead man has been identified as 51-year-old Fakhr Mahmoud Abu Zayed Qart from the town of Beitunia.

Israeli occupation used a bulldozer to move the body.

EQN732yVUAAqY-qOn Friday February 7th, a day after the shooting, Israeli occupation closed entrance to the village of Ras Karkar as an collective punishment, which is forbidden by the laws of war.


Israel army says it found body of Palestinian man

خبر: الاحتلال يعثر على جثة لفلسطيني يزعم أنه منفذ عملية إطلاق نار قرب رام الله


Germany is leading a charge to protect Israel’s regime from possible charges in the International Criminal Court by claiming that Palestine, a member state since 2012, icc-international-criminal-court-logo (1)exists outside its jurisdiction, with Israel’s regime entitled to commit war crimes and human rights violations without any consequences.

This is not only an attack against the occupied Palestinian people, but a death blow for the International Criminal Court if it – as is quite possible – gives Israeli regime immunity. Why a death blow? Because creating a legal black hole in occupied Palestine will end up not being contained at Israel’s pleasure, but will end up growing to destroy the already badly weakened ICC.


Australia, Czech Republic, Germany and Hungary are petitioning the International Criminal Court in behalf of Israel, claiming that Palestine is not an independent state, which according to them – to cut to the essence of their laboured arguments – means that Israel enjoys full immunity from the ICC, and can commit as many war crimes and human rights violations as it wants without any consequences.

Germany claims now that:

“Palestine does not possess nor did it ever possess the jurisdiction that it would need to delegate to the Court so it may exercise its jurisdiction.”

Palestine joined the Rome Statute of ICC in 2012 without any such protest from Germany or from the other countries now eager to speak in behalf of Israel’s regime – two of which, the Czech Republic and Hungary, recognize the independence of Palestine and has diplomatic relations with its government.

apsrThe European Union already tried to argue in 2004 that the World Court should not find the Apartheid Wall, which dissects occupied East Jerusalem and the West Bank, illegal. Why? Because according to the EU, Israel would build the Wall even if it was found illegal, so the Court should just declare building it legal… Israel does what it wants, so don’t oppose it. One judge – of course from the United States – agreed.

There is nothing new in here in that regard. This is just ‘logical’ continuation to the European efforts to shield Israeli occupation and the people behind it from the consequences of their own actions. But the consequences this time will be more dire, because they will not be limited to Palestine.


In a written statement Fatah spokesperson Jamal Nazzar condemned Germany and Czech Republic for

EQGLDdGXsAARJu2“…standing in the way of justice for thousands of Palestinian victims thus giving Israel green light to go on with its human rights violation over technical issues could endanger the security of every Palestinian alive.

Over the years Israel has killed thousands upon thousands of Palestinian civilians with hundreds of unarmed underage individuals amongst them.

It would be harmful to the safety and vital interests of our people for some friendly nations like Germany or the Czech republic to stand in the way of justice in Palestine over technical reasons…

…wasting time in making superfluous assessments over the scope of the Court’s territorial jurisdiction pursuant to Article 12 of the Rome Statute while war crimes in Palestine are being committed by Israel either through the continual bombardment in Gaza, the illegal settlements or the shooting of unarmed Palestinian individuals in violation of international law.”

The Palestinian Authority’s response, no doubt, will not have any effect on Germany. The German ICC move is in essence – and will be seen as such – also a sign of full German support for Israel’s annexation of over 30 % of the occupied West Bank. No doubt it has been planned as such.


Merkel-Netanyahu-gettyv2Germany and the assorted little minions of Israel scurrying at the German heels are not trying to just protect Israeli occupation and those responsible for it. No, Germany is trying to kill the entire International Criminal Court.

Because that is what this will mean for the International Court if it obeys – the end. ‘No prosecutions outside Africa’ will end up meaning no prosecutions anywhere. ICC has no tprosecuted anyone outside Africa since it was founded in 2002. United States scared it to back down from investigations in Afghanistan last year – because beyond the Taliban, al-Haqqani network and other opponents of the US, there was a small chance that few of US allies and its own personnel might eventually face charges.

screen-shot-2016-04-26-at-2-40-26-pmAs a result, far more people than just Palestinians will suffer if Germany succeeds in pressurizing ICC to give Israel’s war criminals immunity. Look at the ongoing investigations at their various stages around the globe and see what Germany is ready to trade in for to save Israel’s leaders from charges. Charges that might be issued against them at some point in the middle of this decade, based on the glacial movement of ICC prosecutors even in the best of times.

1162660358Someone like the already elderly Benyamin Netanyahu(b. 1949) might well die of natural causes before charges are even brought, and if alive, could then avoid them for years as has Sudan’s recently deposed dictator Omar al-Bashir(b. 1944) – whose handing over to ICC, as preliminary agreed in Darfur peace talks by the transitional government in Sudan, could be endangered because of the erosion of ICC’s stature.

The very idea that Israeli politicians and generals could face charges in absence half a decade from now is apparently absolutely abhorrent to Germany, to the extent that it is ready to sacrifice the international law everywhere.

Creation of areas in the world where international law does not exist will protect war criminals there – but will also then engulf the entire world and protect war criminals everywhere.

Protecting Israeli occupation and the leaders of Israel’s regime is more important to Germany than justice on a global level. The latter is sacrificed for the former with apparently no hesitation or lament.


Fatah calls on Prague, Berlin to avoid standing in the way of justice

Germany files petition backing Israel over ICC war crimes probe

Siding With Israel, Germany Says ICC Has No Jurisdiction in Palestinian Territories


A major positive development for the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) campaign took place on Wednesday February 12th:BDS_Logo
The long-awaited list of companies profiteering from illegal Israeli colonies in Palestine’s occupied East Jerusalem, Gaza Strip, West Bank and Syria’s Golan Heights was finally published by the United Nations Human Rights Office.
We publish the names of all the 112 companies at the end of this article. The list includes 94 Israeli, 6 US, 4 Dutch, 3 British, 3 French, 1 Luxemburgian and 1 Thai companies.
israel-settlementPublication of the list, created based on the Human Rights Council resolution 31/36 which was adopted on 24 March 2016, had been pushed pack several times under pressure from the United States and Israel.
Behind the publication now is likely the January release of the “Deal of the Century” plan by the US president Donald Trump and his son-in-law Jared Kushner, which calls for the Israeli annexation of all the illegal colonies and creating of a Palestinian bantustan consisting of an archipelago of disconnected pieces of land under Israeli control.
The release was still done with little publicity and appears to be incomplete, as it lists only 112 companies. The list under current High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet’s predecessor Zeid Ra’ad Al-Hussein had 321 companies, with 206 others then said to be under consideration for inclusion in 2018.
Former Chilean president Bachelet herself made a weak comment that the report “does not provide a legal characterization of the activities in question, or of business enterprises’ involvement in them.”
Palestine’s prime minister Muhammad Shtayyeh welcomed the release of the list, declaring that the State of Palestine would
“…pursue the companies listed in the report legally through international legal institutions and through the courts in their countries for their role in violating human rights, and we will demand compensation for illegally using our occupied lands and for engaging in economic activity in our lands without submitting to Palestinian laws and paying taxes.”
British companies:
Greenkote P.L.C.
JC Bamford Excavators Ltd.
Opodo Ltd.
French companies:
Alstom S.A.
Egis S.A.
Egis Rail
Dutch companies:
Altice Europe N.V. B.V.
Kardan N.V.
Tahal Group International B.V.
Israeli companies:
Afikim Public Transportation Ltd.
Alon Blue Square Israel Ltd.
American Israeli Gas Corporation Ltd.
Amir Marketing and Investments in Agriculture Ltd.
Amnon Mesilot Ltd.
Amos Hadar Properties and Investments Ltd.
Angel Bakeries
Archivists Ltd.
Ariel Properties Group
Ashtrom Group Ltd.
Ashtrom Industries Ltd.
Ashtrom Properties Ltd.
Avgol Industries 1953 Ltd.
Bank Hapoalim B.M.
Bank Leumi Le-Israel B.M.
Bank of Jerusalem Ltd.
Beit Haarchiv Ltd.
Bezeq, the Israel Telecommunication
Corp Ltd.
C Mer Industries Ltd.
Café Café Israel Ltd.
Caliber 3
Cellcom Israel Ltd.
Cherriessa Ltd.
Chish Nofei Israel Ltd.
Citadis Israel Ltd.
Comasco Ltd.
Darban Investments Ltd.
Delek Group Ltd.
Delta Israel
Dor Alon Energy in Israel 1988 Ltd.
Egged, Israel Transportation Cooperative Society Ltd.
Energix Renewable Energies Ltd.
EPR Systems Ltd.
Extal Ltd.
Expedia Group Inc.
Field Produce Ltd.
Field Produce Marketing Ltd.
First International Bank of Israel Ltd.
Galshan Shvakim Ltd.
General Mills Israel Ltd.
Hadiklaim Israel Date Growers Cooperative Ltd.
Hot Mobile Ltd.
Hot Telecommunications Systems Ltd.
Industrial Buildings Corporation Ltd.
Israel Discount Bank Ltd.
Israel Railways Corporation Ltd.
Italek Ltd.
Jerusalem Economy Ltd.
Kavim Public Transportation Ltd.
Lipski Installation and Sanitation Ltd.
Matrix IT Ltd.
Mayer Davidov Garages Ltd.
Mekorot Water Company Ltd.
Mercantile Discount Bank Ltd.
Merkavim Transportation Technologies Ltd.
Mizrahi Tefahot Bank Ltd.
Modi’in Ezrachi Group Ltd.
Mordechai Aviv Taasiot Beniyah 1973 Ltd.
Motorola Solutions Israel Ltd.
Municipal Bank Ltd.
Naaman Group Ltd.
Nof Yam Security Ltd.
Ofertex Industries 1997 Ltd.
Bank Otsar Ha-Hayal Ltd.
Partner Communications Company Ltd.
Paz Oil Company Ltd.
Pelegas Ltd.
Pelephone Communications Ltd.
Proffimat S.R. Ltd.
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Rami Levy Hashikma Marketing Communication Ltd.
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Israel’s occupation forces killed a teenager in the northern part of occupied West Bank on Friday February 7th.

EQM3QZxXYAAVA4r19-year-old Bader Nidal Nafla Harha was taking part in a demonstration against Donald Trump’s ‘Deal of the Century’ plan at the illegal Wall near the town of Qaffin in the Tulkarem district when he was shot in neck by Israeli occupation forces’ sniper.

The bullet severed his main carotid artery and he bled to death within minutes. When he arrived to a hospital in the city of Tulkarem there was nothing more to be done than declare him dead.

The shooting took place on the late afternoon and his death was announced just before 6 pm in social media.

unnamed (1)Demonstrations have been taking place at the illegal Wall in Qaffin for days against the plan by US president Trump to continue the Israeli occupation indefinitely under the guise of a plan to establish an ‘independent’ state with 15 % of historic Palestine – with no control over its air-space, borders, foreign relations or territory.

According to Palestinian Red Crescent, over 40 people were wounded by Israel’s occupation forces during protests in Kafr Qaddum, Qafin and Azzun during Friday and 32 others suffered from ill effects of inhaling tear-gas released by the Israeli occupation forces.


IOF shot dead Palestinian teen near Tulkarm

Israeli Forces Kill a Palestinian Teen Near Tulkarem

Palestinian killed, dozens injured in West Bank protests

Palestinian teen shot dead by Israeli troops near Tulkarm

شهيد في بلدة قفين بطولكرم

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