Four people have been killed in a shooting at the entrance to an illegal Israeli colony of Har Hadar at the outskirts of occupied East Jerusalem this morning.
A 37-year-old father of four from Beit Surik (whose name has not yet been revealed) is said to have come to the entrance of the illegal colony, which is part of the illegal Givon colony bloc, among Palestinian labourers working there.
After having ordered to ‘to stop’ and ‘pull his shirt over to show that he was not carrying anything’, took out an automatic hand-gun and opened fire, targeting the upper bodies of the armed occupiers near him. One claim is that the shooting happened from ‘zero range’.
Three people were killed and fourth seriously injured before the man himself was killed. The dead beyond himself include 2 mercenaries working for ‘a security company’ and a member of Israeli occupation forces’ paramilitary Border Guards. The injured is an illegal Israeli settler working as ‘a security co-ordinator’ for the illegal colony.
It’s said that the dead man had a work permit to work in Israel.
Israel’s occupation forces invaded Beit Surik in the aftermath of the shooting.
PHOTOS: The white body bags are Israelis, the black the Palestinian’s. Sources @PalInfoAr, @QudsN and @ShehabAgency.

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Political prisoner Anas Shadid, who last year fought and won a three month hunger-striker against Israel’s administrative detention policy, has started a new hunger-strike in Israeli occupation captivity.
Administrative detention, based on old British colonial law, is used by occupier Israel to imprison Palestinians without charge or trial for six months at a time, with the imprisonment extendable after each six months period without limit.
Some Palestinians have been imprisoned as long as ten years total without charge or trial by Israel using administrative detention.
Last year Anas Ibrahim Shadid(b. 1996) fought a 90-day long hunger-strike which he ended on December 22nd after occupier Israel made an agreement with him that his imprisonment without charges wouldn’t be extended.
Shadid had been kidnapped from Hebron district on August 1st 2016 and had began the hunger-strike on September 24th.
Anas Shadid was released on May 24th this year, but was kidnapped again on just twenty days later on June 15th from his home in the village of Dura in a pre-dawn raid by Israeli occupation forces.
On June 29th it was reported that he was again imprisoned for half-a-year without charge or trial by Israeli occupation and now @QudsN reports that he started a new hunger-strike five days ago after he was placed in solitary confinement in Israeli occupation prison.


Hamas’ announcement that it has dissolved the administrative committee running the besieged Gaza Strip and is ready for legislative council and presidential elections has been welcomed in the open, although comments made anonymously by representatives of various sides are more pessimistic.
Behind the official optimism is an expectation that the negotiations of how to actually proceed will fail. From the Egyptian side it has been claimed anonymously that the announcement by Hamas was made to show that if and when reconciliation fails, the failure is on the side of president Abbas’ government.
Making failure more likely is the fact that polls show that Hamas could well win the legislative council elections and that imprisoned Fatah leader Marwan Barghouti will win presidential elections if he chooses to run.
It’s unlikely that he will fail to take part, as his decision to do so under Fatah pressure in 2006 only has kept him imprisoned by occupier Israel for eleven more years.
President Barghouti and a prime minister from Hamas would be both unacceptable to Israel’s regime and thus unacceptable for the ‘West’, and if reconciliation would actually proceed but polls would show this as an outcome, there would be heavy pressure from Israel and the ‘West’ towards Abbas’ and the Palestinian Authority to scrap the elections.
This, naturally, would weaken Abbas’ and Fatah-led Palestinian Authority’s position in the eyes of the Palestinian population and Hamas’ decision opens the possibility of a win-win situation for it from the cul-de-sac position it has been with the increasingly desperate situation in the besieged Gaza Strip.
IMAGE: International Middle East Media Center (


In nominally pro- two state solution Liberal ‘centrist’ circles in the so-called ‘West’ a kind of satisfied pessimism is ruling the views about occupied Palestine.
Taking the old biblical adage about the poor, it can be given this concise form: “The occupation will always be with us.”
It is not, in fact, tired ‘wisdom’ by supporters of a two state solution who would oppose the occupation. It is in fact propaganda for the continuation of the occupation, against opposition to it by people who are quite satisfied with things as they are.
In essence, it’s propaganda for Apartheid and Greater Israel. Because message that status quo is here to stay can and will only benefit the occupier and perpetuate the suffering of the victims.
As a recent good example of this kind of Liberal ‘centrist’ propaganda for Apartheid and Greater Israel we have a column in The Guardian by Jonathan Freedland. It’s one in the long line of this nature articles by him, and no doubt, not the last.
“The talking is over, the occupation goes on. Will there ever be peace in the Middle East?” is the title of this piece of Liberal ‘centrist’ sermon of how all hope for peace and the end of the occupation is gone and thus nothing should be and nothing can be done to end the occupation – bar a miracle.
It’s intended message is apathy and a call to inaction. The occupation can’t be made to end, he claims, and the message between the lines is, of course, that nothing should be even tried to end the occupation.
This is easy to see from what he doesn’t mention: The BDS, Boycott Israel -movement and overall the possibility of action by people around the world against the occupation.
He doesn’t mention these, because they are a possible game changer and are increasingly effective.
So Freedland concentrates instead solely on the inactivity and indifference of ‘Western’ and Arab governments. He gives examples of their indifference and collaboration with Israel – without explaining how Israel has been able to achieve this.
How consecutive governments of Greece have been bribed by Israel with the Fata Morgana of funding for the Cretan natural gas fields, for example. The ‘Western’ governments and organizations which have effectively colonized Greece have had no interest to plunder these natural gas fields, because they are not worth it. But to Israel they are, for geopolitical reasons.
The role of the ‘Western’ media – the liberal and conservative Jonathan Freedlands and The Guardians who don’t show to their audience what is going on – and the pressure Israel puts on both on them and the ‘Western’ governments directly and through the Israel Lobby, goes unmentioned.
These are the kind of things that Liberal ‘centrist’ doesn’t explain to his audience, to whom he offers only a world of apathy, where unchangeable things like the Israeli occupation of Palestinians’ remaining land exist for mysterious reasons that can’t be explained, challenged or overthrown.
“The occupation will always be with us” is the message of people that are actually quite content with the occupation, who have nothing personally at stage – not even their conscience, which they misplaced a long time ago and don’t even notice they are lacking it.
PHOTO: Jonathan Freedland(b. 1967)


Two members of Hamas’ armed wing, the al-Qassam Brigades, died on Friday September 15th in the besieged Gaza Strip as a result of the collapse of a resistance tunnel or tunnels.
According to conflicting sources, the men died either in the same accident in a tunnel near Gaza City or in two separate ‘border tunnels’, but no further details have been made public.
The two dead men have been identified as Khalil Bassem al-Dumyati(32) from the Sheikh Radwan in northern Gaza and Yousif Sabri Abu Abed(21) from Khan Younis in the southern part of the tiny coastal enclave.
Hundreds of people are reported to have died in both resistance and private smuggling tunnels during the ten year long siege of Gaza by Israel, which is being enforced by Egypt on Palestine’s border with Egypt.
PHOTOS via @QudsN

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Last week a convoy of six trucks by Syrian Red Crescent reached western part of the Yarmouk Palestinian refugee camp in Damascus. The convoy was the first since April 23rd.
At least part of the aid reached some of the surviving refugees in the camp by further treks done on foot by aid personnel. Some of the areas reached had gotten no aid in the last six months.
An estimated 2000 civilians are said to have been given food aid and plastic sheets, solar-powered lamps and blankets.
The situation inside the camp, where up to 3000 civilians remain, has become even more complicated with an effective siege inside a siege at place.
The camp is almost totally surrounded by Syrian government forces, and inside the camp Islamic State forces have effectively surrounded small areas controlled by Hayat Tahrir Al-Sham – an alliance whose biggest member group is the former al-Qaeda affiliate al-Nusra Front – while further fragmentation among these groups have been reported.
Today there are reports of new fighting between IS and other armed groups in Yarmouk, which IS mostly took over in the spring and early summer of 2015.
Syrian government is said to be negotiating with IS forces of their withdrawal from Yarmouk to the neighbouring Al-Hajar Al-Aswad, but this seems to have led to defections from the ranks of IS and possible withdrawal of IS is unlikely to bring forth and ending to the siege that has lasted 1521 days.

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Palestinian refugee, who escaped a refugee camp in Syria’s southern city of Daraa after the war broke out, has been killed in Germany.
Muhammad Abdul-Nasser Nasr has been found stabbed to death with a knife. His body was discovered apparently on the evening of Tuesday September 12th, although some sources seem to indicate Wednesday September 13th.
The town or German state where the body was found has not been revealed.
German authorities have refused to comment on the death of Nasr, who – solely on based of a single photograph – seems to have been in his twenties.
We have been trying to find German news about a recent homicide that could fit the little what is known in the sources below, but there is no reports of a homicide that could fit the description in the approximate timeframe.
The only homicide that resembles what little we know of Nasr’s killing happened in Chemnitz, but earlier – it was already being reported after mid-day on Monday September 11th.
This lack of information seems to indicate a total indifference from the part of the authorities and the press alike.