IPNOT PICTURE OF THE DAY Oct 31st 2016: Press In Occupation’s Gun-Sights

Our picture of the day has been taken at the scene of the killing of the Palestinian police officer Mohammed Turkman(25) by Israel’s occupation forces near Ramallah on the occupied West Bank on Monday October 31st.
A member of the Israel’s occupation forces raised his gun and targeted the gathered representatives of the press, taking the photographer Issam al-Rimawi in his gun-sight.
PHOTO: Al-Rimawi Photography
Direct link to the album containing the photograph on the photographer’s own Facebook page.


A Palestinian police officer Mohammed Khalek Turkman has been killed and 3 Israel’s occupation forces’ soldiers (or 2 occupation soldiers and 1 illegal Israeli settler) have been wounded at a shooting near the entrance to Ramallah and the illegal Israeli colony of Beit El this evening on the occupied West Bank.
Israel’s occupation forces didn’t allow medics to reach the wounded police officer from Qabatia and he bled to death.
One member of the occupation forces was allegedly seriously injured and two lightly injured in the incident, the latter supposedly from bullet fragments.
Based on different methods of calculating victims, the killed police officer is either 237th or 263rd Palestinian killed in the current uprising.

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IPNOT PICTURE OF THE DAY October 30th 2016: Silencing the Press

Israel’s occupation forces kidnapped at the evening of Sunday October 30th photojournalist Wesam Al-Hashlamoun, who earlier on the day had witnessed the occupation forces killing Khalid Ahmad Elayyan Ikhlayyil(23) near his home town of Beit Ummar on the West Bank.

We breathlessly await ‘Western’ media reporting this attack on the freedom of the press and demanding the release of al-Hashlamoun…

PHOTO: @ShehabAgency.MainPage via @rayyoosheh.


Our picture of the day for October 29th featured 13-year-old Amir Murad Farukh, who was beaten by Israel’s occupation forces in Beitunia on that same day.

Now Amir Farukh has told more details from his hospital bed, on which he lays with both feet and one arm broken.
As Israel’s paramilitary Border Guards raided the neighbourhood, he hid with his friend in a house being build near his friend’s home, but they were followed by occupation forces’ members of which one of threw Amir from a window.
Outside two occupiers continued attack on Amir, beating him in his face and chest, and hitting his friend Ali and apparently stomping on him also. Attempts by locals were stopped by the occupation forces until one woman was able to get her between Ali and the Israeli occupiers.
تقارير وملفات خاصةفيديو | جنود الاحتلال يلقون بطفل من بناية قيد الإنشاء
(Includes short video in Arabic)
IPNOT PICTURE OF THE DAY October 29th: Beaten by the Occupation

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IPNOT QUOTE OF THE DAY October 30th 2016: Fatah outcast Dahlan opens a Gaza front in his plot to return?

Although Hamas had previously declared that its leader and member of the Shura Council Ahmed Yousef does not speak on behalf of the movement, Al-Monitor asked Yousef to provide information about Hamas’ internal action, given his high-ranking position…
Yousef expects Dahlan and his wife to carry out a significant number of activities in Gaza in the coming months. He also noted that people will not be surprised by this since Hamas needs to consider all options to alleviate the suffering of Gazans. “We welcome all offers of support and assistance to our people in the Gaza Strip, and we thank all those who seek to repair the relationship with our brothers in Egypt in order to put an end to the tension and facilitate the movement of students, patients and employees at the Rafah crossing,” he explained.
Dahlan has been on good terms with the Egyptian regime, particularly since his dismissal from Fatah in 2011, and visits Cairo on an almost regular basis. Meanwhile, Egypt allows him to carry out political activities in Cairo, such as holding many conferences on the Palestinian cause…
Speaking to Al-Monitor, political analyst Hussam al-Dajani said Dahlan’s current and Hamas are denying all efforts of rapprochement for several reasons. He explained that one of the main reasons was the interlocking alliances between Arab and regional parties, which requires keeping the course of this rapprochement quiet, although it was illustrated in clear practical steps…
He added, “Yes, there is rapprochement, but not an alliance. We stand at a crossroad where Dahlan and Hamas meet, and certain steps to build trust should be taken to achieve the interests of both parties. Dahlan has a goal to return to the Fatah movement and compete for its presidency, in preparation for the presidential elections, and he cannot achieve this without first being on good terms with Hamas in Gaza.”

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Israel’s occupation forces opened fire at a car driven by Khalid Ahmad Elayyan Ikhlayyil(23) near the illegal Israeli colony bloc of Gush Etzion in southern West Bank, causing him to lose control with car crashing against a wall.
Israeli occupation stopped Palestinian medics from reaching the wounded young man, refused to give him aid himself and he bled to death, deliberately being allowed to die by the occupation soldiers present.
Israeli occupation afterwards claimed that he had tried to ‘ram’ occupation soldiers, approaching them in his car “swiftly” and three occupation soldiers would have supposedly been ‘mildly injured’.
Israel’s occupation forces closed the main street of the dead young man’s home town of Beit Ummar, clashing with local youths angry with the killing and the ensuing raid to the grieving town which has lost many of it’s residents during the last thirteen months, with Khalid Bahr Ahmad Bahr(15) shot in the back and killed just ten days ago.
Local youths set Israel’s occupation forces military tower at the entrance to Beit Ummar on fire and a large crowd has gathered outside
According to The Palestine Information Center’s count, he’s 262nd Palestinian killed during the current uprising, 236th according to the Maan News Agency’s. The discrepancy mainly resides in the latter not including victims of medical negligence by the occupation, those dying of wounds suffered before the uprising etc.
We consider it rather odd that Israeli occupation soldiers from week to week, from month to month end up only ‘lightly injured’, ‘mildly injured’ or ‘slightly injured’ in supposed ‘ramming attacks’ when Palestinians die or are severely injured several times each month when victims of ‘traffic incidents’ by illegal Israeli settlers or Israel’s occupation soldiers.

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IPNOT QUOTE OF THE DAY October 29th: Saluting the Valiant Resistance at Standing Rock

It is no surprise that the United States and Canada, built on the genocide of indigenous peoples and the plunder of their land and resources, are today the strongest settler colonial partners of the Zionist state engaged in its own settler colonial project of destruction in Palestine,” said Palestinian leftist writer Khaled Barakat in an interview with the PFLP media office.
“The indigenous strugglers at Standing Rock are defending indigenous land and water, the resources that have been confiscated and polluted for centuries by a settler colonial capitalist project that has ravaged indigenous lives, land and resources. They are defending the very existence of their people with their valiant resistance. As a Palestinian national liberation movement, we salute these indigenous strugglers and all who stand alongside them at Standing Rock confronting the militarized forces of the settler colonial state and their privatized agents,” said Barakat.

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