IMAGEN IPNOT DE HOY 26.09.2016 – RECICLANDO EL ODIO / IPNOT PICTURE OF THE DAY September 26th 2016: Recycling Hate


Las autoridades israelíes suelen ocupar bombas de gases lacrimógenos para controlar manifestaciones pro palestinas (manifestaciones que en su mayoría son pacíficas y cuentan con observadores internacionales), también las ocupan para atacar casas, escuelas y negocios.

El gas lacrimógeno es una sustancia química que afecta a las mucosas de las vías respiratorias y produce lagrimeo. Ha sido usada en el campo de batalla pero actualmente su uso en conflictos bélicos está prohibido por la Convención sobre las Armas Químicas.

El régimen israelí hace caso omiso a la Convención sobre las Armas Químicas y sus militares ocupan estas bombas contra la población palestina, incluyendo menores, mujeres y adultos mayores, ocasionándoles además daños en la piel y la muerte en algunos casos.

Algunos pobladores palestinos han ocupado las bombas vacías como juguetes para los niños, adornos navideños, macetas para huertos y algunos las ocupan como saleros para sus restaurantes. A eso le llamamos reciclar el odio.


Israeli occupation uses tear gas to control and break up Palestinian demonstrations (most demonstrations are peaceful and many have international observers), but also to attacking homes, schools and businesses during raids which can be enacted on purely “training” intention, as confirmed by Israel’s High Court.

Tear gas is a chemical that affects the mucuous membranes of the respiratory tract and can cause tearing in them. It’s especially dangerous in confined spaces and when used against people with existing respiratory problems like ashtma, and the very old or the very young. Skin damage is a relatively regular occurrence.

There is also increasing evidence that regular exposition to tear gas can cause cancer and that this might hold true especially of Middle Eastern populations for genetic reasons.

Tear gas has been used in warfare on the battlefield but its use in warfare is now prohibited by the Convention on Chemical Weapons, but Israel’s regime ignores the Convention on Chemical Weapons and as a result tear gas continues to be used against the Palestinian people. Each year Palestinians die from it’s effects.

Some empty tear gas canisters end up as being used as toys for children, Christmas decorations, pots for gardens and vegetable fields, and some are used as spice and salt containers in restaurants.

We call this recycling hatred.



Yasser Thiab Hamduna died, as he had been for 13 years, as a captive of occupier Israel, on Sunday September 25th. He was aged 40 or 41. (His last name is also written as Hamdouni in English.)

The immediate cause of death was claimed to be a stroke or heart attack but an autopsy revealed it to be cardiomegaly, an enlargement of the heart which can be lead to cardiac arrest but can be treated and eased with medication. Medication he did not receive.

After hearing news of his son’s death, Hamduna’s mother fainted and was eventually taken to a hospital as her condition continued to worsen.

Fellow Palestinian political prisoners have declared a three day hunger-strike after Hamduna’s death.

Hamduna was from the village of Yaabad in the Jenin district of occupied West Bank, and he was married and had two children.


The real cause of death was deliberate medical negligence on part Israel, which imprisons Palestinians for decades for standing up against the occupation and then refuses the responsibilities this brings to it under international law.

Hamduna was beaten in prison by Israeli occupation guards, allegedly multiple times for asking for medical care, and lost hearing in one ear as a result.

What medical care he received to his respiratory and heart diseases was inadequate and was not followed by needed follow-up; this year he was immediately put in solitary confinement after an operation to insert a heart catherer – which should have been a chance to find out that cause of his heart problems was that his heart was enlargened.


Hamdyna’s “crime” was not crime at all; as a member of Fatah affiliated Al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigade he was claimed to have taken part in the killing of Israel’s occupation forces’ soldier during the Second Intifada, an act of resistance enshrined in international law.

If Israel can’t stand losing it’s occupation soldiers, it can end the occupation any day it wants. Yet it, the occupier, reacts hysterically to the death of it’s own occupation soldiers on occupied land, and lashes against those like Yasser Hamduna who refuse to live as brutally oppressed on their own land.


Yasser Hamduna died as political prisoner, but his – like 207 of his fellow captives who have died imprisoned by Israel – legacy is freedom.

As the main presidential candidates in the United States declare their allegiance to occupier Israel and it’s Apartheid rule over Palestinians on both sides of the Green Line, we say that the people of the United States have much to learn from Yasser Hamduna.

The United States makes so much about it’s claims of ‘freedom’ and ‘liberty’ but it has made every effort to deny freedom and liberty for Palestinians ever since it recognized Israel in 1948.

Now the United States will pay 38 billion dollars more to Israel in the next ten years so that Israel can continue to deny liberty to Palestine on a collective level and to Palestinians on an individual level, so that others will suffer Yasser Hamdouni’s fate.

But the actions of Palestinians like Yasser Hamdouni will bring freedom and liberty to their people, and the hundreds of billions of dollars United States has poured in to the Apartheid State’s project to create a ‘Greater Israel’ will fail before the determination of men, women and children like Hamduna,

Yasser Hamduna’s will was not broken by thirteen years of imprisonment, beatings and medical negligence. To the last, he lived for Palestine and he died for Palestine.


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IPNOT QUOTE OF THE DAY September 25th: Powerful propaganda system “hiding in plain sight”

One wonders if this reflects the panellists’ anti-Semitism, as if they fear talking about coverage of Israel will reveal a “Jewish conspiracy” to shape the news. But, there is no ethnic/religious conspiracy, rather a powerful propaganda system “hiding in plain sight”…
The main explanation for the biased coverage is a small number of mega corporations own most of Canada’s media and these firms are integrated with the broader elite and depend on other large corporations for advertising revenue. Media outlets also rely on US wire services and powerful institutions for most of their international coverage and these same institutions have the power to punish media that upset them.
Yves Engler: Anti-Palestine Media Bias Remains Untouchable Even to Canada’s Media Critics


Video recorded in Huwara on Palestine’s occupied West Bank on September 20th 2016.

Credit: Guy Butavia and Ezra Nawi.

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Photograph is from an earlier incident in occupied Huwara and is used purely for illustrative purposes.


IPNOT PICTURE OF THE DAY for September 24th: Hunger-striker Malik al-Qadi is free

Released hunger-striker Malik al-Qadi(25) arrives to hospital in occupied Palestine’s Ramallah after released by occupier Israel.

After being sentenced twice to imprisonment without charge this year by the Israeli occupation, al-Qadi started a hunger-strike on July 16th which led to victory on September 22nd.

At this moment of triumph for al-Qadi we must remember the many hunger-strikers who have been betrayed by Israel, like Samer Issawi and Sami Janazrah, who won their hunger-strikes only to be betrayed by the occupier, who has taken a ‘revenge’ against the entire Issawi family for Samer’s victory.

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PHOTO: Issam Rimawi

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IPNOT QUOTE OF THE DAY September 24th: Netanyahu “hopes” no attempt to establish Palestine in UN

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that he “hoped” US President Barack Obama would not seek to establish a Palestinian state at the United Nations on Saturday…

“If you’re asking if he spoke to me about this, the answer is no,” The Jerusalem Post quoted Netanyahu as saying. “If you’re asking me if I am hoping that he won’t do this, the answer is yes.”

Netanyahu: I hope Obama won’t seek to establish a Palestinian state