Mohammed Said Abu Sa’da(26) was shot and killed late on Friday afternoon by Israel’s occupation forces east of al-Bureij refugee camp in the central part of Palestine’s besieged Gaza Strip.
He is the 24th Palestinian to be killed in Gaza during the last thirteen months by Israel.
Abu Sa’da was taking part in a weekly Friday demonstration against occupation and the siege when he was shot in his chest with a live bullet and ‘instantly killed’. A tear gas canister possibly also hit him in head.
Israeli occupation claims that demonstrators had ‘breached’ the illegal buffer zone Israel has declared unilaterally and were supposedly trying to bring down a fence on the border to ‘infiltrate Israel’ when the occupation forces opened fire.
Israel’s occupation forces, which were positioned in military towers, wounded two other protesters at the same site, hitting one with a tear gas canister and another one in leg with live fire
According to different sources this happened at the same time or before Abu Sa’da was killed. A third protester was wounded near Nahal Oz.
Abu Sa’da was from al-Nuseyrat refugee camp and was a local football player. He had taken part in demonstrations before, in one case captured on photograph carrying a wounded protester on his shoulders to safety.

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IPNOT QUOTE OF THE DAY November 18th 2016: Israel’s Lieberman calls Trump to ‘develop settlement enterprise’ together

According to Israeli media outlet Ynet, [Defense Minister] Lieberman called on Trump’s new administration to work with the Israeli government to form a relationship that “will enable development in the settlements.”
“I ask myself why we didn’t succeed in developing the settlement enterprise as we wanted. The fundamental reason is simple: it is the failure to coordinate with the United States, the failure to create a coordinated policy with the American administration,” Lieberman was quoted as saying in Ynet.


Two years ago we told you about the death of Palestinian child from Gaza during a surgery In a hospital in Turkey, where he was being treated.
Mohammed Siam(14) had lost 12 of his relatives in an Israeli occupation forces’ air-strike during Israel’s attack against Palestine’s besieged Gaza Strip on the summer of 2014.
He had also lost his right leg below at the knee, his left feet, had back injuries which kept him in constant pain and a piece of shrapnel was still embedded in his torso. He was rarely able to eat, and when he could do so, he tended to vomit afterwards.
But he didn’t give up. Mohammed nnever lost his optimism. After all he had gone through and was still experiencing, he believed in a better future for himself.
Only his grandfather at his side he was treated first in occupied East Jerusalem and then in Turkey. He was told that he would get leg prostheses and grasping a tablet showing a photo of a handicapped athlete, a blade-runner, he dreamed of running once again and believed in his dream.
His recovery had started when he had to go through a respitatory tract and lung surgery. The surgery should have been relatively safe, with high chance of survival. He went asleep, waiting to wake up after it but Mohammed never woke up, dying during the surgery.
We can’t forget his smile.
When someone claims to you that “Israel is just defending itself”, tell that person about Mohammed Siam and his family.
When someone claims to you that “Israel wants only peace”, tell that person about Mohammed Siam and his family.
We can’t forget his smile. We can’t forget his death.

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IMAGEN IPNOT DE HOY 18.11.2016 – PRIMERA FOTOGRAFA PALESTINA / IPNOT PICTURE OF THE DAY November 18th 2016: First Female Palestinian Photographer

Karima Aboud (nacida a finales del XIX y muerta en 1940) pasa por ser la primera fotógrafa palestina.

Nació un 18 de Noviembre en Belén en una fecha que algunos sitúan en 1891 y otros tres años más tarde e incluso en 1896. Su padre, Said Aboud, era pastor luterano. Descendía de una familia de origen libanés que posteriormente se trasladaría a Nazareth.

Karima tuvo que luchar contra la prohibición religiosa de fijar la realidad por medio de imágenes, e inmortalizó a la burguesía palestina en ceremonias y bodas. Igualmente fotografió los lugares sagrados, lo que es indicativo de actitudes religiosas bastante relajadas que prevalecieron en aquel tiempo bajo el dominio turco.

En 1913 la encontramos practicando la fotografía de manera profesional tras abrir un estudio para fotos de mujeres en Belén.

Fuente: Arabic journal of Palestine.

Karima Aboud, first female Palestinian photographer, was born into a family of Lebanese origin in Bethlehem on November 18th, perhaps in 1893 or 1894. Her father Said Aboud was a Lutheran priest and the family later moved to Nazareth.

Karima Aboud studied photography in Jerusalem, her teacher being an Armenian photographer. In 1913 she was able to first open a photography studio in Bethlehem and later started to also colour photographs, recording in her paid work the lives of the Palestinian middle-class but also being allowed to photograph religious sites.

She was not aware that her work would record a nation soon driven to the brink of perishing by violent Zionism, lives and a way of life that would soon be shattered. She died as dark shadows were gathering over Palestine in 1940.

Much of her work has been lost amd what remains scattered during the long, hard years since her death, but photographs by her a being regularly re-discovered.


Palestinian youth Mohammed Abu Saada(26) has been shot and killed late this afternoon by Israel’s occupation forces east of al-Bureij refugee camp in the central part of Palestine’s besieged Gaza Strip.

Abu Saada was taking part in a weekly Friday demonstration against occupation and the siege when he was shot in his chest.

We will published an expanded post after we have more information.

We thank Holyland24 /en/ es, Palestine Observer and Days of Palestine for information and photos.


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Please consider supporting these two ongoing social media campaigns for occupied Palestine:
Action, Not Words! – JUST 4 HOURS LEFT TO SUPPORT!
For eight years, President Obama has denounced the expansion of Israel’s illegal settlements on Palestinian land.
But Israel has continued to expand its settlements nonetheless, increasing its settler population by at least 100,000 since Obama took office.
As Obama’s term draws to its close, tell him to take effective action to stop Israel’s settlements.
By US Campaign for Palestinian Rights
HP #RebootYourEthics
HP is a one of the world’s biggest IT companies and it is complicit in Israel’s illegal occupation of Palestinian land and the oppression of Palestinians. FOA is boycotting HP because of its work at checkpoints, in the military and its continual support for Israel’s colonisation of Palestinian lands.
By Friends of Al Aqsa

IPNOT QUOTE OF THE DAY November 17th 2016: Easier to Pass Laws Criminalizing Boycott of Israel than to Outlaw the Ku Klux Klan

The hypocrisy of Jewish institutions pledging cooperation with President-elect Trump and staying silent on his appointment of avowed white nationalists and racists is all the more galling considering the years of condemnation of Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) activists by these same institutions.

In particular, Jewish supporters of BDS, which is a non-violent movement based on the values of freedom and equality for all people, have been deemed outside the Jewish tent by these institutions.

Instead of speaking out against white supremacy, these institutions have supported and encouraged the demonization of peaceful forms of resistance to Israel’s human rights abuses.

As Robin D.G. Kelley wrote in the Boston Review this week, “the truth is that it is easier to pass laws criminalizing organizations that support the boycott of businesses and institutions complicit in Israel’s illegal occupation of Palestine than it is to outlaw the Ku Klux Klan.

Rebecca Wilkomerson: Anti-Semitism for the sake of Israel in the era of Trump