IPNOT PICTURE OF THE DAY from December 11th 2016: Celebrating 49 Years of Revolutionary Struggle

Our picture of the day from Sunday December 11th 2016 shows the left-wing, Marxist Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) movement celebrating its 49th anniversary in the besieged Gaza Strip.
PFLP was established after the war of 1967 and the devastating defeat of the autocratic Arab governments which were quick to give up the fight after large early successes for the aggressor Israel.
PFLP drew it’s ideology from Marxism-Leninism and its spirit from Che Guevara.
It was to be a guerilla organization which would not only seek a national liberation from an occupier, but through revolutionary methods the liberation of the people of the ways the society oppresses. Fight for reedom and fight for progress were to be united, people were to be liberated from the shackles of the occupier as well as those of put them on the traditional, conservative society.
PFLP has always punched above its electoral support among the Palestinian population, drawing to it many of the most talented secular individuals and as a result of the position as the spear-point of the liberation struggle it has also always been seen as Israel as a much bigger threat than its military capabilities would lead to expect.
The so-called ‘West’ has always simplified the Palestinian national struggle, diminishing it to caricatures and stereotypes while making opposing Palestinian liberation to be a part of a ‘bigger fight’ to better protect the occupier and usurper Israel in the ‘Western’ public’s eyes and imagination.
Today the politicians and the media in the ‘West’ use the main Islamist resistance movement Hamas as the big boogeyman threatening peace loving Israel, and as a result politicians, political pundits and journalists give to the ‘Western’ audiences an impression that the occupation is really about poor little Israel defending itself against the big bad Hamas, which is supposedly really just the same as al-Qaeda – while Israel itself supports al-Qaeda’s local franchise in Syria and the ‘West’ arms and funds more radical Islamist movements than Hamas.
No other Palestinian resistance factions are given notice. The ‘Western’ media repeated endlessly during the 2014 attack on besieged Gaza that Israel “is fighting Hamas” when Israel was attacking and being resisted by the armed wings of over a half a dozen both national and Islamist resistance factions, many of the former staunchly left-wing like PFLP.
In the 1970s and early 1980s the vanguard of the Palestinian resistance were the left-wing movements like PFLP and then Israel’s oppression of Palestinian national struggle was often put in the terms of ‘fighting global communism’.
Israel oppressing Palestinians – just like it’s then fellow Apartheid-state South Africa oppressing ‘blacks’ and ‘coloured’ – was excused and justified on these terms. Palestinians gaining their freedom would mean ‘a victory for communism’.
To protect the colonialist Apartheid state of Israel Palestinians were and are made to be part of ‘bigger threat’ that can then be claimed to unify Israel and the so-called ‘West’, while Palestinians’ defeats at the face of vastly more powerful enemy are mocked as signs of their supposedly inherent weakness and Israel is declared to be invincible (even when it isn’t, like in Lebanon in 2006).
This is according to Umberto Eco’s description of ‘eternal fascism’, where the enemy used to unify the fascists must be both terribly powerful and very weak, something to justify everything that is done against it but also so weak so that the fascists can despise and loath the victims while ensured of ‘victory’ – which can never be complete. The threat must continue to exist somewhere, no matter how great the ‘victories’.
The ‘Jewish Bolsheviks’ could be send to concentration camps from the areas ruled by the Third Reich, but then they continued to exist in the form of Soviet Union – an existential threat in ‘eternal facism’ can recede but can never vanish behind the political horizon.
In the past, the favourite victim ‘eternal fascism’ in the ‘West’ were the Jews – now it’s Palestinians when it comes to mix of internal and domestic policies in the Anglo-Saxon countries. Attacks on Palestinians are part of the political rituals in Australia, Canada, Great Britain and the United Kingdom, before audiences which often know very little of Palestinians beyond that they must be ‘bad’ because they ‘want to destroy Israel’.
Israel is praised and Palestinians are belittled, mocked, stereotyped – and made at the same time to be a terrible threat to the ‘Beacon of Freedom’ Israel, which as a result is forever on the edge of ‘The New Holocaust”, needing constant stream of financial, military and political support.
PHOTO: @qudsn


The year-long administrative detention of a Palestinian circus performer and teacher Mohammed Abu Sakha is an example of the Kafkaesque nightmare which is the occupier Israel’s ‘judicial’ system for Palestinians caught up in it.
It took Israel’s Supreme Court 15 minutes on December 5th to decide the fate of Palestinian circus performer and circus school teacher Mohammad Abu Sakha, imprisoned since December 14th 2015 without charges or trial.
According to Israel’s Supreme Court ‘there was no new evidence’ – and the old ‘evidence’ is still secret to both Abu Sakha and his lawyer and thus can’t be challenged, and is too weak for a charge and trial even on Israel’s notoriously low standards.
As expected, the Israeli Supreme Court, ruled that Abu Sakha is ‘still a security threat to Israel’ and will be continued to be imprisoned without charge or trial.
For something that is so secret it can’t be said, but is so weak it’s not basis for trial even on Israel’s military courts where mere sharing of a Facebook post critical of the occupation can lead to charge, conviction for months in prison and losing residency status in occupied East Jerusalem.
At the same time that the supposed ‘evidence’ is so ‘secret’ that Abu Sakha and his lawyer can’t be allowed to know and see it, pro-occupation Zionist media spreads claims supposedly coming from Israel’s internal secret police that Abu Sakha would be imprisoned for ‘activity’ with the left-wing PFLP movement, which ‘activity’ can mean a membership – like those tens of thousands today celebrating PFLP’s 49th anniversary on the streets of occupied Palestine – or as simple as appearing in an event together with PFLP’s members.
The reason for these claims spread by Zionist media and the Israeli secret police is naturally to ‘justify’ the unfair treatment of Mohammed Abu Sakha, which might even a bit disturb the sleeping conscience of the more liberal ‘Friends of Israel’ without these vague claims that help their conscience fall deeper into slumber.
European Union, Norway and Switzerland have produced a meek statement that Abu Sakha get to know what he is charged of and ‘a fair trial’ instead of being imprisoned without charge or trial, but they will do absolutely nothing concrete to help him.

IPNOT PICTURE OF THE DAY December 10th 2016: Occupied Ramallah demonstration for hunger-strikers

Our picture of the day for Saturday December 10th shows a demonstration held in Ramallah to support the hunger-strikers Ahmed Mohammed Abu Fara(29), Anas Ibrahim Shadid(19) and Ammar Ibrahim Hmour(27) and Kifah Abdel-Rahman Hattab(52).
Abu Fara, Shadid and Hmour are imprisoned without charge or trial. Abu Fara and Hmour have been 79 days on hunger-strike, Hmour 20 days and Hattab 19 days.
Abu Fara, Shadid and Hmour demand that they will be released without extension to their administrative detention.
Hattab, a captain and pilot of Palestinian authority who was trained in former Yugoslavia, was kidnapped by Israeli occupation in 2003 and sentenced to two life sentences in Israeli occupation’s military court.
He has been denied family visits for two years for refusing to wear a prisoner’s outfit during family visits and demands to be treated as a prisoner of war.
Head of the Palestinian Committee of Prisoners’ Affairs Issa Qaraqe has claimed that the Israeli occupation is “deliberately” and “slowly killing” hunger-strikers through the tactics it uses against them.
PHOTO: @qudsn


France, the United Kingdom, Canada and certain state legislatures in the United States, have adopted laws and taken executive action to suppress, outlaw and in some instances, criminalize the advocacy of BDS.
Such measures aim to punish individuals, companies and private and public institutions that adopt ethically and legally responsible business, investment and procurement decisions….
States and organizations that view BDS as a lawful exercise of freedom of expression are correct. Whether one approves of the aims or methods of BDS is not the issue.
The issue is whether in order to protect Israel an exception is to be made to the freedom of expression that occupies a central and pivotal place among fundamental human rights.
States that outlaw BDS are undermining this basic human right and threatening the credibility of human rights by exempting a particular state from the advocacy of peaceful measures designed to achieve its compliance with international law.

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IPNOT PICTURE OF THE DAY December 9th 2016: Remembering minister Ziad Abu Ein at Bi’lin

Our daily picture for Friday December 9th shows one participant of the Bi’lin weekly Friday demonstration against Israeli occupation and the illegal Wall carrying with him (like most participants did) an image of the late minister Ziad Abu Ein(1959-2014).
Ziad Abu Ein, a former political prisoner, was assaulted and killed by Israel’s occupation forces’ soldier during a symbolic tree planting ceremony at the occupied West Bank village of Turmus Aya, threatened by illegal Israeli settlers, on December 10th 2014.
PHOTO: Mohammed Yasin via @PalinfoAr.

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IPNOT QUOTE OF THE DAY December 9th 2016: Wíll Language Make a Difference?

For years, the top Palestinian negotiators were conducting talks in English and learned about the Israeli point of view by reading translations from the Hebrew media. For the first time in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, a number of the top leaders of Palestine’s leading liberation movement are fluent Hebrew speakers. Their inside knowledge of the Israeli psyche and their ability to communicate directly to the Israeli public will come in handy at the right time.
PHOTO shows Muhammed Madani, new member of Fatah’s Central Committee.


Our picture of the day shows the released hunger-strikers, brothers Mahmoud(23) and Muhammad Balboul(26) being welcomed at their home town Bethlehem’s Manger Square on Thursday December 8th after they were released by the Israeli occupation.
The brothers fought long hunger-strikers, Mahmoud 79 and Muhammed 77 days, against their imprisonment without charges by Israeli occupation, which had killed their father in 2008 and imprisoned their 15 y/o sister Nuran for three months earlier this year.
They reached a deal with the Israeli occupation on September 21st, which saw the occupier Israel not to extend their administrative detention.
On Thursday their perseverance carried a fruit freedom, as they were welcomed beside Bethlehem’s Christmas Three by a large crowd of well-wishers.
PHOTO: @dafaa_news