Israeli occupation court have sentenced Palestinian mother Israa Jaabis(32) to 11 years in prison for alleged ‘attempted car bombing’ on October 10th 2015.
Her car caught fire 500 meters from Israel’s occupation forces’ checkpoint in East Jerusalem after a gas cylinder she was transporting exploded in the backseat.
Jaabis’ was critically injured suffering first and third degree burns in her face, back, chest and hands with her face permanently distorted and eight of her fingers amputated.
Israeli occupation turned this apparent accident in ‘an attempted car bombing’, although the fire caused no threat to Israel’s occupation forces’ members at the checkpoint itself; one Israeli occupation forces’ member suffered minor injuries as a result of the fire.
Other ‘evidence’ used to convict her was based on Facebook posts supporting Palestinian resistance and the liberation of Palestine.
Israel moved Isra Jaabis from hospital to prison before her treatment had ended and has forbidden further medical treatment to ease her injuries and their effects.
At one point Israel had seemingly dropped the ‘car bombing’ claim, accusing Jabis of attempt to ‘burn’ occupation forces’ member with the gas cylinder.
In March 2016 Israel destroyed an under construction building in East Jerusalem owned by her brother.

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Legendary hunger-striker Samer al-Issawi and his fellow hunger-striker Munther Snawbar achieved a partial victory in their 11 days long hunger-strike for female political prisoners held in the Damon prison by the Israeli occupation.
Israel has transported female prisoners from Damon prison to hearings in Ofer prison on the occupied West Bank, denying them access to food, water and toilet facilities during the day-long transport in a vehicle without air-conditioning or heating.
The trips have included stops at HaSharon and Ramle prisons on the way, with night spent in HaSharon.
Often these court hearings have consisted only of an announcement that the hearing will be pushed back, which makes the whole procedure an act of blatant harassment.
Now the twenty female political prisoners in Damon, including Samer’s sister, human rights lawyer Shireen al-Issawi, will be transferred to HaSharon prison which is closer to Ofer. They will also be taken directly to the court instead of through Ramle.
The additional demands of better medical care and access to representatives of Doctors Without Borders haven’t met been met so far by the Israeli occupation.
Samer al-Issawi is a native of East Jerusalem’s al-Issawiya and Munther Snawbar is a native of Nablus on the West Bank.

PNOT PICTURE OF THE DAY November 7th 2016: Israel closes Palestinian wedding hall as ‘an inconvenience’

Israel’s occupation forces closed a wedding hall in occupied East Jerusalem al-Eizariya on Monday November 7th claiming that it caused an ‘inconvenience’ to illegal Israeli settlers in the illegal Maaleh Adumim colony bloc.
PHOTO: قناة القدس الفضائية ‏ @QudsTvSat

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IPNOT QUOTE OF THE DAY November 7th 2016: As Nazi War Criminal Eichmann Stood Trial, Israel Tortured and Murdered 5 Teenage Boys

On September 17, 1961 the boys’ bodies were tossed from an ambulance belonging to the Abu Kabir Forensic Institute onto the front doors of their families. One after another, a day after they disappeared. The bodies were beaten, riddled with bullets, and showed signs of torture and abuse…
“According to testimonies, George Shama was shot in his genitals, and his pinky was cut by a sharp tool. His brother told Al-Ittihad that finger marks were found on George’s neck, that his face was smashed in… and that his jaw was torn from place.
Rimoun Maroun’s family described how they found a large hole in their son’s back, which shows that he was likely shot from close range. His two hands were broken, and his body showed signs of violence (including shoe marks). Jeries Badin’s fate was no different.

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IPNOT QUOTE OF THE DAY November 6th 2016: Forging the Past Which Israel Wants to Have?

At the same time, however, it was announced that the papyrus had been acquired by a private individual who—as is almost always the case—wished to remain anonymous. In other words, this papyrus was circulating on the black market.
Compounding the problem is the fact that more than one scholar has claimed to have been offered a chance to look at this very papyrus a few years ago. Rather than simply sitting in a private collection, it seems as if whoever owned the text was actively looking for someone to give it publicity. One of these scholars, the world-renowned epigrapher Christopher Rollston, says that the text was shown to him back in 2013. Rollston is currently writing a book about antiquities forgeries, and has said that this papyrus will be included in his volume….
It is also hard not to see why the Israeli authorities would want to claim that this document is authentic: after all, they are the very ones who have turned this relatively unimportant papyrus into a tool for political gain.
All too many recent forgeries—including the “Gospel of Jesus’s Wife”—have been a little too on the nose: they speak with suspicious directness to the political or ideological issues of the present. It is for these reasons that at this point, unprovenanced texts—whether or not they turn out to be forgeries—must be treated with great caution, lest we build our understanding of past realities on present-day desires.
Candida Moss and Joel Baden: Is Israel’s Big New Find a Hoax?

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IPNOT PICTURE OF THE DAY November 6th: Palestinian Hostages in Egypt

Families of four young Palestinian men who are held imprisoned by Egypt for over a year protested for the return of their relatives on Sunday November 6th at Rafah.
The four young men, allegedly members of Hamas’ armed wing, went missing in Egypt’s part of Rafah August 19th 2015 while their bus was under police protection, for two of them to appear in distressing images from an Egyptian prison in Cairo a year later.
It’s claimed that Egypt is using them as political hostages, trying to force Hamas take a direct role in fighting Egyptian militants in the Sinai, something which it is said that Hamas has no interest in getting involved in.
Another claim is that Egypt is helping the occupier Israel and keeping the men as hostages in an effort to release in exchange three imprisoned Israeli citizens and two soldiers or their remains from the besieged Gaza Strip.
قناة الأقصى الفضائية – Al Aqsa Channelة

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IPNOT PICTURE OF THE DAY November 5th 2016: Standing for the people of the Khan Eshieh refugee camp in Syria

Our picture of the day shows a demonstration for the residents of the Khan Eshieh refugee camp in Syria, held in Germany’s capital Berlin on Saturday November 5th before one of it’s most famous landmarks, the Brandenburg Tor gate.
The protesters demanded the opening of a safe passage to bring needed food and medicine to the residents of the refugee camp.
The Palestinian refugee camp of Khan Eshieh, situated in the Damascus countryside, has been brought under an effective siege and is under increasing attacks, with the death toll mounting among the 9000 Palestinian refugees and some 1000 Syrians who have sought refuge from there.
People trying to leave the camp or enter it to bring aid have been killed in recent weeks beyond deaths from aerial bombardment and fears have been voiced that Khan Eshieh will ‘turn into another Yarmouk’.
In Yarmouk some 3000-5000 people remaining of the prewar 160 000 huddle among ruins mostly under the rule of the so-called Islamic State after warfare, siege, famine and cutting of running water brought devastation to the former ‘capital of the Palestinian diaspora’.
PHOTO: @qudsn