The death toll from the gas tank explosion at a bakery in the Nusseirat refugee camp in the besieged Gaza Strip on Thursday March 5th has now reached 13.

After the death of 60-year-old Shadi Khawas, from the Bureij refugee camp, on Saturday March 7th, two more people were reported succumbing to their injuries on Monday March 9th.


The deceased victims have been identified as Osama Hasan al-Banna(50) and Hanafi Mahmoud Abu al-Leil(41).

Dual explosions at the Banna bakery on Thursday followed the leak of three tons of gas from a large gas tank.

10 people died immediately in the fire that spread rapidly in the crowded area, and at least 56 other people were injured, 22 of them suffering serious or critical injuries.

Beyond the bakery, several apartment buildings, three factories, 27 shops 42, street stalls and 22 vehicles were destroyed in the conflagration.



Update: Two more victims of Gaza’s Nusseirat fire succumb to their wounds

‘We Threw Ourselves into the Fire’: Tales from the Gaza Inferno (EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS)

Victim number 11 claimed in the Nusseirat explosion and fire


unrwa_field_2655_1_1378710631At least 11 people have died and up to 58 others have been injured after a massive fire broke out in the Nusseirat refugee camp in the besieged Gaza Strip on Thursday March 5th.

Lian Hasan Hussein

Among the dead are at least four children, four women and two men. The age and gender of one victim is unknown. Among the named victims are youth Ziyad Zakri Hussein, and a mother and her two children: Iman Abu Mahrouq died with her young daughters, Lian and Manal Hasan Hussein.

Ziyad Zakri Hussein

There are fears that more bodies could be found in the ruins, and as up to 14 people have been critically injured, it is expected that the death toll will continue to increase.

There are conflicting claims about the origin of the fire, but most say the fire started in a bakery after a gas explosion. A gas cylinder explosion caused the devastating fire in the al-Sabra neighbourhood on February 1st 2018 in which 7 people died. This time several sources report that it wasn’t a gas cylinder that exploded at the bakery, but a pressurized balloon used for gas storage.

The fire rapidly spread to multiple neighbouring buildings and parked vehicles on the street, and according to multiple reports, more explosions followed. Some of these would have been the gasoline tanks of the vehicles exploding, although gas cylinders in the other destroyed buildings could have also exploded.

20200305_2_41207863_52807173-scaledAs electricity in the tiny coastal enclave is very limited, often six hours a day in recent weeks – itself an improvement – gas cylinders are essential for both businesses and homes. This is a direct result of the siege by the Israeli occupation, and kept up on the southern border by Egypt’s regime.

Beyond the bakery, at least three residential buildings, four small factories, two restaurants, an institute for the handicapped, a carpenter’s shop, 50 street stalls and 22 vehicles were destroyed.

Alternative claim for the origin of the fire is that a fuel tanker would have exploded. If it did, it could have been caused by the fire origin from the bakery – which had, according to an unverified claim made in social media, as much three tons of gas in storage.


9 killed in Gaza fire

11 killed, 53 injured in refugee camp fire in central Gaza: health ministry


Nine Palestinians Killed, Many Injured, Heavy Destruction In Fire At Gaza Refugee Camp

Nine Palestinians killed, many injured, heavy destruction in fire at Gaza refugee camp

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ERigAlBW4AEq416Israel’s occupation forces are currently again bombing the besieged Gaza Strip and the situation is spiralling towards larger conflict as desperate Benyamin Netanyahu seeks to win the Israeli public on his side before the March elections.

‘Heavy damage’ in southern Khan Younis has been reported from the ongoing attacks, which have sent fireballs and clouds of smoke reaching high up to the sky and al-Jazeera reports that Israel’s occupation forces are moving more armoured vehicles to near Gaza.

1093397894The current events began at 05:40 am on Sunday, when Israeli occupation killed and then mutilated the body of a man in an act condemned as a ‘war crime’ by the human rights Adalah Center in Israel.

When he was attacked and killed, with the fate of his companion still unclear, Muhammad al-Na’im was, according to the clearest report, 100 meters on the Gaza side of the border with ethnically cleansed Palestine 1948.


ERh-TvAX0AErg3qFollowing the killing of Muhammad al-Na’im and the grotesque display of his body hanging from the bulldozer’s scoop on Sunday morning, the al-Quds Brigades – the armed wing of the Islamic Jihad whose member he was – launched at least eleven rockets to ethnically cleansed Palestine 1948, which caused no injuries.

Israeli occupation attacks that followed the next night did: In Gaza, at least four and up to seven people were wounded in at least 34 attacks hitting Beit Lahiya, Gaza City, Khan ERiAbumWsAAJ2X4Younis and Rafah, with at least one person being critically injured, while in the Syrian capital Damascus Israeli occupation killed two members of al-Quds Brigades, Salim Ahmad Salim(24) and Ziad Ahmad Mansour(23).

The US-government established and funded al-Hurrah news agency claimed briefly that Israel would have targeted and killed Akram al-Ajouri, the leader of Islamic Jihad. On November 12th 2019 Israel killed his son Moath and a bodyguard in an air-strike on his house in Damascus.

Today Islamic Jihad announced that its fighters killed in Damascus would be ‘avenged’. About midday al-Quds Brigades launched twelve rockets to ethnically cleansed Palestine 1948. There are no news of injuries.

ERieNd7X0AENXp7Now, at two pm local Palestine time, Israeli occupation is bombing resistance sites in the tiny coastal enclave and Netanyahu’s cabinet is openly talking about a large-scale military attack in Gaza, where half of the population are children.

The goal: To win the March Knesset elections, third within a year, in which Netanyahu’s hard-right coalition is facing another hard-right coalition led by former general Benny Gantz, who himself in his previous elections’ adverts has bragged about the destruction he wrought in Gaza.


Al-Quds Brigades mourns martyr killed on Gaza border

Four Palestinians Injured as Israeli Warplanes Strike Gaza (VIDEOS)

Gaza Fires Rockets, Israeli Warplane Strikes, Injure 4 Palestinians

Islamic Jihad vows to avenge two members killed in Syria

Israeli warplanes resume airstrikes on Gaza Strip

One Palestinian atrociously killed, four injured by IOF in Gaza

Rights center says Israeli army bulldozer dragging human body in Gaza a war crime

Several injured in Israeli airstrikes in Gaza Strip

Six Palestinians injured in wave of Israeli aerial attacks on Gaza

Two Palestinian Fighters Killed By Israeli Missiles In Damascus

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On Sunday February 23rd Israel’s occupation forces’ treatment of the body of a Palestinian killed by it, and those who tried to recover the remains, in besieged Gaza ERdokHKX0AECrDzbrought clearly out the brutality and sadism of the Israeli regime.


At this point there are several contradictory claims being made, with the timeline of events itself very different in them. In one version, there are hours separating the killing and the incident that followed when an attempt to recover a body was made.

According to the first version, the Israeli occupation killed at least one person on the border between besieged Gaza Strip and the ethnically cleansed Palestine 1948 during the night between Saturday February 22nd and Sunday February 23rd in what is in some reports described as ‘an artillery attack’.  Israeli occupation is claimed to have used flares, which indicates that it would have been before dawn.

ERcZ4KaWsAA_ZoqIsraeli occupation claimed that a group of people near the town of Abasan, east of Khan Younis, in the southern part of the tiny coastal enclave would have been trying to put a bomb on the side of ethnically cleansed Palestine 1948. The body of the victim seems to have been on the side of Gaza Strip based on the video of the Israeli attack on the people trying to recover it.

In the second version two people, in civilian attire, would have been shot by the Israeli occupation when they approached a fence on the border in broad daylight, in the Sunday morning. Israeli occupation claim in this version is that they would have had been carrying a bomb, which would have exploded when hit, killing one of them.

In the first version, what follows took place hours after the killing. In the second version it took place immediately after and both the civilians trying to recover the body and the Israeli occupation couldn’t have been certain that the man laying on the ground was dead. According to one claim, the whole incident would have lasted 40 minutes.

As the first version is more common in early and second in later reports, we consider the latter more likely as it could reflect increase in the amount of available information.


47505fa03a2e200dcb20f35f9cd8e267Israeli occupation forces attacked a group of civilians trying to recover the remains, at first shooting and wounding at least two and up to four of them, and then using a bulldozer, supported by a tank, which drove towards them and grabbed the body of by then deceased Mohammed Ali Hasan al-Na’em(27) in its scoop.

Although it is impossible to be absolutely certain from the video, it seems that the row of ‘teeth’ at the top of the scoop could have impaled the body – after the scoop was first brought crushingly down on the body. Clothes becoming entangled in the teeth, the Gaza-678x455driver brought up the scoop.

This left the body hanging down from the top of the scoop from its clothes, swinging in air in a display of the brutality of Israeli occupation – and its total lack of respect towards the remains of its victims.´

If al-Na’em was killed during a night, then that implies that the Israeli occupation forces left the body just laying on the ground until Palestinians tried to recover it. This could be seen as luring people to act and then attacking them in a show of strength – and brutal lack of decency; but the same can be said if he was just hit by an explosion moments ago, with the driver of the military bulldozer incapable of knowing whether he was alive or not.

One report claims that a second person, seriously wounded, would have been evacuated successfully.

ERdLN41WkAA5kflMohammed Al-Na’em was a member of the Al-Quds Brigades, the armed wing of the Islamic Jihad, as acknowledged by the organization. He left several small children, the eldest son Hamza being seen here with his paternal grandmother after the family had received the news of his death.

Although a second death has been claimed in several reports, none has been confirmed nor any possible victim named in sources available to us, and the possibility looks now unlikely that there would have been a second fatality – assuming that the most seriously wounded person survives.


Israeli Forces Kill Palestinian, Drag His Body with a Bulldozer in Gaza (VIDEO)

One Palestinian atrociously killed, four injured by IOF in Gaza

Updated 2: “Israeli Soldiers Kill One Palestinian, Injure Four, In Southern Gaza”

UPDATE | Palestinian killed, others injured by Israeli troops near Khan Younis

سرايا القدس تنعى شهيد الجريمة البشعة شرق خانيونس

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EPuIFTGX0AQ2GlcOne man has died and two other people have been injured in an ‘accidental’ explosion in the besieged Gaza Strip.

33-year-old Mahmoud Mohammed Saleh al-Adham died and two other people were seriously injured in an explosion which took place inside a house in the Sheikh Radwan neighbourhood of Gaza City on the evening of Saturday February 1st.

Mahmoud al-Adham was announced dead on arrival to hospital.EPtwGJIWoAA9xQH (1)

According to local Gaza officials, the cause of the explosion was an ‘accidental’ and ‘internal’. Police commented that the reason for the explosion was ‘unknown’ and that it is being investigated.

No further details are available at this point. The explosion might have been caused by for example a gas cylinder, not uncommon event, or it might have been connected to resistance activities which few sources reporting al-Adham as ‘martyr’ hint at.

No resistance group has, as far as we are of, announced him as its member or commemorated him in any way.

Few minor propaganda sites supporting Israeli occupation have claimed that he was a member of Hamas, but considering the lack of public commemoration normal when a Hamas member dies in circumstances like this, that seems nothing but baseless speculation.


سياسة مقتل فلسطيني وإصابة 2 آخرين في انفجار مجهول بغزة

وزارة الصحة: استشهاد محمود الادغم وإصابة خطيرة لمواطن آخر بانفجار داخل منزل بالشيخ رضوان

استشهاد مواطن واصابة 2 اخرين بجراح خطيرة بانفجار في غزة

شهيد وإصابتان بانفجار داخل منزل بغزة

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A Palestinian child has died from injuries he suffered when he was wounded by Israel’s occupation forces during the Great Return March last year.

Alaa Hani Hamada al-Abbasi died on the morning of Friday January 31st in a besieged Gaza Strip hospital, where he had remained in coma after being wounded on October 14th.4aba0048a97a8c37c2ae2c42a6864b02

He was taking part in the 78th Great Return March demonstration east of Khan Younis in the southern part of the besieged Gaza Strip when he was hit in head by a tear-gas grenade launched by Israeli occupation soldiers.

When he was injured, early reports gave his age as 13. Today reports give his age as 15. Based on the unity of reports today from different sources, we assume that his age at death was 15. He might have been 14 when wounded.

Alaa’s funeral took place on the Friday afternoon. He is the sixth Palestinian killed during 2020 by the Israeli occupation.EPnTwPbXsAEs5HY


Child succumbs to wounds sustained in Gaza Return March

Palestinian Child Dies From Serious Wounds He Suffered In October 2019


تشييع جثمان الشهيد الفتى “علاء العباسي” في قطاع غزة

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Israel’s occupation forces killed three teenagers on the evening of Tuesday January 21st in the border between ethnically cleansed Palestine 1948 and the besieged Gaza Strip.

EO3biwYWAAAJ78jThe victims Mohammed Hani Abu Mandel, Salem Zuweid al-Naami and Mahmoud Khaled Saed were according to different reports all either 16-, 17- or 18-years-old and residents of the al-Maghazi refugee camp in central part of the tiny coastal enclave. According to officials in Gaza they did not have known connections to any armed resistance groups.

Israeli occupation claimed that the boys would have crossed the border fence east of the al-Maghazi refugee camp and entered 400 meters into ethnically cleansed Palestine 1948, where they would have – according to the most elaborate version – hidden in a thicket and thrown explosives towards either Israeli occupation forces jeep or a military post without causing casualties or damage, after which they would have been shot dead.EO3B3gjWAAEE1l9

According to some Palestinian sources, the boys could have crossed the border to seek work in ethnically cleansed Palestine 1948. People doing this are regularly captured at the border by Israeli occupation and those that have made it through are arrested often enough in the surviving non-Jewish communities in the Negev to make the suggestion plausible.

Israeli occupation released both the identity of the victims and a very low quality, pixelated infrared video which it claims to show the boys throwing the explosives before they were killed. There is no possibility to identify any persons on it and interpreting itself is hard because of its low quality and this can result in people interpreting what they see in it based on what they want it to represent: Either ‘terrorist attack’ or the events leading to the ‘execution’ of unarmed youths.

Via @palsawa

The video shows three human figures on the distance lying in a some kind of shallow hollow on the ground. Twice one of them stands up, making himself an easy target, and throws something which, depending on your interpretation, is either an item which is then shot at or appears to explode very close before them.

No jeep or a military outpost appears on the video and it doesn’t show the persons being shot. Assuming that the video was recorded from the supposed military outpost, the supposed explosives could not have traveled even a tenth of the distance to it. Alternative claim is that the boys were forced to throw their clothes away.  What appears

Via @palsawa

to be shots to the left of their position followed by the central figure standing up to throw something (which then is shot at or explodes) without being shot at while standing up could support this interpretation.

Israeli occupation forces refused to give any more information to International Committee of the Red Cross when it asked for and have refused to hand over the bodies it claims it holds, leading some in the boys’ families to doubt that they are dead.

There is no apparent good reason to doubt that the boys are dead – although there is a recent precedent – but the video spread by Israeli occupation raises questions even if we accept that it shows (as we believe it does) the actual events before the boys were killed by Israeli occupation soldiers. Not showing the shooting especially raises doubts that the events followed exactly the Israeli occupation narrative.

mohammed_abu_mandel_gaza_mee_aseel_kabarityIsraeli occupation is not leaving out the killing of persons from these kind of videos to spare the victims’ families or the wider audience of its videos. It shows enough to support its own version of events to an extent – and in this case even that is in doubt – but not showing the killings themselves leaves the suspicion that the persons could have been arrested alive and that killing them was not necessary – or that they were actually captured alive and executed.


Families in disbelief after Israeli army kills three Gaza teens

Israeli Forces Kill Three Palestinian Teenagers in Gaza

Israeli Soldiers Kill Three Palestinians In Gaza

Israeli forces murder 3 Palestinian youths with cold blood in Gaza

Three Gazans reportedly killed by Israeli gunfire in border area

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EOq9cOoXsAAbVxkA young man has died of injuries he suffered when he was wounded by Israel’s occupation forces while taking part in a demonstration in the besieged Gaza Strip.

30-year-old Amer Manar al-Hajar, from the Saftawi area in the northern part of besieged Gaza, died of his wounds on the evening of Sunday January 19th.

Press sources report that he would have been shot and wounded in the very first Great Return March demonstration on March 30th 2018, but this is possibly wrong.

EOqz-ucWsAIyLXYA social media post by a person calling himself a relative says that he died of his wounds suffered on “14/5”. The post includes a photograph of him not seen elsewhere.

This would have to mean the Nakba Day demonstration on May 14th 2018, which ended in a massacre committed by the Israeli occupation forces, with over 70 people now dead as a result. The Nakba Day demonstration in 2019 was on May 15th and closest Great Return March demonstrations in 2018 were on May 11th and 18th and in 2019 on May 10th and May 17th.

FEATURED PHOTO via @aHmEd_mohma


استشهاد شاب متأثرا بإصابته برصاص الاحتلال شرق قطاع غزة

استشهاد الشاب عامر الحجار متأثراً بجراح أصيب بها في مسيرات كسر الحصار

استشهاد شاب متأثرا بإصابته برصاص الاحتلال شرق قطاع غزة


One farmer was killed and another one suffered critical injuries in two different explosions in the southern part of the besieged Gaza Strip on Saturday January 18th.

36-year-old Mahdi Eid Ayyad Ayarmilat was critically wounded and later succumbed to his injuries. The identity of the second person has not been revealed.0248db6d1df640ccdf523fc8a10a8be2 (1)

Although few sources speak of a single incident, most report two different explosions of ‘suspicious objects’ in a 300-meter radius from the ruins of the Gaza international airport, which is situated east of Rafah, very close to borders with Egypt and ethnically cleansed Palestine 1948.

The airport was destroyed by Israeli occupation in 2002, just four years after it was opened, and it’s ruins have afterwards been regularly bombed by Israel’s occupation forces.

Ayarmilat is said to have been doing agricultural work on his lands just beside the ruins, while the second explosion would have taken place a few hundred meters away.

So far the only explanation put forward (but not confirmed) is that likely the explosions would have resulted from Israeli occupation ordinance that could have lain shallowly buried, perhaps for an extensive period of time. Heavy rains and flooding in recent weeks could have uncovered them.


Palestinian farmer killed in explosion of Israeli leftover bomb

Rafah explosion kills one Palestinian, injures another

محدث استشهاد مزارع بـ”انفجار عرضي”جنوب القطاع

استشهاد مواطن واصابة اخر بجراح خطيرة شرق رفح

استشهاد مواطن وإصابة آخر بانفجارين شرقي رفح

محدث: استشهاد مزارع وإصابة آخر جراء انفجارين في أراضٍ زراعية شرق رفح

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On Friday December 27th Israel’s occupation forces wounded 39 people, including 11 minors, during the 86th Great Return March demonstration in the besieged Gaza Strip.

At least 8 people were shot with live bullets, including teenager Ahmed Ahmed Mesbah al-Hams(19) who was wounded in his feet east of Rafah, suffering a serious injury, and 42-year-old woman Huda Nayef Edwan who was shot in head in the same location.EMzcRSVWoAAwE85

Other wounded were shot with rubber-coated steel bullets or hit with tear-gas canisters. East of Gaza City 29-year-old Sa’ed Ahmed Tawfiq Mahani was shot in an eye with a rubber-coated steel bullet.

Dozens of protesters also suffered from ill effects after inhaling Israeli occupation tear-gas.

The Supreme National Authority of the Great Return March has decided to suspend the demonstrations until the second anniversary on March 30th 2020, after which they will take place once a month and on national events.EMzSmEsWkAIAcm2

Later, on Sunday December 29th a farmer was shot in chest and arm with rubber-coated steel bullets by Israel’s occupation forces, suffering moderate injuries. The shooting took place in Beit Hanoun.


Dozens of Palestinians injured in Gaza border march

Israeli occupation forces wound 39 protesters, including 11 kids in Gaza

Israeli Soldiers Shoot A Palestinian In Northern Gaza

Israeli Troops Attack Non-Violent ‘March of Return’ Protests in Gaza

Palestinian wounded by Israeli gunfire in northern Gaza

PCHR: “86th GMR: IOF Shot and Injured 39 Palestinian Civilians, Including 11 Children and a Woman”

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