ERigAlBW4AEq416Israel’s occupation forces are currently again bombing the besieged Gaza Strip and the situation is spiralling towards larger conflict as desperate Benyamin Netanyahu seeks to win the Israeli public on his side before the March elections.

‘Heavy damage’ in southern Khan Younis has been reported from the ongoing attacks, which have sent fireballs and clouds of smoke reaching high up to the sky and al-Jazeera reports that Israel’s occupation forces are moving more armoured vehicles to near Gaza.

1093397894The current events began at 05:40 am on Sunday, when Israeli occupation killed and then mutilated the body of a man in an act condemned as a ‘war crime’ by the human rights Adalah Center in Israel.

When he was attacked and killed, with the fate of his companion still unclear, Muhammad al-Na’im was, according to the clearest report, 100 meters on the Gaza side of the border with ethnically cleansed Palestine 1948.


ERh-TvAX0AErg3qFollowing the killing of Muhammad al-Na’im and the grotesque display of his body hanging from the bulldozer’s scoop on Sunday morning, the al-Quds Brigades – the armed wing of the Islamic Jihad whose member he was – launched at least eleven rockets to ethnically cleansed Palestine 1948, which caused no injuries.

Israeli occupation attacks that followed the next night did: In Gaza, at least four and up to seven people were wounded in at least 34 attacks hitting Beit Lahiya, Gaza City, Khan ERiAbumWsAAJ2X4Younis and Rafah, with at least one person being critically injured, while in the Syrian capital Damascus Israeli occupation killed two members of al-Quds Brigades, Salim Ahmad Salim(24) and Ziad Ahmad Mansour(23).

The US-government established and funded al-Hurrah news agency claimed briefly that Israel would have targeted and killed Akram al-Ajouri, the leader of Islamic Jihad. On November 12th 2019 Israel killed his son Moath and a bodyguard in an air-strike on his house in Damascus.

Today Islamic Jihad announced that its fighters killed in Damascus would be ‘avenged’. About midday al-Quds Brigades launched twelve rockets to ethnically cleansed Palestine 1948. There are no news of injuries.

ERieNd7X0AENXp7Now, at two pm local Palestine time, Israeli occupation is bombing resistance sites in the tiny coastal enclave and Netanyahu’s cabinet is openly talking about a large-scale military attack in Gaza, where half of the population are children.

The goal: To win the March Knesset elections, third within a year, in which Netanyahu’s hard-right coalition is facing another hard-right coalition led by former general Benny Gantz, who himself in his previous elections’ adverts has bragged about the destruction he wrought in Gaza.


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At least 11 people were killed in besieged Gaza and 2 in Syria’s capital Damascus on Tuesday November 12th as Israel’s occupation forces launched attacks to kill Islamic Jihad leaders, the violence soon escalating as resistance fighters responded with rocket launches.EJLRpLhXYAgoQsz

Several commentators, including Israeli journalist Edo Konrad, see the new Israeli aggression as part of the domestic politics, a way for caretaker prime minister Benyamin Netanyahu and opposition leader Benny Gantz to push through a unity government between their coalitions. For the sake of this political marriage of convenience, people must die.

The intial missile attacks targeted the house of Islamic Jihad political leader Akram al-Ajouri in Syria’s capital Damascus and the Gaza City home of Bahaa Abu al-‘Ata(42), a commander in the armed wing of the Islamic Jihad, the al-Quds’ Brigades.EJLWVYuXYAYQN7I

Both Bahaa Abu al-‘Ata and his wife Asmaa(39) were killed. Akram al-Ajouri himself survived while his son Moath and a second person, in some sources his grand-daughter and in others identified as a man named Abdullah Yousef Hasan, died. We assume that the second fatality is Abdullah Hasan, who could have been one of al-Ajouri’s bodyguards based on a single news article that mentioned death of multiple bodyguards.

The air-strike in Damascus wounded 8 people and the one in Gaza City 6. In the latter, beyond one neighbour, the wounded were members of the dead couples’ families, differently identified in the reports as their children or siblings. The former seems more likely. The victims in Gaza City suffered light to moderate injuries.

A statement by the al-Quds’ Brigades described Baha Abu al’Ata as a prominent member of its military council and the commander of its forces in northern part of Gaza Strip.EJNQRlyXYAAzXB8 (1) Israeli occupation claimed that he would have been behind many recent attack attempts against the occupation forces.

Further Israeli occupation attacks killed at least 9 other people and wounded at least 45 in the besieged Gaza Strip. Of these victims at least 7 were members of the al-Quds Brigades. Israeli air-strikes and shelling have hit both resistance and civilian targets, from the offices of a human rights organization to apartment tower and agricultural areas, including a poultry farm.

The at least eight other people killed in the besieged Gaza Strip in Israeli occupation forces’ attacks have been identified as:
– Rani Fayez Abulnasr(31 or 35), killed east of Beit Lahia late in the evening along with 2-3 other people. He was apparently a member of al-Quds’ Brigades. EJNGHyrXsAgUvqN
– Jihad Ayman Abu Khater(22) was killed late in the evening, apparently in the same incident east of Beit Lahia as Rani Abulnasr and Mohammed Abu Shakal. He was a member of al-Quds’ Brigades.
– Mohammed Salah Abu Shakal(31), killed east of Beit Lahia in same incident as Rani Abulnasr.
– Abdel-Salam Ramadan Ahmad(28) was a member of the al-Quds’ Brigades and killed in Beit Hanoun in attack on a group of people alongside with Abdallah al-Balbisi. He was apparently a member of al-Quds’ Brigades.
EJMsR7cXUAEOrIL– Abdallah Awad al-Balbisi(26) was a member of al-Quds’ Brigades and killed in Beit Lahoun in attack on a group of people. He had been married for two months. Abdel-Salam Ahmad died in the same incident.
– Ibrahim al-Dabous(23 or 26), killed in the afternoon at the al-Salateen neighbourhood in Beit Lahia in attack which hit a group of people. He had been married for two months. Although we have not seen a confirmation, we assume that he was a member of the al-Quds’ Brigades.
– Zaki Mohammad Ghanameh / Ghannam(25 or 26), was a member of al-Quds’ BrigadeZakiGhannam-e1573567362908s and killed in the afternoon at al-Salateen in Beit Lahia – possibly when his car was hit according to some reports, according to others when a group of al-Quds’ Brigades’ fighters were attacked. He died in the same incident as that which killed Ibrahim al-Dabous.
– Mohammad ‘Atiya Hammouda(18 or 20), killed late in the morning east of Jabalia when he was riding a motorcycle with two other persons who were seriously wounded. He has not been identified with any resistance group to our knowledge.
– Wael Abdel Nabi. Killed late on Tuesday, possibly in the same incident as three al-Quds’ Brigades fighters as his body was taken to the morgue at the same time.

By the mid-evening the number of rockets launched from besieged Gaza Strip would EJMOPuBXsAE5Yt2 (1)have reached 160 according to the Israeli occupation, without causing serious injuries in ethnically cleansed Palestine 1948.


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