A demonstration for political prisoners on hunger-strike in Israeli occupation captivity was held on Friday August 9th in the town of Arraba on the occupied West Bank.
Arraba, near the city of Jenin, is the home town of one of the hunger-strikers: Tarek Qaadan(46) is on a second week of hunger-strike against his current imprisonment without charge or trial.
Qaadan won an earlier, 92-day-long hunger-strike against another administrative detention imprisonment by the Israeli occupation in 2013.
SOURCES: Addameer & Samidoun.
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Israel’s occupation forces soldier was found stabbed to death on the occupied West Bank on Thursday August 8th.

The body of corporal Dvir Sorek(19) was found by the illegal Gush Etzion colony bloc at 02:30 am Palestine time after his family in the illegal colony of Ofra had reported him missing.EBbTRA8WsAAo71b

Sorek, although described as being in active duty, was living in the illegal colony of Ofra where he was a student in a religious school and had left to divided Jerusalem on Wednesday and had been expected back the same day.

According to Israeli occupation Sorek would have been kidnapped alive from somewhere else than where his body was found, transported in a car and killed before his body would have been left on the site.

Israeli occupation, which accuses Palestinians of the corporal’s killing, also speculated that kidnapping might have been at first the goal, not killing. A car used in the incident has been possibly found.

The town of Beit Fajjar, closest Palestinian population centre to where the body was located, was raided by Israeli occupation forces in the aftermath of the body’s finding.

Israel’s illegal settlers have been attacking Palestinians in the occupied West Bank using the death of corporal Sorek as an excuse. As we write this, @PalInfoAr is reporting that illegal settlers from the illegal colony of Kiryat Arba having attacked Palestinians and their vehicles in Hebron while the Hawara-Nablus -road has been closed by Israeli occupation forces while illegal settlers are attacking in the area.

Corporal Sorek’s grandfather had been killed in a resistance attack in 2000.

Various resistance factions have praised the killing of corporal Sorek.


Israeli Soldier Found Dead in Apparent Attack in West Bank

Israeli soldier kidnaped, killed in Occupied W. Bank

Roadblocks, manhunt in south of West Bank after Israeli soldier was found stabbed to death

Settlers attack vehicles with stones near Ramallah

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On July 31st 2015 illegal Israeli settlers’ arson attack in the occupied West Bank village of Duma left the married couple of Riham(28) and Sa’ad Dawasheh(32) with fatal injuries which claimed their lives in the coming weeks while their younger, 1.5 y/o son Ali burned alive in his crib.

Their older son Ahmed, then 5,  survived with severe burns, scars of which he will carry rest of his life along with the mental ones left by the loss of his parents and baby brother. He had been carried out of the family’s burning home by his father.

There has been no convictions in Israeli courts for this attack on July 31st 2015, for which three illegal settlers are suspects, or for the later arson attack on the home of the main eye-witness Yassir Dawasheh on May 11th 2018.

PHOTO via @plespost.


On Monday July 22nd Israel’s occupation forces destroyed at least eight and up to ten apartment buildings in the Wadi al-Hummus neighbourhood of the town of Sur Baher, situated south of the occupied East Jerusalem in the West Bank.
Most of the destroyed buildings were under construction and would have housed up to 500 people when completed. On Monday at least 20 and up to 24 people were left homeless as they were forced out of their homes by Israeli occupation forces soldiers, some of which were later captured on video laughing as they watched the ongoing destruction.
Up to 1000 Israeli occupation forces’ members took part in the invasion and demolition in Wadi al-Hummus, using rubber-coated steel bullets, pepper gas, stun grenades and tear-gas grenades against local people and peace activists, injuring ‘dozens’.
A total of 16 buildings have been marked for destruction by Israeli occupation, which claims that the buildings are too close to the illegal Wall Israel has built through Sur Baher, separating it from East Jerusalem, which it is sometimes considered part of.
The area where the buildings are sited is under direct Palestinian Authority control and the owners had building permissions, but neither Israeli occupation or Israel’s Supreme Court bothered with respecting the Oslo Accords when planning and giving approval for the demolition of the buildings.
The destruction of the buildings has led to the usual impotent comments from the so-called international community in the form of pious lamentation, claims of ‘sadness’ and standard warnings that this could harm the two-state solution – without any actual action planned against this ethnic cleansing, which is feared to be just one of many along the illegal Wall.
With no concrete action being taken by international actors like the European Union – which claimed, against all previous experience, that it ‘expects’ that Israel will stop the demolitions – this will be a near certainty. Polite warnings about breaking of international law and harming chances for peace are nowhere near enough.
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A young child has died after being hit by a car driven by an illegal Israeli settler in the occupied West Bank.
7-year-old Tareq Dhabanya was hit by an illegal Israeli settler driver and fatally injured near the town of Idhna, west of the city of Hebron on the occupied West Bank on Monday July 15th.
Tareq, from Tarqumia, was announced dead early on Tuesday July 16th.
Some reports place the incident at ‘Monday night’, but photographs showing the child laying on road bleeding heavily from head are taken in daylight and clearly the incident can’t have taken place be no later than early evening. This also shows that the visibility at the time must have been good.
Tareq Dhabanya was cycling by a road built by the Israeli occupation for the use of illegal Israeli settlers when he was hit by ‘a speeding’ car with Israeli plates, whose driver did not stop and instead drove to the nearby illegal Israeli colony of Adhoura.
In the photographs (some possibly captures on video) we have seen, Tareq is bleeding heavily from apparently the left side of his head while there is a severe injury to his hand right hand between the wrist and elbow. He was taken from the site of the incident in an Israeli ambulance to a hospital in ethnically cleansed Palestine 1948 where he died.
The illegal Israeli settler driver has reportedly not been charged, which is standard behaviour for Israeli regime in cases like this. Only if an illegal Israeli settler would claim to have deliberately hit a person with their car would they be likely to face charges based on previous examples.
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A young Palestinian political prisoner has died after having been kept in solitary confinement by Israeli occupation since the day he was detained. During his captivity he was allegedly being tortured during interrogations.

31-year-old Nassar Majed Taqatqa was found dead at the morning of Tuesday July 16th. He was being kepy in solitary confinement in Israeli occupation’s Ramla prison. Autopsy showed that the cause of death was ‘severe pneumonia’, which is being blamed on deliberate medical negligence on behalf of Israeli occupation prison authorities.

Taqatqa, from Beit Fajjar in the Bethlehem district of the occupied West Bank, had been kidnapped by Israel’s occupation forces from his home on June 19th. Before his kidnapping and captivity he had no known medical issues.

He was beaten by occupation soldiers when he was kidnapped and is claimed to have been tortured in several occasions during his imprisonment, all of which he was kept in solitary confinement, shackled from hands and feet through interrogation and into his bed in his cell. Marks from this were observed during the autopsy.

Nassar Taqatqa was moved between different Israeli occupation interrogation centres until he was moved to the notorious Ramla prison clinic on July 14th.

It’s alleged that even there his pneumonia would have gone untreated. That a sick man died alone and was found dead by Israeli occupation prison staff at morning seem to indicate negligence in itself.

No reason or excuse for his kidnapping, imprisonment and torture has been put forth by the Israeli occupation. Taqatqa had not been previously detained by the occupation. Photographs from the mourning tent raised at Beit Fajjar show that at least his family is affiliated with president Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah movement.

According to Palestinian officials, Nassar Taqatqa is the 220th Palestinian political prisoner to die in Israeli occupation captivity since 1967. His death has led to protests in the Israeli occupied Palestinian territories.


Commission: Deliberate medical neglect killed Taqatqa

Death of Palestinian detainee reflects culture of impunity in Israel – official

Mother of Nasser Taqatqa Speaks to PNN

Palestinian Detainee Dies In Solitary Confinement In Nitzan Israeli Prison

Palestinian detainee dies while held in solitary confinement in Israeli prison

Palestinian prisoner dies in Israeli jail

Palestinian prisoner’s death sparks protests in Ramallah

Palestinian prisoners in a state of outrage following death of a fellow detainee

Report: “Taqatqa Died Due To Abuse, Lack Of Medical Treatment”

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From Murad Shtaiwi, leader of popular resistance committee in Kafr Qaddoum:
“Abd Arrahman Yaser Shtaiwi, 10-years-old, was shot in head with live explosive bullet shot by sniper, leaving him between life and death in a critical case.
It is very difficult to explain with words what happened last Friday; we don’t change our way to demonstrate – the same since 8 years, till now I can’t believe what changed in Israeli occupation army.
More than 50 soldiers opened their guns automatically towards the protesters and houses but one sniper targeted the child who was standing in front of one house watching.
The demonstration began at 1:15 pm; after 30 m clashes began, stones and metal bullets, suddenly everything changed – live ammunition everywhere, soldiers chasing us under fire, so we asked all protesters to run away and hide; despite this soldiers don’t stop shooting. About 2 pm we heard sounds: ‘One killed, one killed who…?’ He was ABD ARRAHMAN, who was shot in front of head with explosive bullet.
He was taken to a hospital in Nablus soon for surgery and after 3 hours the doctors succeeded to stop the bleeding, but more than 70 fragments remain in his brain.
To whoever it may concern:
Despite he’s unconscious we heard Abd Arrahman Shtaiwi 10 years, who was shot in head with live explosive bullet damaging his brain, calling you everywhere to protect childhood.
He says to you:
‘I was sitting infront of house watching the soldiers i dont know what happened.
Now am fighting for life, maybe i will fail – but take care of my friends.’
PHOTO via Murad Shtaiwi.


A young child has been shot in head and critically wounded by Israel’s occupation forces during the weekly Friday demonstration held in the village of Kafr Qaddoum on the occupied West Bank on July 12th.
Israel’s occupation forces ambushed participants of the demonstration and invaded the village itself, using live ammunition, rubber-coated steel bullets and tear-gas grenades, injuring several people.
Among those shot and wounded is 10-year-old Abdulrahman Yasser Shteiwi, who was shot in head by Israeli occupation troops.
According to different sources he was shot with either live ammunition or a rubber-coated steel bullets. About equal amount of reports cite either former or latter.
His condition at first was described as ‘very serious’ and later, in hospital, as ‘critical’.
Abdulrahman was taken to the Rafidia hospital in the city of Nablus – with the trip taking half-an-hour longer than necessary because of the closure by Israeli occupation of the main road from Kafr Qaddoum to neighbouring towns.
This closure that has lasted for 16 years is the main reason for the weekly demonstrations in Kafr Qaddoum and it not only complicates daily life but endangers the lives of people during medical emergencies like that of Abdulrahman Shteiwi.
VIDEO: @snadnews

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Israel’s occupation forces killed an underage boy and wounded a young man in the occupied West Bank on Friday May 31st.

Abdullah Louai Gheith, aged 15 or 16, and Mu’men Abu Tbaish(21) were shot by Israeli occupation soldiers positioned to an occupation military checkpoint when they were allegedly trying to cross the illegal Wall into occupied East Jerusalem without a permit.

Gheith, said to be his parents’ only son, was shot in chest with the bullet damaging his heart. He was left to bleed by Israeli occupation for an undefined time before he was allowed to be taken away in an ambulance.

According to a local hospital in nearby Bethlehem he was “in a very critical condition” when he arrived there, but was soon pronounced dead. An earlier report claimed that he ‘died instantly’. His funeral took place in his home town of Hebron in the late afternoon.

Abu Tbaish, from Hadabat al-Fawwar near the city of Hebron, is said to have been critically wounded, but later reports say his condition in hospital in Beit Jala has stabilized.

According to phrasing of some news articles and direct mention by one, the victims were part of a larger group of people when they were shot.

The area where the incident took place, that of Wadi Abu al-Hummus near villages of al-Khas and al-Numan, is a place known for regular crossing by people who lack permits from Israeli occupation.

Israel has banned access to East Jerusalem without permit for Palestinian males aged 13-39 for the duration of Islamic holidays.


Israeli forces execute Palestinian boy in Bethlehem

Israeli Forces Kill 16-Year-Old Palestinian in Bethlehem

Israeli forces kill Palestinian, injure another east of Bethlehem Israeli forces kill Palestinian, injure another east of Bethlehem

Israeli Soldiers Kill A Palestinian Child Near Bethlehem

West Bank child killed by IOF during attempt to reach Aqsa Mosque

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