As an example of the power of Zionism in Great Britain and the ability of a single MP in thrall to Israel to drive government policy, the Conservative Home Secretary Amber Rudd(54) has said in the House of Commons that she is ready to consider banning both Hezbollah and the Al-Quds Day march.
This is a result of a single member of parliament, Conservative Robert Jenrick saying that seeing al-Quds Day March with a Hezbollah flag had ‘distressed’ his wife and daughters.
Because Jenrick apparently is incapable of keeping his wife and daughters away from al-Quds day marches. so that they could avoid seeing a Hezbollah flag (which Jenrick claims has ‘a machine gun’ in it, when it really has an automatic rifle), the 35-year-old MP demanded that:
“…enough really is enough.. by taking action against these rallies. Ban them so that they can never take place on the streets of London again, and ensure that the whole of Hezbollah is made a proscribed organisation.”
To this Rudd, considering the demand of a single junior MP and the ‘distress’ of his family a basis for both a major foreign policy decision and the curtailing of the freedom of expression, responded:
“It is always distressing to see that sort of march going on and that sort of provocation that he has just described. Must have been very upsetting for him and his family. I will certainly consider what he’s put, what he’s suggesting, and come to discuss it with him, and if necessary with the House.”
Conservative Friends of Israel quickly put out a video of Jenrick’s demand, made to a mostly empty House of Commons.
The British branch of Christians United For Israel, a fundamentalist Christian Zionist organization supporting the Israeli occupation of Palestine and oppression of Palestinian Christians in the name of their extremist religious ideology, has ‘welcomed’ Rudd’s words.
This Christian Zionist extremist group also put out a petition demanding the banning of Hezbollah. It and Jenrick have previously been united in their fervent support for Israel’s war crimes and human rights violations.
They are also united in their admiration for Donald Trump. Jenrick, himself a multimillionaire solicitor and former director at Christie’s auction house, took part in Trump’s inauguration as the president of the United States.
PHOTO shows Robert Jenrick.

Author: @IAmTheAntidote

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