Israeli occupation forces’ Ofer military court on Monday December 17th sentenced an underage teenager to 35 years to prison for ‘a stabbing attack’ that killed an Israeli occupation forces’ soldier almost three years ago. The teen was also ordered to pay a 1 250 000 shekel fine.

Ayham Bassem Ibrahim Sabbah and his cousin Omar Salim Rimawi were shot inside a supermarket in the illegal Israeli colony of Shaare Benyamin in the occupied West Bank on February 18th 2016. Rimawi later died of his wounds while imprisoned by the Israeli occupation.

Two illegal Israeli settlers, one of them an occupation forces soldier, were allegedly stabbed by the boys before they were shot. One of them, a 35-year-old male survived but 21-year-old occupation soldier Tuvia Weissman from the illegal colony of Maale Mikhmas died.

Now Ayham Sabbah has been sentenced to 35 years by Israeli occupation court; once again we have to point out the difference in a sentence given to a person who was a child at the time of the incident he is accused of and Elor Azaria, Israel’s occupation forces soldier who served 8 months in Israeli prison for shooting wounded, immobile and helpless Abdulfattah al-Sharif(21) in head after incitement from the illegal Israeli settler Ofer Ohanna in occupied Hebron a month after Sabbah and Rimawi were shot and Weissman killed.

There is some confusion about Sabbah’s age; most sources agree that bothe he and Omar Rimawi were aged 14 at the time of the incident and 17 now. But few gives his age then as 15 and one as 18 now, but the latter also gives his age then as 14. Based on this, we consider it most likely that he is now 17 and was 14 at the time.

Sabbah and Rimawi are given as residents of Beitunia, near Ramallah, in one source, while another gives Qaffein near Tulkarem for Sabbah and Beit Rima for Rimawi.


2 Palestinians shot after stab attack leaves 1 Israeli killed, 1 injured

17-year-old Palestinian sentenced to 35 years in prison

Israeli court sentences 18-year-old Palestinian to 35 years of prison

Israeli occupation court sentences injured Palestinian minor to 35 years in prison

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Israeli occupation forces in East Jerusalem stopped an ambulance for eight minutes on the evening of Saturday December 15th on way to the al-Aqsa mosque compound where an elderly woman had suffered a heart attack.

Sumayya Mahmoud Nasser from Jit in ethnically cleansed Palestine 1948 had slipped on a step, lost consciousness and then her heart had stopped. Firefighters present at al-Aqsa tried to revive her and made an emergency call for an ambulance.

But Israeli occupation troops stopped and delayed the ambulance at Bab al-Asbat Gate to al-Aqsa for eight minutes before allowing it entry. Red Crescent notice on her death says that she died inside al-Aqsa.

Whether she could have been saved if the ambulance would have been present eight minutes earlier is unknown at this point; an autopsy could have revealed it, but she was buried later on the same day.

Different sources give Sumayya Nasser’s age as 65, 68 and 86, the latter being reported first. As the source giving 65 is the most detailed, we trust it the most.


Elderly woman dies after Israeli forces obstruct ambulance access

Palestinian woman dies after Israel obstructs ambulance access

جت: وفاة الحاجة سمية ناصر بالأقصى

استشهاد امرأة من جت في المسجد الأقصى بعد منع الشرطة دخول سيارة الاسعاف

#AlAqsa #EastJerusalem #Jerusalem


Israel’s illegal settlers escorted by Israel’s occupation forces attacked the village of al-Lubban al-Sharqiya in the Nablus district of the West Bank on Sunday December 16th, forcing the evacuation of two schools.

The illegal Israeli settlers allegedly attacked the village, rampaging on the streets, in ‘revenge’ for the throwing of stones at the vehicles of the settlers, although news report informs that they themselves stoned cars at the same area during Sunday. Whether this was before or after the invasion of the village is unknown.

Israel’s occupation forces escorting the settlers attacked local Palestinians with rubber-coated steel bullets and tear-gas, while an illegal Israeli settler fired in the air outside two elementary schools for boys and girls to scare the children.

In this he succeeded, forcing the evacuation of the schools in anticipation of something worse. The students poured out, escaping over the fields around the village while Israel’s occupation forces’ soldiers watched without intervening after having blocked a road leading to the hamlet.

There was also a separate, similar attack on high school in the village of Burin north-east of al-Lubban al-Sharqiya on Sunday. These two events were mixed with each other in some reports.


Fanatic Israeli settlers attack Nablus school

Israeli settlers attack Palestinian vehicles on Nablus-Ramallah road

Two schools evacuated as settler opens gunfire outside

West Bank: Jewish Settler Opens Fire outside Two Schools


Australia’s beleaguared coalition government led by Liberal Prime Minister Scott Morrison has recognized West Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, which he claims brings it ‘incredible influence’ towards Israel.

In his speech where he announced this Morrison attacked United Nations for not giving Israel a free hand to abuse the occupied Palestinians:

“We regard the biased and unfair targeting of Israel in the UN general assembly in particular, as deeply unhelpful to efforts to build peace and stability. The UN general assembly is now the place where Israel is bullied and where antisemitism is cloaked in the language of human rights.”

For Palestinians Morrison threw a pitiful, meatless bone, saying that Australia ‘recognizes’ their ‘aspiration’ of having East Jerusalem as their capital – instead of doing the logical thing and recognizing East Jerusalem as the Palestinian capital.

As Arab and Muslim governments have warned Australia from making this announcement, Morrison tried to downplay its importance to that direction, saying that Australia’s embassy would stay in Tel Aviv until a peace deal would be signed and that only a ‘trade and defence office’ would be established in divided Jerusalem.

Opposition Labor Party, leading in the polls, has announced that it will revert the decision if it comes to power in the next year’s elections, calling it ‘all risk and no gain’.


The minority coalition government of Liberals and Nationals is currently trailing the Labor Party in the polls and is bleeding support after copying policies from the Trump administration in the United States – which it has convinced itself to be a vote winner, although results from the byelections and state elections have shown otherwise.

During a recent byelection in Wentworth the government accused Labor of ‘antisemitism’ because it wasn’t, according to the government, supporting Israeli occupation and attacking its criticism enough. The seat at Wentworth had opened after Morrison(50) had defeated prime minister Malcolm Turnbull(63) in a inter-party coup and Turnbull had resigned from the parliament.

Labor in power has had a Liberal Zionist foreign policy – described to having been contracted to Australia’s Israel Lobby under prime ministers like Julia Gillard(57). Current Labor leader Bill Shorten’s(51) announcement that he would rescind the move is thus a mild but an encouraging surprise.

Wentworth had 12.5 % percentage of Jewish voters, but the Liberal candidate Dave Sharma(43), former Australian ambassador to Israel, suffered a resounding defeat. In their electoral calculation the Jewish voters had been mis-stereotyped as one-issue voters (and the one-issue being Israel) by the Liberals.

The defeat hasn’t stopped the coalition. Like many right-wing and centrist parties in the ‘West’, the coalition parties have convinced themselves that support for Israeli occupation is a magical election winning strategy, although there has never been any poll support for that.

When the coalition government with its quickly changing prime ministers earlier floated the idea of recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s cabinet, the proposition gathered only ~20 % support among the electorate in polls, mainly among conservative Christian Zionists.

Instead a hermetic Canberra echo chamber where Israeli Lobby, Israel’s regime, press dominated by pro- Israeli occupation media corporations and Christian Zionist extremists is behind this decision, which is not isolated – the government is pursuing unpopular policies on several fronts, from opposing the bringing of ill and suicidal refugee children from the Australian gulags abroad for treatment to creating backdoors in communication technology for the easier surveillance of citizentry.


Australia recognises West Jerusalem as Israel capital

Australia recognises West Jerusalem as Israeli capital

Australia recognises West Jerusalem as Israel’s capital

PHOTO: Peter Haskin via The Australian Jewish News.


On Friday December 14th Israel’s occupation forces’ attacked the Great Return March demonstration in the besieged Gaza Strip, wounding 120 people including 11 children, 7 paramedics and a journalist.

Well-known photojournalist Attiya Darwish suffered a head wound after Israeli occupation forces’ tear gas grenade hit him on the left-side of his face.

Beyond those directly wounded, hundreds suffered from ill effects after inhaling the tear gas used by the occupation troops.

Although the protesters mostly abstained from burning of tires, flying balloons and kites with flammable materials and throwing Molotov cocktails for a seventh consecutive Friday, the number of wounded increased from last week as Israeli occupation didn’t show restraint to the same extent.

Shooting people in the head or chest with live bullets has clearly decreased during these weeks and use of rubber-coated steel bullets by Israeli occupation has increased.



75 Palestinians injured in Gaza border protests

At least 60 Palestinians injured in Gaza protests

Israeli forces injure 46 Palestinians at Gaza border

On 38th Friday of Great March of Return and Breaking Siege, Israeli Forces Wound 120 Civilians, including 20 Children, 2 Women, 1 Journalist and 2 Paramedics

#GazaReturnMarch #GreatReturnMarch

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Israel’s occupation killed a teenager in the Jalazoun refugee camp north of al-Bireh on the occupied West Bank on Friday December 14th.

Mahmoud Yousef Nakhla was shot several times in his abdomen from a distance of ten meters by Israeli occupation forces. A video captures the immediate aftermath as occupation soldiers tried to arrest Nakhla and were dragging his limp body on the ground when Palestinian paramedics were able to intervene.

The medics had to argue over half an hour with them before the occupation troops allowed the bleeding teen to be evacuated to a hospital in a Palestinian ambulance, at which point it was too late for him.

According to different reports, Mahmoud was either announced dead at arrival to Palestine Medical Center or was in critical condition when received to the hospital and died soon after.

Different sources give Mahmoud Nakhla’s age as 15, 16, 17 or 18. 16 and 18 are the most common used. If he was under 18, he would be the 55th minor killed this year by Israeli occupation forces.


Israeli forces kill youth in Al-Bireh

Palestinian killed, dozens injured in West Bank protests

Palestinian teen killed by Israeli forces during Ramallah protest

Palestinian teen shot, killed by Israeli forces in al-Bireh

UPDATE: Palestinian Teen Succumbs to Wounds Inflicted by Israeli Forces


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Two Israel’s occupation forces soldiers have been killed and two other occupation soldiers have been critically injured in a shooting in the occupied West Bank on Thursday December 13th. Some early reports erroneously identified the shot as illegal Israeli settlers.

The shooting took place early at 11:15 am local Palestine time after Israeli occupation forces had killed three Palestinians in the occupied East Jerusalem and the West Bank during the night.

The occupation soldiers were setting up a flying checkpoint at a bus stop near the illegal Israeli colony outpost of Givat Asaf east of the city of al-Bireh when a car with Israeli plates came to a halt at the bus stop. An armed man stepped out of the car, opened fire at the occupation soldiers and afterwards was able to leave the scene of the incident in the same vehicle.

According to unconfirmed claims, one of the critically injured occupation soldiers is ‘clinically dead’ after suffering a head wound.

One of the dead occupation soldiers has been identified as Yusuf Cohen(19) of occupation forces’ Kafir Battalion. He is said to have been a resident of Beit Shemesh in West Jerusalem.

Ironically, the Israeli occupation soldiers were shot standing next to a poster spread by illegal Israeli settlers in which they demand that Palestinian president Abbas should be shot.

In the aftermath of the shooting Israel’s occupation forces and illegal Israeli settlers, often escorted by occupation soldiers, have been rampaging through the southern part of the occupied West Bank attacking traffic, raiding towns and villages, wounding about a dozen people and killing a 60-year-old Hamdan Arda in the city of al-Bireh in what might have been an illegal ‘revenge’ killing.


2 Israelis killed, 2 critically injured in shooting attack in Ramallah

3 Israeli soldiers killed in shooting attack


Israel Army Kill Three Palestinians, Two Soldiers Killed in Retaliation

Israel imposes closure, clashes erupt across Ramallah after shooting attack


Three settlers killed in drive by shooting near Giv’at Asaf settlement, Ramallah